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  1. As long as the list price hasn’t changed you can pay what you want. You will pay the list price plus 1.9% end of story. How you pay it is up to you. You can fiddle with the annual mileage, deposit or monthly payments. If you pay in a shorter period or bigger deposit you’ll pay less interest. If you go on the build planner you can tell it what you want to pay.
  2. You can view all of the Toyota wiring diagrams on Toyota Techdoc.
  3. I’d hoped the Corolla was the solution to the Yaris being just a bit too small (it was never intended to be a permanent solution) but having sat in a couple yesterday there’s no chance of me buying one. The seats are way too over bolstered. What is this obsession with over bolstered seats? My old 2000 model and daughters 54 plate, 58 Auris had really comfortable seats - just normal seats but now they seem to adopt these things that pin you in. Not for me I’m afraid. I’m not impressed with any of Toyotas current seats which is a great pity but while even the Yaris has unnecessarily over bolstered seats, they are the lesser of two evils.
  4. I think the system works quite well. Yes I see the warning under certain conditions but it’s never intervened. That’s exactly what it’s supposed to do - warn you of a potential threat and only intervene if the driver doesn’t react. What triggered it on the Lexus was the speed a dope was approaching a junction from the side too fast, I don’t know why she would drive like that but the car protected me from her not stopping. As for disabling auto stop, it’s surprising how many do it but I don’t think it should be an option, the cars with it only met homologation by having it so having a button to disable it is a farce. You hear all sorts of rubbish about wearing batteries and starters like the designers hadn’t thought of it.
  5. Oh dear, (pc term). Not a lot you can do other than talk to them. There might be a way of locating a cancelled order or fast tracking another. It’s worth a discussion at least. In some ways the order tracker is a good thing because you can see an image of what you’ve ordered.
  6. I’m also quite open to doing interim oil changes under certain conditions. If I was a company car driver tonking all round the country then the service interval dictates the oil change. Obviously 20k a year is two services and that’s that but at the other extreme, very low mileage or nipping to school or the shops is not good for even the best oil. It generates carbon and it generates condensation both of which are not good for engines. Kingo, you’re getting idle in your old age, at one time you’d have been just as anal with your motor 😉. Some people stare at a fishing float and others watch the very last drip of grubby oil gather before replacing a clinically clean sump plug - ahh! just a word to anyone advocating doing your own, if it’s outside the warranty period fair enough but if it’s inside or you might need to make a gesture claim outside, you’re going to need to give Toyota a nice warm feeling that it’s been done with quality (preferably Toyota) parts and EXACTLY the right grade of oil. They couldn’t reject a claim on say an electrical issue for using the wrong oil but if the crankshaft failed they’d look very, very closely at what had gone on. Low viscosity oil isn’t just used because it’s good for fuel economy, in modern very fine tolerance engines, it gets round very fast on cold starts. These modern dynamic force engines are pretty well bulletproof but if one dies that can’t be proved wasn’t a DIYers fault, oh dear, that’s going to impact the bank account. The other consideration is that second hand buyers often like to see a full dealer service history. Doesn’t bother me if I can convince myself it’s been done right but it does others.
  7. Possibly not Brian. It relies on whoever it was that placed the order. I suppose you’re a third party if you’re doing it via fleet. If you know the email address of the purchaser, you could create an account if they haven’t done so.
  8. I think you might be disappointed after getting the check done because they’re looking for whether it works or not, not how it works. These systems are not infallible and it’s impossible for them to take every possibility into account. What they do succeed at is reacting to circumstances that thousands of people a year fail to do because they’re not paying proper attention or otherwise distracted and it ends with someone getting hurt. It’s not that our humble Yaris’s have a cheap and cheerful system either. I was driving a brand new 2022 top spec Lexus recently when a car approached quite abruptly from a side road and the Lexus welded itself to the road. It wasn’t a nice comfy stop, it was a retina detaching affair. It surprised me and my daughter who was in the car with me but if that car hadn’t stopped, it would have avoided a collision. I remember thinking “glad there was nobody behind” but then we always look for reasons why it’s a bad idea and not that it did exactly what it was designed to do. Going back to our humble Yaris, it has a heater inside that enclosure behind the mirror to avoid the glass in there steaming up. A lot of high end cars don’t.
  9. If I mention Parts King will it link it???
  10. There was a TSB for US built Corollas where water could accumulate inside the door. The fix is to remove a plug from each door and let it out. Have a look at 17:30 minutes here.
  11. The bonnet is the same. Kingo will send you the parts.
  12. It would be quicker to top the washers up and check if they’re working than write the question 🙂. I tend to use my washers a lot so Sunday morning is check oil and windscreen washer fluid time for me.
  13. They don’t on mine, it stays on mph but it is a pretty useless feature as it does the red thing often. The Lane departure feature is a nuisance too by intervening by default. It isn’t a legal matter, some cars do and others default to “last setting” - even Corollas do. It’s a bit of a concern because it pull really hard on the steering and in cases where you legitimately change lanes without indicating like in road work cones or open country roads, I’m not sure my mrs wouldn’t get dragged with it if she were driving. It’s good on long motorway journeys and even the manual advises turning it off for “normal” driving so for goodness sake Toyota, update the software.
  14. I once had every colour label of Autoglym all in a line! The only cleaner I use on the dash top is Meguires Interior Detailer these days. Car makers spend millions on making matt surface dash boards that don’t reflect in the windscreen and it took me a long time to realise that what I was doing was not a good idea. The Meguires product cleans but drys to the original dull finish. It’s the only one I’ve come across but it’s very hard to get hold of - I get mine in the USA. Failing that I’d use very weak washing up liquid and warm water or very weak all purpose cleaner and warm water.
  15. In the days of oil based paints, the colour coat was on top but in most cases today even colours are lacquered to provide the shine. The trick is to not cut through the lacquer when trying to achieve that super glossy shine.
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