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  1. The problem with the compressor is on the test drive you tend to give it a lot of right foot and it's fun. When you get into it day in day out you realise there is not a lot of pull on the car. From a standing start 0-60 run I still dont think you can deny it will make you smile. It was little things like sitting at 80 on the motorway pulling such high reves and drinking fuel. I always seemed to average 20mpg however I drove it. You dont mind this from a high powered turbo but not from the compresssor. I guess i was naive to the fact that a vvtli engine coupled with a supercharger would be so thirsty. I have lost a lot of money on the car, more than I would like to admit in the open. I don't think I will ever buy such a limited car run ever again. I went to 3 Subaru dealers and the first 2 would not even touch the compressor. The first told me the Toyota dealer wouldnt touch it with a barge pole and already had 2 they didnt think they would ever shift. He offered me one piece of advice, if someone offers to take it snap their arm off. Overall it's a shame as it is such a nice car in other ways. my prediction if i had a crystal ball is over the next year there are going to be some upset owners losing on the compressor but to balance the scales some new compressor owners getting them at a fantastic low price who will love and enjoy every minute of ownership. g3m. I have read all about your issues on here and on scooby net. Such a shame you lost a nice example. did they ever catch the theiving scumbags??
  2. well after 6 months ownership of my compressor it is now going. To be honest it was a bit of an impulse buy and if I had stopped to think about it a bit more I would probably not gone for it. It has been fun but I very quickly lost the smile factor of ownership. as there do not seem to be very many reasonable avenues for performance upgrade I have yesterday placed a deposit on another car and will be handing the compressor over in part ex. On the upside I have purchased a Impreza WRX STI with Prodive so that should keep the grin factor going a bit longer.
  3. my compressor seems to have 2 stages When you first get in and drive off it feels very flat almost like a 1L. after about 2 minutes of driving this stops. You can often notice this when you have about 3000 revs in 3rd and hold it. all of a sudden it eases and wants to go. At this point you will on;y get up to about 6000rpm. After about another couple of minutes you will start being able to hit lift and take the car to the 8000rpm mark.
  4. I had this conversation with someone at work yesterday. We thought the offence was failure to display so you could be in trouble. the cameras at the side of the road should pick up you have tax but it's the traffic wardens you should worry about. If when ordering online it gives you a reference number you could try the "Tax applied for Ref No. 1234567889" in your windscreen. Thats what my colleague is doing.
  5. Just out of curiosity how many compressors you reacon are out there? there just seems to be more than 250 i think? I too am convinced there are more out there than 250 as I have seen about 4 others on the road in my local area and there seems to always be about 10 for sale on the Toyota website. I asked Toyota once how many were left to sell and they said they were not sure and didnt keep records. I asked a dealer if i could still order one new and he had to phone the factory who said they had made them all. All seemed a bit strange.
  6. well at least they are taking it back in. It just seems to be a common thing now where all manufacturers tell you your car is broken then hand it back and book it in later. hopefully no damamge is being done.
  7. definately shouldnt be running out of puff a 5000rpm. Have i missed something here, if the techie says its not right why are they not fixing it.
  8. thats a shame, if you were closer by you could have take mine for a spin to see if it felt different. If your supercharger is not running does that mean you feel the lift kicking in? in the compressor you should not feel it.
  9. i am in the midlands well, northamptonshire. which dealer? are you far from northamptonshire?
  10. I reset mine as per the other thread. it feels a lot smoother but then again it could be all just in the mind. All i know is when i step on the loud pedal i smile. Always have done and hopefully always will do.
  11. There is a work around for 60hz games. If you are using the componet cable there is a selector switch on it. Switch this to tv rather than hdtv and when you go into the setup menu on the 360 yo can now select 60hz. it will then display and play the game. I had to do this for DOA4.
  12. it seems the government have missed one point here. how will people be billed and pay? You will have the normal law abiding citizens paying because they fear going to court, prison and losing their homes. then the people who think nothing of driving without a license, uninsured, no MOT, no Tax will flout the law in the usual way buy binning the demands for money. Seems its more than pay and go, it is tax the honest motorist and let everyone else drive around for free. The courts will be overcrowded for non payment. All the extra money being gained from the road tolls will be going towards prosecutions and administration so no extra money will be received. Why do they not add a couple of pence on fuel and be done with it. oh and abolish road tax at the same time.
  13. I always find it funny when these converstaions crop up. I think what annoys me though is the initial comments of "Be careful here" "Seen these turn sour" etc. This is where we seem to lose our freedom of speech. This is where everyone else creates religious, racial, sexist, elitist tension because everytime a group of people get together and want to chat about a subject we all worry. Can we not just accept other people have views. politcal, relgious anything. I dont believe in a god but have spoken to many that do. One of the most facinating religious conversations I ever had was about 15 years ago with a muslim guy I worked with. This as you can imagine was before all the tension that has been created by people insisting we step away from these conversations. His views and beliefs and views were not that disimillar to most from the christian faith. He had strong views on looking after the elders, leading a good honest life and working hard. This upon his death would enable his afterlife to be a comfortable and happy one whilst waiting for the day where the dead will rise. I personally dont believe all of these types of things but he did and i respect that. Ultimately if the youth of today had these views (the muslim guy was 16) would we have so much crime on the streets, cars being stolen and old ladys being mugged in their own homes. Perhaps not. On a lighter note, I had to try and explain to my 12 year old nephew what a virgin was, why mary was one and how come she gave birth to Jesus earlier tonight. Try and get out of that one. :)
  14. Slightly off topic but are you LordNikon from AstraSport? On topic as the engine is the same as the Lotus 240R there is a school of thought that you could put an intercooler on and boost to 240 for a start. I have looked at getting the pulley chnaged and remap but the tuning company were not sure about how good it would be for the cost.
  15. I have been to Everyman Racing - Loughborough. I took the gold course and it was the most fun i have ever had with my clothes on. The EVO was amazing, and the instructors were mad but in a good way. The last instructor of the day was trying his best to unsettle me on the gravel track by grabbing at the wheel and handbrake. Not in a nasty way. I bored all my friends and family with the details for weeks after as I enjoyed it there so much. You will be standing round quite a bit, but if you take someone along or end up in a group where everyone gets on its a great way to spend a day. I am even smiling now remembering the fun I had. All I can say now is i'm jealous
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