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  1. I had this problem, its a fuse in the fusebox under the bonnet by the batery. hope this helps.
  2. No worries. i am always happy to help. Note to self. If quest turns up at a meet con a beer off him! /Note to self. :D :P Actualy best not i in enough trouble cos of the beer already!
  3. Just find the lighter wires and test with a multimetre, then simply cut the live wire and strip both ends. Strip the end of you new ignition power lead and crimp one of the lighter wires and the ignition power in to a male bullet connector. Crimp the female bullet connector to the other lighter wire and push together.
  4. No matter what you do both the perminant and the ignition powers from the headunit will need power. If you run a new cable you can connect both powers from the head unit to the new cable and your head unit will work even if you turn the car off. I cant think of any reason that you would want your headunit to be on 24/7. So the only other option is to run a cable from something that is only on when the ignition is on. (i.e. clock or cig lighter) I think i am right in saying the yellow is the ignition and the red is the perminant live feed. Just out of intrest what wires do you have sticking out where the head unit would be? also what car do you have?
  5. Have you replaced the blown dome fuse? on my old 91 celica i had blown the dome light fuse and lost power to the clock, headunit and interior lights.
  6. Right, you are going to need an amp, A sub if you want more base or wire to your existing speakers if you think they will handle it. you will also need an amp wiring kit. this includes some 4 awg power wire, a remote lead an earth wire and a set of RCA leads. You will need to run the power wire directly from the battery to the boot, (I take it that's where your having it.) run the power lead down the left side of the car. Don't forget to put a fuse within 6" of the battery. Remove your headunit and connect the remote lead and the RCA cables. Run the remote lead down left side of the car and the RCA cables down the right hand side of the car. How you secure the amp in your boot is completely up to you some people attach there amps to the back of the rear seats others attach it to there sub boxes. Its your choice, but make sure that it is secure. Next find a suitable place on the body work that you can attach the earth wire to. The closer it is to the amp the better. Try and find a bolt that you can access easily and attach it to that. You will have to grind off some of the paint around the bolt so that the earth has good contact. Connect the power, remote, earth and RCA cables to the amp and wire up you sub or wire to your existing speakers. If wiring a sub I would recommend running some 4 awg wire from the amp to the sub, other wise I would get some decent oxygen free cable and run it to the speakers. Try to avoid the power cables as they can cause interference. hope this helps.
  7. Not trying to be funny but WTF! Why do you need a parking aid? it aint that hard! "its behind you! When you reverse things come from behind you Tyrone!" - Vince from Snatch. Just turn and look out the rear window or use your mirrors! that's what there, there for ! I believe that a rear parking sensor was an option on the 7th gen but I don't know if they are any good. I know I wouldn't trust one! :P
  8. How has the guy that had it before you removed the last head unit? did he just cut the wires or was he using an ISO connecter? If he left you with bare wires there is a chance that the live feed has shorted out and blown a fuse. Check every fuse. You should have a permanent live and a live that only has power when the ignitions on. You should not have to run a new cable. But if you to I suggest running some #8 AWG direct from the battery. don't forget to put a fuse within about 6" of the battery. then just run the cable through the bulk head and up to the head unit. Personally I would try and sort out the original wiring first and only do the above when you really have to. sorry i couldn't be of more help.
  9. Spooky! :o i just seen a purple 6th gen in melksham for sale. i don't know the miles of it but it meets all the rest of your require ments. i think hte guy want £7725 for it. little bit high IMO but hey.
  10. Get a can of wd40 with the little straw attachment. Remove the door card, you should then be able to point the straw in the direction of the window runners. hope that helps.
  11. Yeah everyone in the car is fine. it wasn't a big thing, i slid on some ice and went under a chain link fence. Scratched the hell out of the paint work needed a new bonnet and some lights. but it was enough to write it off. :( :ffs: :(
  12. At least yours was drivin off! Mine left on the back off a lorry yesterday! :(
  13. This is just typical! i right off my celica and then a load of ladies with celicas join the club! :ffs: :ffs: :ffs: Oh well thats life i suppose. :(
  14. Have you changed any of the wiring for the rear lights? as it sounds like a wiring issue. if not check the rear brake light wires are all intact and that the brake light is not getting power from the + feed for the rear lights. you could also check the switch under the brake pedal to make sure that it is not sticking in the on position. hope this helps.
