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  1. Happy Birthday carday!

  2. Washer jets blocked especially passenger side tried all sorts to get them working but no success. How easy is it to replace them, details would be great thanks
  3. About 2 years ago the air con compressor stopped working so had it replaced, then about 6 months later the alternator packed up so had that replaced, however when the car came back the air con did not work Mr T said that it was the climate control unit that was faulty and as they wanted £800 + Vat to replace I decided to go without it. Anyhow recently I sourced a second hand unit from a car that had been written off, after fitting the unit to my car I naturally thought that the air con would work again, unfortunately not, was told that the unit needs to be programmed to the car, is this true and if so would that explain why the air con compressor still doesn't work ???
  4. Excuse my ignorance but how do you get rid of the airlock
  5. The coolant was changed today but still the heater blows cold air out, Warm air only blows in when fan on low speed, Radiator okay no leaks. The two pipes which go into the car, looking from the front, the left one is cold the right is hot. The air distribution is not balanced as the passenger side starts to blow warm air whilst the drivers side blows cold, I compensate this by using Dual Zone and reduce the passenger side by at least 4 degrees. The above problems are only obvious when the outside temperature is below 5 degrees.
  6. Hi Guys 2 years ago I had the compressor replaced (£800+VAT) as the original one developed a knocking noise which gradually got unbearable, everything worked fine until the alternator began overcharging and finally gave up the ghost causing problems with the aircon, the climate control unit (£775 +vat)was not powering the compressor and was deemed by Mr T to have been damaged due to the fault with the alternator. I decided that the cost was too much to bear at that time so left it for a while, I replaced the climate control unit this summer but the compressor does not work now, found that out today when I had the aircon re-gassed. Is there any fuses or relays that are not easily accessible that may have blown causing the compressor not to work.
  7. Hi is it possible to change the old style radio with the cassette on a 03 plate Avensis for the one that they put in the facelift version if so is there any additional wiring
  8. If anything is blocked it will be the pollen filter. To remove this,open the passenger door and glove box. Remove the phillips headed screw on the damper arm visible from the door side. Squeeze the two inner sides of the glove box until it can drop out and down. The filter cover can be seen, release the catches at the sides and remove the cover and then filter. Fitter It's not the filter, this has been changed. The fan doesn't work at all
  9. Hi looking at these forums it seems that my heater blower fan has had its day as it no longer works, someone said it may be just blocked with debris and could be removed for inspection. Question is how easy is it to take this out and what would I be looking for.
  10. Cabin fans not working properly, when you turn the engine off after a long journey the fans will not restart when you start the car up again, any ideas
  11. Anybody any ideas on why the power steering has started to feel heavy, there also seems to be a sound when turning the steering wheel, pump functioning okay, power steering fluid reservoir okay.
  12. carday


    If you have a leak in your radiator then the system will not be able to get to the pressure required to attain the operating temperature of the engine. Higher the pressure, higher the boiling point and engines work above normal BP of water. Fitter. new rad fitted and correct coolant added problem with cold air is still apparent
  13. After weeks, nay months of having to reset the ECU to get rid of the management light, putting it down to the EGR Valve, it decided yesterday to go out of its own accord. All I have done in recent days is to change the fuel and run on V Power Diesel. EGR Valve, I was informed ,was probably full of carbon hence the light being on, would changing the fuel have rectified this? Is there a way of checking that the Management light still works
  14. carday

    Egr Valve

    I've read previous threads regarding cleaning the carbon from the valve along with the manifold, what I cannot see anywhere is any reference to any gaskets that may need to be replaced, is there any ????
  15. anyone know if you can buy the plastic clips/screws/rivets that hold the under body engine covers in place, if so where ?
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