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  1. That's another thing to rule out. Have you replaced the fuel filter?
  2. Hi Chopper, I suspect your dvd laser is worn out. That's the sort of symptom for a worn laser. Before you had this problem, did it experienced any skipping? As a matter of interest could you try and play a normal cd music disc?
  3. Try replacing the key fob battery. This happened on my Yaris.
  4. I bought an original Toyota filter for my Verso Diesel 2.0 2010 model. The dealer sold me a larger than the original one. I fitted the larger one, but means I have to fit it without the heat shield. It's all running fine... Could someone confirm that if your car has a heat shield fitted or not please? I am just wondering if i am putting the car at fire risk by doing what I have done, i.e. without fitting the heat shield. There seems to be plenty of gaps and space between the engine and the filter thought.
  5. It's like I am about to buy diesel fuel filter for my Verso, I did a search for the parts on the internet and found other brands selling around £27 to £35. A Toyota from the dealer, £27 + vat. It is obvious that I am going for the Toyota one as I know it is going to fit and will have good pedigree on the usage, i.e will be trouble free for another 40k miles.
  6. To save hassle, why not buy original Toyota parts from the dealer. They are not that expensive...
  7. The bulb has failed.. Anyone had replaced it and was it easy? It's quite difficult to know where the position of the heating at night driving. I am shocked that LED was not used to start off with.
  8. For people potentially affected by the charges in large cities, what are your strategy with older petrol and diesel Verso. I like my diesel Verso, but will get charge if I take the family to the city at the weekend soon. When I purchased this vehicle, my intention was to keep it low mileage as I only uses it for the weekend for transporting the family as this avoid us driving two cars, this eliminate the hassle of parking and more cost etc. I also use it for holidays as it has large boot space and allow us to put bikes racks. But now the plan has changed since the council will be introducing clean air charges. This brings me to change my usage plan of the car. I am using it as my commute to work car and adding lot of mileage to it. Generally adding 17k miles per year now. My thinking is that just make use of the Verso as possible before the council or government comes up with another compulsory banning of the vehicle. What are your thoughts and comments?
  9. Thanks that is very clear explanation.
  10. Molly, when you say Multi Franchise... What do you mean? Is the Vantage starts to franchise out the Vantage name? Like McDonald's?
  11. I also used to use their Tamworth branch 3 years ago and I didn't have any problem. They were honest....the reason? I asked them to change the gearbox oil and they said they haven't got the right one in stock so did not carried out the work. Which was fine, so I took it to Inchape Derby that's when the problem started, Inchape put any oil they could get hold off. Madness!!
  12. ...Frostyballs, I did use Inchape before in Burton, I wasn't impressed. They have not even bother to put the engine cover back on after they serviced it. They also have put wrong oil for my car with dpf. I then used Inchape in Derby, that then even worse.... they put any oil they could put their hands on into the gearbox. Immediately causing gear change problem then just lies after lies. I had to replace the oil by another garage in the end to fix the oil problem. I used to use Bromsgrove Toyota and they are really good. I find their Mechanics are really trustworthy.. I may need to go back and use them again despite the distance.
  13. I always uses this dealership to service all my Toyotas. However, today I just feel that the company's business operations style has changed from good to poor. They seems to have overbooked for car service. Spent 20 minutes waiting just to drop the key at the service desk for the car to be serviced and to collect at 14.30. The car was not ready until 15:30 which meant I was late to get the children from school. When I got home I checked all the paperwork (which I have specified when booking the service) and clearly the service sheet which checks the condition of the tyres and brakes are missing and I assume they have not performed the inspection. I was hoping that they have done that so when I take the car for mot next week I know the status of the tyres and brakes. When I checked the service book, the style of the service stamp has changed from last year. So it's highly likely that it's a new ownership has taken over. What a shame.. Anyone else experienced similar poor service at Vantage recently?
  14. Had you measured the heater circuit resistance?