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  1. I'm pretty sure of where the grinding/squeaking noise come from. I have the same problem and i have located the sound to the manifold-springs. As the engine move a little when you press or release the accelerator the springs in the connection between the exhaust manifold and the cat will grind. Check these and replace them if needed.
  2. I got this one, don't know if that's what you were looking for http://www.corollatsport.com/dokument/2zzge-engine.pdf
  3. I bought the TTE rear muffler and it sounds a bit deeper and a is a bit louder than stock. Not to much as some jap-mufflers. I don't think it improves the performance though
  4. I trashed mine from day one and it runs perfectly after about 65 000 miles (drinks normal amount of oil. When i do oilchange every 1000 miles its mabye half-full so that is ok and normal). I was told that run it hard from day one because if the piston-rings that are when new a bit "softer" and does harden after some time and if you floor it from day one they will make a perfect fit seal between the piston and the cylinderwall because of the heat and pressure. If you don't trash it from beginning it may not make a perfect seal which will let some oil up in the cumbustion-chamber. My two rules is Don't trash the engine when cold. Wait until the watertemp meter is halv-way Let Toyota do service, or if i change the oil myself get GOOD oil that Toyota recommends (Castrol)
  5. gearbox oil changed and it was pretty easy but a bit messy. I got a pump that i filled with the oil and then pumped it in through a 10 mm hose. Without the pump and pouring from the bottle would be veeeery messy so get a manual pressure-pump before you go changing gearbox-oil
  6. I'm also doing a gearbox oilchange and i don't know how to get the oil in the small hole that is on the side of the gearbox. Do i need a special hose to fill the new oil?
  7. I'm planning to buy one of those 57i-kits. So you can recommend it? Did you feel any performancegains? Tried the mod that topic-starter did but i never got my filter to really get stuck to the top of my filterbox so i think i'll go for a 57i-kit instead, safer.
  8. I agree, neither do i understand those who says that they never use the lift in their TS :D
  9. Not a good idea. Never use throttle and the clutch at the same time. You burn the clutch more rapidly.
  10. I will check my bolts. I don't want anything to happen to my love :D I am going to enlighten everyone at my swedish forum/community www.corollatsport.com also where i'm site admin.
  11. No problems what so ever with my CTS so far so i don't really complain. But when i read about the faulty bolts in the CTS i get a bit worried. But i think the "perfect" car today with no problems at all doesn't exist really. Not when production and margins on prices is cut. I really love my CTS and i still think it is worth every penny.
  12. I ordered my TTE-grille from my local Toyota dealer. No problems. They should have all the parts available from TTE.
  13. But i think it is weird that they only mention the 2000 - 2002 Celica and no other models with the 2ZZGE engine. The Corolla, the Runx, the Matrix and the Pointac Vibe also share the same engine.
  14. Does anyone know if it has been fixed in 2003 - 2005 models then? Quote from link nr.2 "There is a TSB (#EG010-03) issued regarding intake and exhaust lift bolts for 2000-2002 GT-S models." So newer engines should be fixed then i hope
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