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  1. Hi, I'm looking for some help; I want to order some locking wheel nuts for my RAV4... I cannot remember which nuts it takes and it's a second car that lives in France - so I cannot just go out and check! The one's I find on eBay et al, have the tapered seats - such as this: I'm not so sure my wheels take the tapered seat. The wheels on it are (pic attached). Can anyone confirm...
  2. Hi all, I have a RAV4 that lives in France, for when we are there; it's served us very well. However, the cold starts - and what seems to be a very small battery (wedged with wood blocks!) is making for a struggle each morning. The previous owner has obviously cut a corner here. And so, I simply need to know which batteries for the gen.2 RAV4... I'm looking primarily at the Varta G7 which seems good for cold starts. Will that fit the car? Thank you for any help and advice. Happy NY.
  3. I have a 94 Camry 3.0 V6 in genuinly mint condition - only has 69,000 miles and full toyota service history. Something BIG has gone wrong with the engine and Toyota in Essex said it would cost at least £800 to fix; possibly end up over £1000 - I think the diagnosis was head gasket among other things - my auntie was dealing with them. My question is - WHERE can I get an engine for this car in good nick and prefrably with warranty - it seems that I could do the replacement cheaper than getting this engine fixed! Also - how much do Camry engines go for of this age? I was told they can be picked up for £500 but have yet to come across one. Where would have them? Still on topic, a car of this age; is it worth doing what I plan, seeing as the car may only be worth £1500 to sell..? It's just such a good car, everything still works 100% and the interior is like it just came out of the showroom - just the main part has issues - the bloomin engine! :ffs: thanks for any help at all! :)