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  1. cheers - i'll give it a try - thanks
  2. can any1 help me out with this called 2 toyota garages, and the cant even find the bush on there systems car in st205 - gt4 pic of the dif bush........
  3. yeah Gundy is right if u has a 205 / 45 tyre it is 205 mm wide and the height of the sidewall is 45% of 205
  4. seen the spoiler extention things on fensport, they like £90 plus vat per side :o - then painting onto - not something i can afford right now -
  5. ah right - i just thought i saw a post about it on here and mines number 4221 but dont have none of the spoiler ect - so just wondered cheers mate
  6. did i read somewhere on here a while back that the 1st 5000 GT4's were the WRC model?
  7. Drew

    Turbo Help

    i just dont use the turbo for the last couple of miles before i get home, so the turbo is already cooling - also put me blowers onto hot to get some heat out of the engine bay then just leave it 20 seconds or so for the engine to settle
  8. im guessing the celica one dont cover the GT4 does it? if it does, im interested
  9. Drew

    Efi Fuse

    cheers mate - dumb me never thought bout looking underneath the cover
  10. Drew

    Efi Fuse

    could someone point me in the direction of it? St205 GT4 i think i saw somewhere its in the engine bay with all the fuses on passenger side of engine bay, but which is the EFI fuse? thx
  11. can any1 tell me how to go about this - and is it a big job? im on about the radiator thing at the front is it a front bumper and headlights out to remove it? i got a leak on it
  12. Drew

    Annoying Thump

    ok - finally had a look under today - and its this bush ..... (rear one) jas147 - i still have the pages u sent me, so gunna have a bash when i get a new bush sorted - but does any1 know a toyota part number and price for them? looked on fensport and they do one for ..... Genuine Toyota Rear Differential - Rear Mount - Standard £109.00 +vat
  13. Drew

    Gearbox Crunch

    sorry i was refering to 94 - onwards My Haynes manual is for 86-99 Celicas... it cover GT4? turbo - 4wd etc? if so - do u have the manual number handy? cheers
  14. Drew

    Car Manuals

    i just bought 1 off amazon it said 94-2000 or something like that said covers all usa and canada models, but it dont cover the GT4 (which i thought they had in USA) so will be sending it back if they let me
  15. put it in 1st gear - clutch to the floor - rev engine up to about 5k, and the car will jolt forward as if the clutch is slightly engaging surely this isnt normal? brand new clutch too (well about a month old)
  16. Drew

    Gearbox Crunch

    sorry i was refering to 94 - onwards
  17. Drew

    Gearbox Crunch

    Haynes dont do a manual for the Celica i found out :)
  18. my sisters car did this when over half full - she has a split in the fuel tank - worth a look
  19. Drew

    Ecu Light

    cheers Mr Toyota - topped up - and no ecu light no more, and fk me is it quick now :D
  20. Drew

    Ecu Light

    ok - i think that is the chargecooler top up after some research, and also know it just uses normal coolant - BUT how full does it have to be? right up to the top or wot? there aint no max marks or i cant see any
  21. Drew

    Gearbox Crunch

    mine does exactly the same, only when at high revs just had new clutch fitted too
  22. Drew

    Ecu Light

    cheers mate never new this - new to these type of machines, and its time to ask the silliest q on here where is the intercooler top up thing - lol - is it that top up thing on the top of the black box (with dual entry written on it) and also wot ya top it up with? normal water or wot warning, this is thicko post of the year - hehe
  23. Drew

    Ecu Light

    seems im full of problems lately anyway - ecu light comes on, when i 1st start car, or if im sat a while in lights, if i flick ignition off and back on, light stays off till i next stop took it to Toyota, they read it as... 'Intercooler' but couldn't tell me wot they needed to do to fix it (very helpgful ) i know its a long shot, but any ideas wot could cause this? (car dont even have an intercooler, it has a charge cooler) ps - it runs totally fine even with the light on, but i dont wanna kill the engine or the turbo or anything cheers Drew
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