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  1. Front or rear ? Front i take it ? Have you checked the bushes ? Are the subframe bolts ok ?
  2. Car will be 10 years old in mid March ,so in theory yes, but I can wait till March if I can get away without iva test.
  3. No they don't, have already tried. Toyota garage in Inverness have quoted me £40, maybe just have to go with that.
  4. Thanks frosty,looks like I've got some searching to do for spare parts
  5. I’m afraid that doesn’t cover Japanese imports. Thanks though.
  6. Worth checking the side of the driver and passenger footwells (behind the trim)..that's where my Estima has fuse boxes. (mini fuses)
  7. the problem is not your car or the new tyres the problem are toyota dealer's, they set all car's tracking from their serivce book they never bother to check the steering wheel when you guys get your car back some of you could have the steering wheel isn't at center , to avold this problem dont use toyota dealer's take it to any places with "computer print out tracking wheel alignment" they will ask you or you can ask to sit in the car and position the steering wheel where you want it to be.
  8. there are only 2 Corolla with 2zzge i have seen street or internet have manage to tune the corolla tastefully, one is zoom and the other is the guy with the Corolla Fielder blitz sc,these two corolla are rank 1 and 2 in my book i havn't seen another corolla comes close to them . people should take note early corolla's dashboard match aftermarket gauge's prefectly such as Defi i feel bad for people with the later corolla and them horrible white face :D .
  9. T128

    T-sport Alloys

    i have a set of 4 tsport alloys with original toyota nuts and lock nuts with original center cap in prefect condition with 4 toyo 205/50/16 T1R tyres all balance fitted ready to use 2 tyre's have about 3.8 - 4mm and 2 tyre's have 5mm trend's. make me a offer nothing silly. also got brand new matching front and rear spolier bumper's not a addon but a complete bumper spoiler in 1 piece fit all e12 pre-facelift corolla.
  10. i have very good to excellect condidtion standard tsport backbox done less than 30k has been in storage for a few year's make me a offer but nothng silly also got brand new matching front and rear spolier bumper's fit e12 pre-face lift corolla.
  11. i have a full blitz LM induction kit Part number 56062 had 3 month's use still very new if you want to buy check pm also got brand new matching front and rear spolier bumper's not a addon but a complete bumper spoiler in 1 piece fit all e12 pre-facelift corolla.
  12. man-bing i hope you not got the yellow top battery as you know i had one and my is dead already ! not even 4 years of use NOT worth is money ,however i am now using Odyssey battery PC1400-25 it has better cranking power and better reserve time than yellow top it will fit all corolla's perfectly it does cost a little more than yellow top .
  13. ricc your pre facelift will do very well agains facelift's as you car is lighter and should win 1/4 miles aslong you done basic mod's well atleast induction you be fine agains other guys in facelift . honestly mate you be surprise and it really doesn't matter how any you guys do aslong you all have fun. if you dont have one let me know i have a spare blitz LM induction been doing nothing for 3 years you can have for a small fee and i promise you it will feel better instantly as soon as you try out should you want to change look of your car i have front and rear full spoiler bumper (not add on to your factory bumper) you can have for a small fee only fits pre facelift corolla's and by the way the front spoiler dont need grille is built in to the spoiler like the standard facelift bumper if you know what i mean but look much better in my opinion.
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