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  1. Sorry to hear this but, buying anything require some research. Why Toyota used BMW engine: At the time when Toyota has their main focus on hybrid means they didn't want to invest in diesel. They got their vision right. Spending money on diesel to meet Euro 6 was not worth the investment. I didn't want a BMW engine packaged by a Toyota skin, that's why I opted for an older car. So what ever car you buy, always spend times researching it and read reviews of the problems they have and to look out for.
  2. Perfection


    I think you car idling behaviour is normal. On my diesel verso, when it's cold, and if i put the fan on, the idling speed would goes up to around 900. But if the engine is warm, the idling speed will remain constant at 800 even I turns fan on.
  3. Perfection


    Had you measured the battery voltage? Does the voltage fluctuate?
  4. I don't expect the smoke that much coming out like that. I have seen Toyota d4d engine run on a deleted DPF and there is no significant difference to a human eye, i.e no smoke.
  5. When you fit your fog lights, did you need to remove the bumper? My fog light has been broken by stone I suspect. Any instructions in fitting the light is appreciated. Thanks. Perfect
  6. Perfection


    I am not a mechanic by trade, but a systems designer, and who likes to solve problems. So have good sense of how to diagnose and fix things when they go wrong. (But no one can guarantee 100% that your problem is caused by X, or Y and will be fixed by doing Z). All we can do is apply logical solutions from m your problem description and try if it works without saying go and replace the gearbox.
  7. Perfection


    My Diesel Yaris 6 speed gear box was the best gear box. When I sold the car, it covered more than 125k miles. The gearbox is like new (with the correct oil!). There was nothing around with the car when I sold it, just wanted a change. The car was sold to a friend and it is now 146k miles. So I expect your Auris should give you similar reliability and durability to the Yaris.
  8. Perfection


    Don't worry too much. I just read your problem description again. Your problem is wrong oil. It is the same as on my Yaris problem. When you put in the new correct oil, it will be cured.
  9. Perfection


    Had you tried the new oil? On my Verso 6 speed gearbox, when I replaced oil last year with Toyota LV-75w. I noticed a slight resistance when I engaged the gear from 1st to 2nd at cold. But not an issue really. But I decided to try the more lower viscosity oil, RedLine MT-LV70/75w. This totally cured the slight resistance. When I looked at the viscosity value for the RedLine, it has a very low cst rated at 40degc and 100degc. However i can't find the details for Toyota make so can't really compare it. But the Redline oil must be thinner than the Toyota oil as it has cured my slight issue. As I still got some both oil left and as a matter of interest, I might do a drip test and see the results and will report back.
  10. Perfection


    Yes I would go for that and try it better than the comma.
  11. Perfection


    Now knowing the oil is too that thick, I assume you will be getting it replaced with the correct oil. You got a choice of Toyota or the comma 75w-80? I think it's best to go for a fully synthetic. Please report back for the results.
  12. Perfection


    I am suspicious of the new oil, although I think the one you put in is the correct type, but it is not a Toyota brand. It maybe different viscosity for a comma brand. I had the same problem when I had the cluch replaced on my Yaris 6 speed gear box. I suspected the garage used a thicker oil. It was lots of friction to get the gear from 1st to 2nd when cold. But after about a few miles of driving it's then very easy to engage. I replaced the oil with Toyota brand and then everything was fine as it should be. I think it's worth trying using Toyota 75w-85, I know it's going to cost you another £50 but worth a try.
  13. Perfection


    Did you have the problem before you changed the clutch?
  14. Why not fit a ctek trickle charger. They do one for less than £10 in Halfords. You can just leave it connected to the charger all the time.,+Blades+and+Batteries-_-Battery+Chargers+&+Jump+Starters-_-140008&istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istFeedId=62b447cf-331e-4fec-a47a-9985ff72d404&istItemId=miaqattp&istBid=tzpi&_$ja=tsid:94971|cid:1536900872|agid:58114610145|tid:pla-329023466368|crid:291898455794|nw:g|rnd:2555396923222537473|dvc:m|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:1007136&gclid=Cj0KCQjwl6LoBRDqARIsABllMSZv00UQIcGmQVzGIBVmPWw7DG6vVP7vrvuIDLagDCgCrlox7HK55UAaAp8fEALw_wcB
  15. For your oil marks, you try and spray some wd40 to remove them. For your carpet, is it really worth replacing? It is kind of expected as the car is used. For your gear crunch, my 6 gears diesel does that. I know the fact that the previous owner used alit for short distance drive do would expected a lot of wear and tear to the gearbox. This is evident by looking at the gearbox gaiter. Mine crunch when engaging into 2nd gear. The way I avoid it crunching is to allow the gearstick to rest in the neutral for a split second before push it into 2nd. I also uses the car mainly for motorway driving so it's not a major problem for me as I am adapted to it. The problem is more noticeable when the weather is cold. Note that I had already replaced the gearbox oil and thus will not cure it as it is the wear and tear in the synchromesh.