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  1. Thanks mate - Mats SOLD I will send them out asap. Cheers
  2. Price reduced and now on ebay ( see ad above )
  3. Is that what this thread is about? Mats are now SOLD.
  4. Hi Farhan, Its a nice drive - a little pocket rocket averaging about 35 mpg so im happy. But does anyone want some mats?? Price reduced to £10.
  5. I intend to stay aslong as possible! And Gaz you are now a MOD!! How you got there I will never know but well done
  6. Hi mate, ahem . . . its every 6 months actually :P Quite happy where I am at the mo, when I properly start my career then I can look to move out.
  7. But no house ( Live with parents - no bills at all )
  8. The truth about the Focus and the Beemer is . . . I got bored Here they are:
  9. Good spot, Cheers Here is the current beast And then my old beauty
  10. Hi Mate, It awesome to drive! I now have a company Citroen Berlingo as the work horse
  11. Hi Guys and Gals, Its been a while since I moved on from the Corolla. I have got rid of the BMW and moved on into an Abarth 500 - which is awesome ( except the build quality ) Anyway I have my Corolla Mats For Sale In very good condition. Price is £10 and £8 for courier delivery - or you can collect. PM me or post on here if you are interested - Cheers
  12. Hi mate, Beemer is going now - had the summer fun. Now looking for a bit of off road fun in a Land Rover Defender 90!
  13. Wow the cars look stunning guys! Makes me miss my rolla! The TTE bumper's are awesome.
  14. Current auction price on that car is £4,250 so take away £50 for the bumper and £4,200 would be a good value to put on it, but do remember current vehicle values are quite high at the moment due to lack of supply.
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