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  1. Thanks mate - Mats SOLD I will send them out asap. Cheers
  2. Price reduced and now on ebay ( see ad above )
  3. Is that what this thread is about? Mats are now SOLD.
  4. Hi Farhan, Its a nice drive - a little pocket rocket averaging about 35 mpg so im happy. But does anyone want some mats?? Price reduced to £10.
  5. I intend to stay aslong as possible! And Gaz you are now a MOD!! How you got there I will never know but well done
  6. Hi mate, ahem . . . its every 6 months actually :P Quite happy where I am at the mo, when I properly start my career then I can look to move out.
  7. But no house ( Live with parents - no bills at all )
  8. The truth about the Focus and the Beemer is . . . I got bored Here they are:
  9. Good spot, Cheers Here is the current beast And then my old beauty
  10. Hi Mate, It awesome to drive! I now have a company Citroen Berlingo as the work horse
  11. Hi Guys and Gals, Its been a while since I moved on from the Corolla. I have got rid of the BMW and moved on into an Abarth 500 - which is awesome ( except the build quality ) Anyway I have my Corolla Mats For Sale In very good condition. Price is £10 and £8 for courier delivery - or you can collect. PM me or post on here if you are interested - Cheers
  12. Hi mate, Beemer is going now - had the summer fun. Now looking for a bit of off road fun in a Land Rover Defender 90!
  13. Wow the cars look stunning guys! Makes me miss my rolla! The TTE bumper's are awesome.
  14. Current auction price on that car is £4,250 so take away £50 for the bumper and £4,200 would be a good value to put on it, but do remember current vehicle values are quite high at the moment due to lack of supply.
  15. Any one got any idea what a sensible offer would be plz Need to know a little bit more for a valuation: 1) Is it Auto or Manual? 2) What specification level is it? ( i.e. T2, T3, T Spirit ) 3) General condition of the car? I can then get you a value here at work. Or you might want to try putting the reg into www.webuyanycar.com who will give you a good valuation.
  16. PM returned. Wheel Nuts Provisionally SOLD
  17. Hi Mate, Yes they will fit your T3. These studs were given out with T Sport wheels so it will be a perfect match.
  18. Who knows I bought this one cheap so should make some money on it hopefully. I guess I was very lucky with the Focus, awesome car though. p.s. bring on the CTS :P
  19. Hey mate, yeh went for a E46 facelift 330ci M Sport. Truth of selling the focus was that I bought it for £12,000 and I used it for 8 months put 6,000 miles on it and then I traded it to webuyanycar.com for £11,820. Made sense to jump out of it before I got hit with the depreciation!
  20. yep I now have a beemer...yes I know I am a :censor: Nice siggy Gaz
  21. Hi Guys n Gals, I have some brand new Corolla Verso Mats for sale. Will fit 2003 - 2008 Verso's. They are now on ebay too. Still in original packaging with 'Corolla Verso' Logo embossed on them. Price is reduced to £20 colelcted or £8 for Delivery by Courier such as DHL. PM me or post here if you are interested Cheers
  22. Hi Guys, Hope the rolla's are treating you well. Just getting through the garage to find some other Toyota bits Here for sale is 12 Brand New T-Sport or SR Wheel Nuts in chrome. Never used! Price is £10 with free P&P. And we have a genuine set for Corolla mats that are used. Drivers mat has some heel wear but still looks good and the other 3 are like new. £10 plus £8 delivery by Courier such as DHL. PM me or post here if you are interested Cheers
  23. I find you quite offensive, you should be a bit more respectful of other people. You are an idiot sir ;)
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