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  1. The engine yellow/orange warning light in the dashboard on my 2005 1.3 2sz-fe went on today :-( The car felt normal so I continued driving home. I tried to fasten the gas cap and I also disconnected the negative terminal on the battery to see if the warning light did a reset. It didn't :-(...I noticed that the radiator fan started when I turned the ignition to on (without starting), so i let the engine cool off and gave it another try.The same thing happened, the radiator fan began spinning. It turned off and on with an interval go about a minute, even though the engine was cold. I have a had a minor leak around the water pump for some time, but has not been a problem and I always kept the coolant reservoir full... Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Thank you, very helpful information. I never recieved any extended warranty letter from Toyota though :-( I go for part number 16100-29125. It seems to come in two variations, one with a triangular and one with a round plate, where you fit the pulley. Do you happen to have the part number for the gasket too ?
  3. Hi My water pump makes noises and pink stuff i leaking from the pump, so I guess it's time to change it. My only concern is the auxillary drivebelt refitting and adjustment (no AC 1.3 L 2sz-fe engine). I have the Haynes repair manual which states that the lower cover panel under the car has to be removed. Is that really necessary? Is it possible to do the water pump change and drivebelt refitting entirely working from the top of the car? It's winter here and I would hate working on the ground ;-) I found this pump: http://www.toyodiy.c...HMRKW_1601.html But since it doesn't seem to last long, are there any alternative pumps out there? Anything else I should be aware of? BTW, couldn't find any DIY guides anywhere on the net :-(
  4. Hi I'm about to change front brake pads, but I can't seem find the middle front jackpoint. I know it's somewhere on the front subframe, but there's no arrow indicating where. I've seen illustrations on the net, but those must the be the japanese models. Mine is a 2005 1.3 (phase 2) french built Yaris. I'll hate to break something, so any help will be greatly appriciated. thx
  5. My manual says: contact your Toyota dealer. Guess the two choices in the parts catalog link in my first post refers to the Denso & NGK respectively ?
  6. I'm about to replace my spark plugs and I went to to get the parts number. I can see I got two types to choose from, which is the best? Been looking for denso iridium plugs K16R-U vk16 too (2SZ-FE engine), but they are hard to find in Denmark. Any UK online shop you could recommend? Or would it be an overkill...
  7. I'm going to make my first selfservice on my Yaris 1.3 2005 (french built 2SZ-FE). I'm wondering if anybody can tell me the part numbers for the engine air cleaner filter, the oil filter and the oil drain plug washer. I've looked everywhere on the internet, but it seems impossible to find a part list anywhere. thx
  8. thx. for info I was just wondering, if it's so difficult to get all of the old coolant out, what's the point of spending a lot of money on the pink stuff, when it's gonna be "polluted" with the old stuff anyway?-and through that perhaps lose some og the longlife properties.
  9. thanks for a reply.. Searching the forum I've decided to flush the radiator etc. myself, and buy some Toyota coolant. I called Toyota and it's pretty expensive here (comes in 5 L containers). The pink long life (08889-80072) cost about twice the red one (08889-80002) (not in stock). He told me that I would never have to change coolant again if I went for the pink, which I doubt? Pink or red, what do you use? The pink one is not to be diluted (as I understand?) which will make the red an even better deal.
  10. Hi I went to my weekend cottage this weekend. Having nothing else to do I checked my oil level etc. and discovered the that the coolant expansion tank was empty (still fluid in the system and no red warning light). Having only the owner's manual ( stating to use Toyota's own or ethylen glycol based coolant) I went the local garage and the man told me to pour some blue coolant in the expansion tank ( about a half liter). I realized after reading this forum when I got home, that it's not O.K to mix coolant of different colour. So I sucked up as much as I could from the expansion tank, and replaced it with distilled water. I drove about 600 km home, so the blue stuff must have mixed in. Now I'm thinking of doing a a coolant flush and replace it with some of Toyotas pink or red stuff. (the car is about 4 years old). What method would you suggest to use when flushing? I don't have access to a garden hose since, I live in a flat in the middle of Copenhagen. The car runs just fine at the moment, (no leaks as far as I can tell) but I better get the job done to prefent damage to the coolant system. Any suggestions? thx
  11. Hi Just picked up my Yaris 1.3 (2SZ-FE engine) from 45.000 km service. To my surprise I discovered that they had used a 0w-30 oil (Castrol slx 0w-30), in spite of the manual saying 5w-30. The oil filter were changed too, but instead of the usual sparepart no. 90915 TA001 (fitted at the last service), they had used a 90915 YZZJ1. The workshop was very busy when i picked up my car, so I did'nt have a chance to speak with the man who did my car. My Yaris runs OK, a little bit more noisy perhaps. But I worry about the 90915 YZZJ1 Oil filter and the Castrol slx 0w-30. Could it harm my Yaris in any way? Any suggestions? thank you Svenne Denmark