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  1. poss lift bolts gettin worn or just a dirty MAF.
  2. yes you can get them for a PFL< i had one off ebay for £17 for my pioneer, plugged it in and that was it. just shop about more. they are available.
  3. I sold my T sport 2 weeks ago, 2003 thunder grey, 74k full history, leather interior, lowered, up rated brakes, side skirts, new tyres and all the usual stuff, its been advertised since last july. i was lucky to get £3100 for it, i've seen PFL's advertised up to £4000, but they dont seem to be shifting very fast from the adverts or dealer forecourts.
  4. nothing im afraid, i ride my YZF mostly so im stickin on 2 wheels, the missus has a civic sport 2005 so i can drive that if needed,
  5. its a sad day, my T sport has just been collected by its new owner, the fuel and insurance has gotten to much so its been sold, got £3100 for it, so its not all bad. a huge thanks to all who has given me hints n tips over the last couple of years!!!
  6. One of them could be me, i have a 52 plate PFL and i live 1 min from tesco's i have also seen a red one in bredbury and there is a girl in stockport with a thunder grey PFL. and a green one. private plate and grille has gone off mine now,
  7. i used to have a GXI on that shape, brilliant car i thought, not liking the bonnet scoop, mesh grilles and the poor paint job, other wise, good car, nice eerrrr??? glass tho!!!
  8. how much did you pay for it?? im trying to sell mine, 2003 73000 miles, full service history, leather interior, perfect mechanical order, £3300 ono
  9. i doubt very much that toyota will accept any responsability for it on a 6 year old car with 98k on it. just replace it and carry on motoring.
  10. check the battery terminals with the engine running, it should be showing at least 14 volts. if not then the alternator is on its way out.
  11. 31 1 year ncb, clean licence, parked on street with no mods, £1250 admiral, its gone up from £750 last year.
  12. whats needed to put face lift clocks in a pre face lift, i heard the loom is different.
  13. no longer needed, pm me with offers,
  14. im with admiral at the mo, they hiked it up to £1235 with fuel goin up and insurance, i think its time to get rid!! gonna stick with the bike i reckon,
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