  15. Add a crossover in before the speaker, adjust it so that the very high frequencys get blocked that should sort it out.
  16. I had this problem on mine. although I didn't have air con so I don't know if this is the same problem. If you pop the bonnet and look by the bulk head you should see a blue cable that connects on the top of something round in front of the passenger (very technical) , if you get some one to sit in your car and change the heat setting from hot to cold and back to hot, you should see the cable moving the top of what ever it is connected to. Make sure that it can move freely. I used a bit of wd40 on mine and it was fine after that.
  17. If you can find a 7th gen in the scrap yard, the front seats will fit and they are leather and really nice to sit in. I know 3 for the 4 bolts on the sub frame fit the existing holes. you will need to change the seat belt plug for the ones off of your orignal seats though. just an idea.
  18. Fidgets they came off of my Celica they will fit any Toyota I think. I am selling them but I was logged in on my brothers account. I believe they are 205/45 R16 I will double check the size and fitment as soon as I can get hold of my bro. the tyres are in good condition, only been on the car 5 months. If you look at the pic the big nut unscrews and the piece that says "TSW R System" come off there are 5 little nuts under there! I am selling them cos the car has been written off, slid in to a post, (no damage was done to the wheels.) and I now have a years drink driving ban. so I doubt I will be able to afford the insurance on another Celica.
  19. if you can get to the aerial than you shoud see 3 wires a + a - and another this is the remote lead that trips the relay in the aerial telling it to go up or down. this is the wire you need. if you cant figure it out from there connet the power for the areial to any ignition power and it will come up every time you turn the car on. hope this helps.
  20. The toothed ring you are on about is called a hub nut! There should be one on each wheel! this is what holds the wheel on to the drive shaft! They are not part of the drive shaft and are slipped on the end they are then held in place by a split pin. if I was you I would get a mechanic to have a look at your car! I snapped a drive shaft in my 91 5th gen, just before the hub nut. This allowed the wheel to wobble and crush part of the abs sensor hence the ABS stopped Woking! as for your second question i don't know.
  21. If you use decent cable you will not loose any sound quality regardless of where the amp is. but if you use cheap nasty cable then you can only expect to get a cheap and nasty sound! The most common reason for poor sound quality when amping speakers is from power interference, to avoid this make sure you run the amp power cable down one side of the car or under the carpet in the middle of the car and the RCA cables down the other side. Also make sure that the earth has a good contact on part of the chaise of the car and that the earth cable is not two long.
  22. Flame on! Yeas thay can do you for dangerous driving even if you are in a car park. it is illegal to spin your wheels, make noise. but i expect they will look over your car with a fine tooth comb to find something wrong with it. normaly tyres are the first thing they check as you will have taken a load of tread off by spinning them. I think i am correct in saying that its 3 points and the possibility of £1000 for each bald tyre! Oh and you have the same advatire (sp) as me Flame off!
  23. Thare arn't that many places that do mods for a 5th gen celica. Well not in the uk any way. As for the clear rear lights i belive i am right in sayin no body does them. if they do i aint seen or heard of them. if you find some one that does make them let us know. sorry i couldn't be more help. :(
  24. You will aslo need to run a remote lead to your amp.
  25. On your standard iso connector there should be a load of wires. 1. Constant power = Red 2. Ignition power = Yellow 3. Earth = Black There should also be 8 - 12 speaker wires. Lots of different colours. There should also be an extra Wire in the wiring harness from the headunit that is not in the car harness. Normally blue. If you have a volt meter connect it to this wire. when you turn the headunit on it should jump to 12 vt and then back to 0. and the same when you turn off the head unit. this is the wire you should use. Hope this helps. Oh, and NO you don't need to have a fuse in the remote wire.
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