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  1. I quite agree with your sentiments re Toyota GB, useless is one word to describe them, that is the polite way. It is high time somebody in Toyota Head office in Japan got a grip and sorted this organisation out, for all the use they are they might as well not be there.
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    Besides the motoring press it maybe an idea to bypass Toyota GB and communicate directly with Toyota Japan, Im sure they would not be impressed with the customer service operation that Toyota GB is running here in the UK.
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    Quite agree about Toyota customer services, they could certainly use some extra training on how to deal with their customers, nothing is Their fault , go and see your dealer seems to be the stock reply. Writing a letter does not work either, have written two letters, they have only had the courtesy to reply to one. Found them off hand and with an attitude that says....how dare you ring us.
  4. Good for you Peter, wonder how many members have done likewise, its time Toyota GB took resposibility instead of passing it all onto their dealers.
  5. Well as I have no written reply from Toyota GB I decided to phone and ask what was the latest situation re my problem. It was soon apparent that they probably had not read either of my letters and if they had, dismissed them as the ravings of another customer, you remember them Toyota, the people who keep you all employed. However, I have a way for Toyota GB to save money, get rid of all their customer support department and install answer phones that continually say "go to your dealer" maybe they could re-route the money saved into coming up with a vehicle that is worthy of the Toyota name. Therefore I have followed Gaz's advise sent all communication to Auto express tonight.
  6. Update Now 10 days since I sent my second letter to Toyota GB and I have received absolutely no response at all. After my first letter, Toyota said the customer care manager from my local dealer would contact me, alas he never bothered. Doing really well this organisation called Toyota, supposed to be a byword for quality and customer satisfaction in the world of vehicle manufacturer’s. Think my only way now is to send the details of all correspondence between myself and Toyota to Auto Express, maybe they can get a suitable response for me. Gaz, think you are right about the delay with the Toyota GB engineer looking at your vehicle must be the new reg in September, they obviously do not want any adverse publicity to spoil their registration figures for that period, especially as they seem to be plugging the Corolla in the media at the moment. Oh - if only their potential customers knew what they were letting themselves in for. Still you never know I may hear from them next week, wont hold my breath though.
  7. Like Gaz I’ve had a response from Toyota GB reference my complaints about the Corolla T3 I purchased recently. Unfortunately all they have done is refer me into a second dealership local to me. They said the dealer customer service manager would contact me personally. Yes you have guessed it 8 days later and they have not contacted me. Therefore I have sent another letter into Toyota GB telling them my requirements to put the situation right. The same as Gaz I quite like the vehicle, but oh how nice it would be to have a fault free vehicle from delivery and not rely on dealer fixes and TSB's, however I’m not sure if Toyota can produce one. Two statements in their letter left me confused, they said •The warranty is designed to cover unforeseen circumstances such as those experienced on your vehicle. and •We assure you that the problems are untypical of the normal level of service associated with our vehicle reliability. Are we to believe that they honestly think that those statements are true, when a glance at many Toyota forums around the world will tell them that it is not so. Toyota was once renowned for the QUALITY of its product, unfortunately they are now in danger of being known for the lack of it, unless of course they wake up to customer pressure.
  8. I see in the T sport "corolla" section, that member (T sport) is reporting Toyota have found a fix for the dimming light problem that the T sport suffers from, does anybody know if the T2,T3 or T spirit suffered from the same problem, if so do we all need the fix??
  9. <_< I have seen a few posts here regarding how easily the paint chips on the corolla front bumper and bonnet. I may have found out the answer today. It would appear that Toyota use a "nippon paint system" on this vehicle that does not require an undercoat, hence stone chips on the bumper show up the black plastic below and make it difficult to touch in the paint. Not sure if all plants use this method, i know that Turkey and Japan do, so I cannot magine that the uk plant does not, I guess this is another attempt to cost cut at the expense of quality!!!!
  10. Gaz, It is now 12:10 Sat, guess you must have picked up your vehicle by now........So whats your verdict have they cured all your problems??
  11. Hi Gaz, The Japenese started to build the hatchback Corolla and import them into the UK about Jan 03, think they called it "bridge production" as Burnaston could not build enough, as they had the new Avensis to deal with, The annual volume of Corolla was split between the uk and Japanese plant . Think you will find that Turkey make the Sedan. Yes I agree that there seems to be far more road noise in the Corolla, my previuos car a Focus had less, I can hear the tyre noise change when I hit different road surfaces, but the rumble noise I hear does not change, guess will have to put up with it till it gets louder, only done 700 miles so far, trouble is these days Im not sure if there is a brand of car that does not have problems,but I did expect different from Toyota, anyway keep us informed of your progress.
  12. Hi Gaz Maybe you can find out from the service manager if the modified mounts have been fitted from a certain production date or Vin No, Ive had my Corolla T3 1.6 for 3 weeks now (japanese one not derby) and have had a new inlet manifold fitted already, the car does suffer with a noise that sounds a bit like a front wheel bearing coming from the front drivers side, the service manger said he could not hear it, maybe related to what you have been told about engine mounts. Your prob with cd radio facia, I have noticed that mine really creaks and groans after being left all day in the sun is your prob similar. This is my first Toyota, not impressed so far, besides the above had a few problems on delivery with trim not fitted properly and the speedo cluster was not clipped in correctly so they had to fix that as well. I went for Toyota for there reputation for quality, I think other car manufacturers have caught them up from that point of view or maybe Toyota have gone backwards with this new Corolla. Sounds like you have a good dealer, not always the case from some of the postings I have seen here.
  13. Hope you get your problems sorted out Gaz, look forward to hearing the outcome, I wonder if we might be able to get others to post concerns with the new corolla that they know about from Toyota or their dealer's , there always seems to be a posting relating to probs with this vehicle, be it rattles, squeaks, inlet maifolds etc, but it is easy to loose track amongst all the post's, if we could pin them down it would be easier for all of us to approach our dealers
  14. Hi people, Toyota repair manual CD's are available on Ebay but only for models up to 2000, does anybody know of a source for the latest Toyota models, thanks
  15. Thanks for your input guys......trouble is the more you look at reviews about this vehicle the more confused you get, from rattles and engine harshness to no rattles and no harshness.....guess thats what makes motoring interesting everybody has a different opinion....hope I do not live to regret purchasing a Corolla
  16. Just about to become a toyota owner, getting a 1.6, t3, 5 door Corolla.......Vin number says it is a japanese export to UK model......still got time to say I want a model produced in uk.......what do you think?? :help
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