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  1. someones keyed my car about 4 months ago, right across my boot lid and bit on my rear passenger side bumper, then about a month ago i found black paint on my rear bumper passenger side where someone has swiped my baby. i know how you feel :(
  2. Hey moffmo i thought you sold your yaris??? back on topic...i wouldn't buy a left hand drive....probably devalue the car straight away.
  3. rang them up today and its something to do with my sensors? but im sure i had something like that done before in my previous thread when i got the free champers?? they said i dont pay anything because my car has still got warranty? first thing i knew...didnt think my car came with warranty....oh well i just thought it was a bit strange thats all also i want to know....instead of writing in a new thread, which is quicker...a 1.4 corsa or a yaris tsport???
  4. Right, i got through the post a postcard from Mr T about parts to be fitted but i havent rang or ordered any parts etc. i just think its a bit strange getting stuff like this through post. I just want to know if anyone else has recieved a postcard? If they're wanting to me to make an appointment, do you think i will have to pay because ive not requested anything from them. oh and they called me 'MRS' not MISS :( i'm not an old chinese woman lol i'm just 20 lol ;)
  5. My car is only standard but i can tell the difference between V-Power to 95 unleaded but I cant tell the difference with BP's super unleaded and 95 at all. Well to be honest i think BP is rubbish. V-Power hands down! lol has anyone heard about that new petrol thats 105 or something like that?? or is that a rumour???
  6. i need to renew my insurance next week and its going to cost me £665 with diamond. thats the lowest quote i can get. i'm 20 female 1yrs NCB and been driving for 2 years now. not bad at all!
  7. im confused about the horns now, are they different on different yaris 's? mine sounds fine or is that just me??
  8. ok cheers, didnt know if it affected the code in the fob. better safe than sorry lol
  9. Do you need to take your car key to toyota to change the battery because ive been told you might need to because if the battery goes flat for so long you lose the code??? if you know what i mean. I dont want to change the battery incase i cant get into my car with it afterwards
  10. i know you can adjust the backlight on your speedo if thats what you mean???
  11. i dont think they wanted to offer to clean my car when i took it in cos it was well filthy! i've got FTSH with my car so maybe thats why?? i dont know i was just chuffed about the freebie lol. i wish they gave my free petrol lol but i usually put high octane petrol in mine, runs better off it and it doesnt feel sluggish. Ah well im a satisfied customer lol
  12. no honestly they did something on my car on the engine and replaced something because it was a manufracturer fault or something like that. then they said as a thank you for my co-operation i got a free bottle, i thought other people would have got it unless im the only one who got special treatment????
  13. hey i got a letter from toyota before christmas asking to make an appointment at my nearest dealership and it was to do with something with my engine that they had to replace something free of charge (cant remember what it was but i had to wait an hour). anyways i got something stamped to prove i had it done and to put it with my service history and i got a free bottle of champaign!!! champaign normally tastes like p*** but it was quite nice! did anyone else get this?????
  14. ive not serviced my tsport yet but im going to take it to Mr T's cos when i bought the car its got FTSH so im going to keep it up. next service isnt till march 07 :D
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