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  1. Same thing in my 2001 1.0 Yaris. I get about 35 litres in the tank when refelling just after the last bar starts flashing. 9 litres of petrol/diesel is quite much for a Yaris! :)
  2. I second that! Looks great!
  3. I change my front brake pads and it was quite easy and I guess that it's a similar procedure for the rear ones. Check this guide for more info: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...=56738&st=0 (Not Yaris T-Sport specific though).
  4. Another video of a previous Yaris project: how to paint the gray plastic black and remove the "fried egg effect": Enjoy! :)
  5. 7) To open your headlights, put them in an oven (yes, an oven) for 5 minutes with around 100 degrees celsius. This will soften the glue and make it possible to remove the plastic lens.
  6. Hey guys! I did a little video of my LED tail lights project. Have a look here: Here's an old thread with some additional info: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...c=66579&hl= I'm planning to do a video for my modified headlights too. Stay tuned! :)
  7. Yeah, I also think that gunmetal would the first hand choice on a black car if it was available. Bronze would probably look really good too:
  8. I think it's time to call Chuck Norris!
  9. Wow! I'm impressed! It's really a work well done. Looks like new :) Congrats!
  10. I'm pretty proud of owning my Yaris and it feels like it's a bit of a statement to choose a the Yaris. I don't have the need to show off and I appreciate that it's reliable and has a quite low mpg (more friendly to the environment). I just wish that it could be driven of E85 (85% ethanol) :)
  11. I painted my wing mirrors and it tool a while to get the right technique. The result is quite good but not as good as profesionally painted parts. I tried to paint my roof spoiler too but gave up after bad result. BTW: that "how to"-guide is quite good!
  12. Looks nice! But will it pass a MOT? I think that it would fail here in Sweden.
  13. Broke key, got different one, plip works, blade doesn't, uses new plip to open doors, old blade to start car! Incidentally, how come people seem to break 'em? I have been using mine for 5 years, not even had to change the battery on it! So far, so good....So why saw the key off the old fob? Well, actually I didn't. I just removed the key blade from the broken fob. :)
  14. All all car makers put that in the manual, its to cover themselves if a car does use oil, a well serviced one shouldn't use much at all , an egg cup full between services. My 1.0 consumes hardly no oil at all but I will check it again before next drive to be sure... :D
  15. I think I would just swallow hard and go get a new replacement from Mr.T! They may be expensive but so is every other main dealer who have these types of keys. Security is the main issue. Also, unsual but some insurance policies cover stuff like broken keys etc. If you have to eplace a complete set and the ecu, it may be better to lose a bit of no-claims rather then fork out! One advantage with a bladeless key fob is that it will not break since you use the other key which has a solid "grip"... It feels like it's just a question of time before a new key fob with key blade will break. I'm thinking of ordering another CE0123 key fob and try to replace the uncut blade with my original cut blade from the broken key fob. But it will probably also break after a while.
  16. So... I'm one of many Yaris owners that got a broken key fob. I got tired of it since I was unable to use the key to start the engine and it looked like complete crap so I orded a replacement key (CE123) from this guy on Ebay. Unfortunately the key blade will not fit the Yaris since this is a CE0123 key. I think that the Yaris version is CE0122 and the whole idea was just to get a new case for the remote unit. I cut the key blade at the base of the key fob since it was useless and wasn't going to be used. The original key blade was cut loose from the plastic in the broken key fob and I will try to attach it to something so that I will be able to use it as a key again. The result: Key fob with remote unit. It's not a complete key but it looks better than a broken one... :) The original key blade cut loose from the broken key fob.
  17. Did he just realize that the T in T-Sport doesn't stand for Turbo??
  18. I changed my spark plugs in my 1.0 and it was quite easy. You need one of these: . The spark plugs are situated quite deep in the engine (at least in the 1.0)
  19. I changed my coolant a couple of weeks ago and some of it got in the grass beneath the car. Now there is a big wellow spot of dead grass in that place...
  20. OFFTOPIC: Hey, your avatar is nice but it's >6 mb and makes reading this thread a pain in the *ss (at least on my computer at work with crappy integrated gfx).
  21. I just removed the thin textile panel on the inside by pulling out the plastic plugs and then I applied some of the self adhesive sheets I mentionded in my previous post: Pictures were taken before I added the thicker foam sheets. BTW: here is another tip about sound proofing the Yaris: Attach a cable tie like I did and put a piece of elastic band through it and around the metal stick connected to the door knob. Stretch the band a bit and superglue it together. Voila! Rattling door knobs are now history! :)
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