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  1. A mate of mine had an old beetle and in fact was very generous in letting me drive it long before I was 17 😏. The floor rotted and working in a concrete plant with “free” materials, he filled it up to sill level with concrete. It cured the rotten floor but did nothing for fuel economy.
  2. I often ask anchorwoman “is it shut?” I think she’s trying to perfect impact welding which I’m hoping she won’t practice in the Lexus when it comes.
  3. Oh I forgot, the filter won’t let me say the opposite of advanced in case it upsets somebody 🙄
  4. Not drama from you as well Tony 😉. It’s the blind spot monitor.
  5. And that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t point anything at an armed police officer. The snowflakes unite.
  6. You remind me of the folk that blame the police for shooting someone who’s pointing a gun at them. Unsubscribing threat is like threatening to throw Brer Rabbit in the briar patch 😉
  7. It is related to octane Tony. The octane number is a measure of volatility and I can assure you that if you go down the scale you will either introduce knocking or if you !Removed! the timing to avoid knocking (which modern cars do automatically), you will change the engine note. You can do the same by playing with the distributor on an old car, something I’ve done literally hundreds of times in my mechanicing days. There may be an additional effect from ethanol but if you do the comparison with ethanol free fuel, you will get very noticeable changes in engine sound.
  8. I don’t think that is anything to do with the fuel Derek, there’s a lot happening during warm up.
  9. They’re optimised as far as you can push 95 but you can get better by using higher octane fuel.
  10. The higher the octane rating, the more the engine management can advance the timing without the risk of knock (pinking). Putting 95 in retards the timing so that’s why it runs rough.
  11. At first I thought this was a wind up that someone could have so much difficulty understanding or even needing to understand the need for services or just what the service consists of. My patience ends when the snowflake card is played and the threat of unsubscribing pops up. If the op not understanding hurts their feelings, that’s their problem and I’m not walking on eggshells for fear of upsetting them. The bottom line is - your car is due for service whether you like it or not, whether you think it isn’t or not, whether you think you might be being ripped off or not. If you don’t service it and you ruin it or end up voiding your warranty, don’t come wittering to us. Welcome to owning your own car, you have to do these things OR….. you don’t but you suffer the consequences. If you want to know exactly what you get for your money, read the service book. It’s in the schedule above too. I’ll summarise; interim service is oil change and kick tyres, full service is oil change and other stuff depending on mileage. Now I’m upset about somebody threatening to unsubscribe and might unsubscribe myself, how about that.
  12. Is there an option to enable and disable the back door kick sensor?
  13. I remember being quite envious of a lady that lived quite close to me as she had a new Ford Escort every two or three years. A MkII turned up in 1975 and by its first birthday there was a hole in the passenger door so big you could clearly see the window regulator. When I was at college, we had a field trip to Halewood and there were two blokes in the press shop throwing sheets of steel into the end of the press (these days it comes off a roll). It was red rusty to start with and they were building cars with it.
  14. You will get everything on this list at the period prescribed. Service Schedule.pdf
  15. That’s just the electric motor assisting the braking. If you accelerate hard from stopped, it will do the same noise.
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