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  1. use a hairdryer for about a minute or so n the badges will peel off.....get autoglym tar n remover to remove the residue lweft.......looks grwat,9 done my t-sport.
  2. Where can I get the apexi dry filter for my TTE, seem to be struggling locating one, and how much are they roughly. Cheers saying bye bye to my t-sport today....taking out the apexi filter as the new owner doesnt want it.......... i see your in scotland................id sell it to ya if ya want it
  3. dude...i removed the snorkel and got me a dry apexi panel filter...direcr fit into the airbox. well pleased withe results...........sounds even nicer now.
  4. im sure the air box on the compressor is the same as the t-sport........ engine code for the t-sport is 2zzge which apexi do a dry panel filter..........well worth the money.....
  5. have my 03 plate for sale at the minute and finding it hard to shift it. its a very hard car to sell id say....anyone else had trouble selling there's???
  6. my e12 1.4 and the t-sport both have alloys with an et of 42.......so your range is quite big.....
  7. This is the famous Chris.S If you look at the first 2 pages or so of the For Sale forum you'll see he can get most (if not all) TTE parts for the E12 and does a small discount for us lovely lot at TOC looking at your maods there.any cahnce ya got a part number and price for the trd quick shifter??
  8. Unfortunately thats a pound sterling price. Would have been nice if it was Euro :( Have you actually contacted you local Mr T to get a price from them in Euros? Knowing the way everyone rips off GB, it'll probably be a 1:1 conversion for Euros Just give them a call and ask for a price for the part number I listed above. nah mate........asking 500 euros for the silencer over here.....extorniate
  9. living in ireland mate.....works out expensive..unless its 250 euro the price??
  10. ya see a lad in irekland is selling one and he has it listed as suitable for a corolla from 02 onwards............im - close to buying it but its listed different for the t-sport than the 1.4 on the tte website...... im lost and cant contsact him..ggrrgghhh..need to know if it weill fit AM 26197........this is wat i think it should be.......but the 1.4 one is wat i reckon he is selling...lousy
  11. as above could anyone help me?as i can get one fairly cheap but need to confirm part numbers...... thanks in advance
  12. unless ya get a right bargain ya wont save much on getting one in from the uk......i biought mine privately in ardee co louth...wata journey!! im loving the t-sport...a few small niggles due to the previous owner but in general i love it. the lift is a lovely feeling i must say.........running at a bout 30 mpg....nottoo bad..... ya go to any cruises r the like in ireland mate?i aint too far from ya in tipp
  13. there is my e12 .......the wheels on it really set off the black lad......17" momo wrs.......they are well suited to black,
  14. wat parts ya getting mate??? wat part of ireland ya from??
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