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  1. Perfection

    Verso keys

    It just shows that when you buy a used car, you need to check what's included in the deal before you hand over the money. I bought mine as used and it has one remote key and I told the salesman that it is not acceptable and I asked for two remote to be supplied with the non remote as spare with the security transponder (master).
  2. Perfection

    Verso keys

    The car should have come with two remote key fob. The manual key is the master key I assume.
  3. My gear gaiter has torn and have purchased a new leather replacement. Due to wear and tear.... I have managed to remove the plastic trim surrounding the gear stick and unscrewed the gear knob. (Just pull the trim upward with a bitof jiggling and force will come off...) But.... I have faced with a problem. Because there is another lever for using in the reverse gear. I can't simply remove the plastic disc that retains the spring. It has 4 holes which I think it is the locating hole for the removal tool. Do I need a special tool to rotate the plastic disc? If so, do I need to ensure the disc is screwed back into the exact position to ensure when engaging the reverse gear is not affected.? Anyone done this sort of job before? I hope I can get some instructions from you guys to fit it, otherwise I have wasted £13 for the new gaiter with no use... Thanks for any thoughts... Note, whilst I had the trim removed and with the gear lever mechanism exposed, I greased and cleaned up the area...lots of dust and other unwanted fluff... Perfect.
  4. Hi Catlover, I used to drive 15k miles on the Yaris to work. Now it is sold and replaced with the Honda Jazz. However, in the winter period (for 4 months) I tend to drive the Verso to work as it will give it more time and mileage to warm up. The Jazz is used for short journey school and shopping trip. So I still use the Toyota Silver Service for the Verso.
  5. I use the silver service every time now for around £100. This includes the oil and oil filter. Plus the health check. I like their health check as they do it quite thoroughly. If any thing need doing I ask my independent mechanic to do it. This way I am not entirely dependent on one garage. It is more off a cross check the others garage work. This works well in advance of MOT. So you know the car is prepared.
  6. You can tell when the dpf is idle the engine speed is much more faster than normal speed. Just keep an eye on it next time you drive when you stops at traffic lights.
  7. If the dpf is full, yes it will regenerate. And it's this constant regeneration kills you mpg.
  8. It could be either... But you can easily find out. You can measure some voltages and that should give you the answer. I posted some voltage measurement on this forum bwfore.
  9. Does the car have dpf? If so, from my experience of a dpf car owner. The mpg gets worse as the car puts on mileage. My current non-dpd verso gives 55mpg mixed driving.
  10. Thanks for the help. I have opened the air filter box and I saw a large moving gap on the plastic pipe to the box. I have stuffed some soft rubber tape around it and is now fixed. I didn't need to remove the three 10mm bolts.
  11. Thanks lozza, I will try and look at when the weather is dryer. Thanks for the pointer.
  12. Hello to all the regular posters! I know I have been away from this club for a long time since I sold my Yaris.... But it's time to come back with regards to the Verso... I don't know if anyone experienced loud vibrating noise around the area of the passengers side between footwell to the windscreen pillar. The noise appears around idle and around 1400 rpm. Tracking the noise source is difficult I know, but I don't think it's bearing noise from the engine or gear box. Before I take the trims apart I wonder anyone got any thoughts?
  13. The car was Full Serviced by the dealer last week and everything was ticked as Green, except an advisory on the rear pads as expected (wearing low). But no indication of the inner disc being badly worn! This was picked up by the MOT tester later by another garage. So now I am planning to replace the rear pads, disc and brake shoes this week end. I ended up buying Brembo pads and discs as the Toyota parts were almost double the price. But I did managed to get the Toyota Genuine part for the brake shoes as it appears to be the same price as other brands. Its actually made by Bosch !! Does anyone has any experience of replacing the brake shoes? If so, is it advisable to replace the spring kit as well? What is the recommended grease to be used ? Is copper grease any good? Thanks for any comments,.
  14. I guess so. I am not going to argue or question the tester. After all, the car is a clean car with no puffing smoke even in the fast Accel test. The result is a 0.9. I don't think the the equipment was any difference to last year. So I think his equipment must not be able to measure the new limits. Maybe not all MOT is equipment ready for new limits.