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  1. My wifes 2002 E120 1.6 manual is due for it's service this month and I was wondering if there's anything in particular that it's gonna need. It's got around 55000 miles on the clock. Is is gonna need the timing belt yet? Also, it#s started making a funny knocking noise when you slow down between 30mph and 25mph. It's a very dull knock knock knock coming from somewhere behind the centre console. It occurs when using the brakes or just using engine braking. Any ideas? ta.
  2. My wife's 02 E12 Corolla is coming up to service time. It's done 45,000 miles and is in pretty good nick. Are there any special things to do this time round or is it the usual oil, plugs, etc, etc.....?
  3. I've done the petrol test but still get poor mpg. If I could get 34mpg I would be ecstatic! I've just got off the phone with the dealer and he's going to speak to Toyota direct to try and sort it. He said there is nothing they can do if no faults come up anywhere on the car. He also said that the mpg quoted for my Corolla is 31mpg! Anyone wanna buy an SR?
  4. I bought a brand new Corolla SR 1.6 on a 56 plate last September. First thing to bother me was the fuel consumption. It only does 27 - 30 mpg at best. I took it back to Toyota last Jan and they said do a few more miles then it should improve. I've now done 4000 miles and no change. I took it back last week and they've now had it for a week. I spoke to a Toyota technician and he said he's done a 25 - 30 mile road test and got 38mpg out of the car. So I went to pick it up today and they have only done 7 miles on it and the trip computer reads 23 mpg! So I'm furious and tell them to keep the car and get it sorted. So where do I stand now? I've been lied to and fobbed off by my Toyota dealer and my car is doing ******* mpg. Any suggestions? Cheers.
  5. Here's the one I bought from Ebay for £3. It fits neatly into the air vent and has a cool little button that releases the clamp with a smooth motion. The pic shows it upside down though for some silly reason! I use it for my ipod but it also fits my SE K800i nicely.
  6. I've got it working just the way I want it now. Cheers! It pays to read the instruction manual! To anyone who has this fitted - Where did you stow all the cables, etc? I found a large void behind the stereo and just stuffed the cables and bits down there....
  7. How do you do that? I couldnt find anywhere in the instructions.....
  8. I actually got the centre console out today. I can see the blown bulb but I cant get it out as it's inside a white plastic casing and my fingers are way too small to reach in to unscrew it. Any ideas on how to get the bulb out?
  9. I fitted my Icelink in about 15 mins and got it working perfectly. Only then did I find out that it doesnt use the iPod menu and you cant browse albums or artists without unplugging it and plugging it back in! Anyhoo, it's going back to Denison and I'm gonna carry on using the Griffin transmitter. It doesnt do a bad job for £20!
  10. My Icelink just arrived today. Seems like a lot of cables just to connect the ipod to my car! Hopefully it wont be too much of a pain to fit. I'll let you know.
  11. I'm trying to get the left hand side bulb out from behind the heating controls to replace it. This is what I have done so far: Taken the ashtray out Removed the gear stick surround Unscrewed the 2 screws at the bottom of the console Unscrewed the screw behind the centre knob Pulled the console forward from the bottom I can get the centre console removed from the housing by about an inch, but it feels as if it's attached to something still. Maybe a cable or something. It feels like if I pull it any more somehting will snap. Any ideas?
  12. Sounds straighforward enough. However, I have the climate control so there's no centre know to find a scew underneath! I'll have to take a closer look at it. I just ordered my Ice Link so should get it on Monday at the latest. Your post helped me a lot. If I end up fitting mine myself, I'll give you a shout if I have any ideas regards the probs you are having.
  13. On the Denison site, it doesnt list the W58814 as being compatible. However, I just called them direct and they said that providing you have the 2 rows of 6 pins connector, you should be ok. Was it a pain taking the head unit out to fit? How long did it take? Do you need specialist tools?
  14. Hi Zetor, what model and year Corolla do you have? Also, is the pin connector on the back of your head unit 2 rows of 6 pins?
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