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  1. Sumfink tells me, Charlie, after it being disabled for protracted periods (long times, Gus), it requires a dealer re-prog.........hopefully I am wrong, but as you know that would be a rare occasion. I had my original wheels off my 4.3 T180 for approx 3 years, ignoring the TPMS light all that time. When I came to sell the car, I put the original wheels back on (no idea which corner each wheel came from!) and the light went off :)
  2. sywy

    Time To Sell.

    I was going to get a Verso, but when I test drove it, I didn't like it! Not sure why. It just didn't click with me. My wife has just recently bought a new shaped Meriva, and wanted me to get a Zafira. I wasn't too keen, but after test driving one, thought it was OK, and better thanb the Verso to drive. It's only a 1.7 cdti (110ps), but it felt more powerful than the 2.0 d4d (125ps). So, I let her decide, and I'm having a Zafira! The kids also wanted me to get the Zafira for some reason. It was better than her other suggestion of a Renault Scenic. As you may have noticed, they are all 7 seaters. She wanted me to get one, after she traded her VW Touran for her Meriva. Otherwise, I think I would have got an Avensis Tourer. I still may regret letting her decide, as I don't feel excited about getting the Zafira. It's a nice enough car, in Elite spec, but it's not a Toyota!
  3. I had the letter on Friday too. However, I don't recall ever having anything done to the suspension, or tracking etc.? It may have been to do with the engine swap, I guess?
  4. sywy

    Time To Sell.

    I'm parting with my car in the next week or so, and also had the flashing light issue with my 3rd party wheels. However, when I put the original wheels back on (to px at a dealer), the light stopped flashing. In fact, they stopped flashing by just placing the wheels next to the car, starting the iginition and waiting a minute or so. Not sure if that helps you or not, as it's not really a permanent cure, unless you are putting the originals back on. Sorry to hear of your woes, and good luck with the sale.
  5. sywy

    New Wheels

    Very nice Anchs!
  6. Dug out the old wheels today, from the shed at the bottom of the back garden. Piled them up at the front of the car and turned the engine on. The TPMS light came as usual, flashing :( Then after 15 secs or so, it went off So at least my sensors are working. Also, I don't think my 2 front tyres are that bad, although I wouldn't buy a car with them on. The tread has worn away on both shoulders, but the central section is well within limits, I reckon. I think the law states that it has cover three quarters of the tyre. Not sure if this would cover it. As said, I would not buy a car with tyres in that condition, so I guess the dealer will insist that they need changing. Big Kev, are you offering me 2 T180 wheels at a good price? How would coding them to the car work? (PM me the details if you want.)
  7. Thanks MarsKy. Will dig out the original wheels sometime. Hoping he'll pop his head in here. And speak of the devil ... Thanks shcm! Have replied.
  8. Yes, they've been off the car nearly 3 years now, so the batteries may be dead? EDIT: Nearly 3 years not 2!! Changed them in Jan 2010.
  9. Hi all, as I mentioned in another thread, I want to swap my RAV4 T180 for a Verso. As many of you know, I have changed the wheels and tyres for third party ones. I've just come back from the dealers and they said they knocked £1k off my px price to sort out the wheel and tyres. I would be supplying my car with the original wheels and tyres, of which 2 would need replacing. I was expecting this, anyway. However, they are saying I'm going to need new sensors, as they have been off the car for so long and would have lost their coding?!! This I was not expecting! I can't believe I need need new sensors!! Just wondering what people's thoughts on this? Is there anything I can do? Or have I been shafted over the T180 wheels yet again?!!!
  10. sywy

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks everyone! It's not actually my birthday until tomorrow, 23rd. Yes, I'm still around, and still have my RAV. I still pop in at least a couple of times a week. I'm actually thinking of selling up. My car is nearly 6 years old now, and I've never had a car older than 4 years old! Sign of the times, I guess!! I'm considering getting a second hand Verso 2.0 d4d TR, although I haven't fully decided yet. Depends on the finances. Anyway, thanks once again for the birthday wishes.
  11. sywy

    Just Bought A T180

    Yep, it's behind the satnav screen. One slot for a music CD and another for the satnav disc
  12. I got them from Jeff Fowkes, in Ibstock, Leicestershire - Can't remember the exact price, but it was around £800 (just under, I think) for 4 alloys and 4 Yokohama tyres.
  13. Hi Charlie, these are my wheels. They are Team Dynamics Rimfires.
  14. My dealer wrote it in my sevice book. BTW, what exactly do I need to do with regards the DVLA. The dealer only mentioned it after I had asked, but didn't really say what I needed to do. He did say they also needed to fill out a form, but they couldn't get hold of one at the time, and would send it on to me once they had it. So far, after a week, nothing!!