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  1. I just checked the insurance details. To use the insurance approved repairer, with excess of £75 for replacement. They will pay up to £100 if I use other repairer. So this doesn't leave me with any choice. Will have to hope their approved repairer can do a good job of it.
  2. The car has windscreen cover. But will need to check in the excess for a replacement. I will avoid repairing it as it is too big chipped and will be very visible spot by the driver. Just near the forehead position. It is between zone A & B. I will give Toyota dealer a call to see if they do replacement or had to go to Autoglass.
  3. Our hybrid Auris windscreen has been chipped by a large stone inflicted by a lorry on the motorway. The size of the crack/chipped is about 10mm shattered within the wiper swipe area. I would wanted a replacement to be honest, as it is very prominent area. Anyone experienced similar size and area damaged? Is this repairable or MOT failure? Could Autoglass repair or replace ? Could they remove the rain sensors and radio antenna or does if need to go back to Toyota? Any response is appreciated as we have not replaced or repair windscreen before.
  4. De-badging may not work. The thief can check your registration within seconds to confirm a hybrid or not.
  5. Halfords is ok for fitting tyres. But I would not use them for service or MoT. The last time they failed my car on MOT complaining that the brakes has too much travels. I took it back to Toyota dealer and enquired and also compared with other cars on site. There was no difference. The mechanic says there is nothing wrong with the brakes or brakes pedal. So Toyota did the MoT and passed it. Maybe Halfrauds wanted some business.
  6. Yes it's annoying rattle noise occurs on mine as well. It comes and goes. I just can't be bother to fix a 10 years old rattle.
  7. Does this means the scrap yard owner now need to ensure the cars hand brakes must be engaged to stop the car rolling. A new law will be introduced soon to prevent thieves from getting killed.
  8. If I remember correctly the French never built the diesel version. Only petrol was produced by French.
  9. Had you checked the coil springs on the suspension. My RAV4 and Yaris all developed a clunking noise when going over speed bumps or potholes. The end tip at the bottom is normally corroded and break off. It is not visible without closer look with the wheel taken off.
  10. Try looking at this thread, your fuse might have gone when your ecu blew.
  11. Is that the right gear (sixth gear) at 40mph?
  12. Only 2010 plate onwards have dpf.
  13. Yarso is right. I see lots of the LED headlights dazzling other drivers and putting everyone at risk.