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  1. Happy Birthday Burnie1000!

  2. F**K YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see it finished B) Steven
  3. Hey man, spotted these and thought that you might be interested. 15x8" B) http://www.rarerims.co.uk/alloys.php?produ...&startrow=0 Steven
  4. I had mine slamned on 15x7" rims (offset 42) with 195/45 tyres :D WITH NO RUBBING either fully loaded or on full left/right lock. Steven
  5. All I know is that I have 15x7" wheels offset +42 (I think) and they dont stick out of the arches so I reckon you could easily fit 16x7.5" not to sure about 16x8.5". Its hard for you cause nobody else has the same kit that you can really talk to so hope ive helped and not confused you further. Can't wait to see it finished B) Steven
  6. If it was me I would fit as wide of wheels as possible and not fit spacers. You could if you have the money fit 16x8.5" rims like these http://www.envyperformance.com/index.cfm?f...Product_ID=2039 Might only be able to fit 16x7.5" on the fronts. Don't know if you like the design and or colour but I reckon it would look mega PIMP. Wide body and decked on WIDE wheels B) FYI according to this the Yashio Vitz had "15x7 Yokohama Kreuzer wheels, Yokohama Neova tires 195/50R15" so maybe try them without spacers and if it doesn't look good fit some. http://www.superstreetonline.com/featuredv..._rs_import_car/ Steven
  7. USELESS WITHOUT PICS And just to let you know any tint on the front windows is illegal so I hope there not too dark otherwise you are asking for trouble. Wheels are easy to find with PCD 4/100 just hard trying to find a nice set of JDM ones at a good price.
  8. http://www.axisstyling.jp/vitz3.jpg http://www.axisstyling.jp/vitzbs.JPG http://www.axisstyling.jp/superaccel2_catalogue.jpg Axis Styling make one but good luck trying to get it. Steven
  9. Id rather have a Blitz Supercharger with nice shiney FMIC :D http://www.tuneacar.co.uk/search.php?sessi...arch_text=yaris Don't belive anyone in the UK has retro fitted this.
  10. Where and how much for the Yashio kit PIC 2 FTMFW!!!
  11. BAN hes not telling us the info we want :P
  12. THAT 1 Reckon this will be the best looking yaris once finished Tom Defo need to drop a wheel size so u can slam it a bit more dont want it on stilts :P I would like to recommned getting these rims with a green lip. 5Zigen FN01R-C Wheel - 16 x 7 ET 42 http://www.envyperformance.com/images/new_stuff/FN01R-C2.jpg Steven PS Tell us how much for the kit :P GO ON
  13. Im guessing the GDP of a small 3rd world country Will look **** hot though Tom http://www.bestmotoringvideo.com/image/wp14/size_b/2.jpg
  14. Heard bad things about the F1's get either Toyo T1-R's or Yokohama Parada Spec 2.
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