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  1. The cable is just the kickdown cable and only works when you have you foot flat down, have you checked the level and colour of your trannie fluid...
  2. http://www.epracing.co.uk/index1.htm give them a ring, they can get them for you..
  3. Some oil is normal, via the breather system...
  4. room101


    Yes better than manuals...
  5. I use it during the winter to demist inside the car, works better than heat.....
  6. Arrow 2 points at the water pipe that leads to the stat, arrow 1 shows you where it is...
  7. Thermostat is above diesel pump, inside the housing there, but quite a few owners remove them....
  8. Could not find my reset switch so removed the bulb....
  9. So you have primed the pump on the top of the filter until hard and then cranked it over with the pipes on top of the injectors cracked open and still no fuel, and the diesel pump was removed and put on a test rig to check that it was sucking fuel and pushing it to the injectors...
  10. Have you cracked the injector pipes while turning the engine over to make sure diesel is getting to the injectors.... Also have you checked there is voltage to the glow plug assembly..
  11. The only figure i can find is 190.......
  12. Mark will offer free advice if you give him a ring... http://www.tapajencars.co.uk/
  13. Only vehicles built after 2001 will have the higher rate tax, vehicles built before will remain on the old tax system...
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