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  1. Hello Anchorman. Thank you for all the advice that you have provided us here. I really need your help as an experienced mechanic.

    I own a 2007 Rav4. 2.2 l diesel engine. 2AD-FTV.

    It has these symptoms.

    We cleaned the EGR valve and the intake manifold. The manifold had signs of oil in it. When we used a carbon cleaner for the intake valves,the mechanic told me that the turbocharger was blowing oil. Since the car was working fine,I planned to check the turbo after the vacations. I did around 200 km without any kind of problems but what I did notice was the last 100. When my RPM was around 1200-2200 and when i was driving in a mauntin road,I saw a loooot of fumes coming out from my tailpipe grey to blak (dont know if this is the correct word). Over 2200 rpm and in normal conditiones there is no smoke visible from my mirrors. I stoped the car at the hotel and after the engine was cold i checked the level of the oil and the antifrize. Oil level was ok,or slightly lower,probably less than 100 ml. But for my surprize i found oil in my antifrize reservoir. It was not a lot. Also in the cap of the reservour i found traces of milky oil (I know,probably head gasket)

    My questions are:

    1.Since the fumes/gases are only when turbo is suposed to work and it seems that i don't have anymore the power of the turbo when accelerating are these signs of a blown turbo?

    2.is it possible that i have not a blown headgasket ,just the oil cooler mixing oil with antifrize? (A friend of mine had the same symptom once at it was its oil cooler)


    I live in Albania/europe and to be honest I don't think that here we can do a compression test. Also the mechanics tends to rip off. Even if it was just the headgasket and the turbo,i would finish paying for a lot of other things.

    Thank you man,for your time.



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