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  1. Hey all. I bought a blitz access ecu years ago with the intention of buying a supra and fitting it.... still got the mr2 and no supra! How much should I expect if I want to sell it? Mapped for stock injectors and turbos, from a jap manual mkiv.
  2. Hi all, Many thanks for your wishes. Sorry i haven't been around for ages. Things are crap at the mo'. My girlfriends' mum died of cancer yesterday (i was with her at the end). This is the worst birthday of my life, but i was just checking my emails and i got one from the OC about my birthday. That then immediately made me think of TOC (as this has always been my favourite hangout) and lo and behold, some peeps (the good old boys) have spared a thought for me. It has really touched me, so much so that i'm now dripping on the keyboard. Thank you so very much. Davo :)
  3. Well i've not been around for a while and i was waiting for a thread to appear that gave me an excuse to say hi............... This is that very thread. WTF!
  4. As for the how did I get a woman and child?.... lol. Ask Rico the same thing. He's married with baby #1 who's 1yr old now!!! My sprog is due next month!!! Oh how times have changed!!! Still.... at least I still get to play with my cars! :D yikes! it hasn't been that long that i've been away is it? omg time flies........not for you now though....sleepless nights......puke...wailing and screaming...and i bet the baby might be the same too :D
  5. and 1960's ac cobras sliding round chicanes, excellent.
  6. gotta say im jealous jim, good choice of cars there how did you find the pulsar? and is the soop everything you imagined, or like much advice from many peeps here does it not really compare the the 2? been away way too long i know, popped over for the occasional read but im doing a full forged rebuild at the mo' and so have spent a lot of time on imoc and the US sites, but spent even more time on pepipoo and abd as i've gone all militant and am fighting scamera cases at every opportunity (3 - 0 to me at the mo', only 1 is mine though) :D i'm more interested in how you've got a woman and child? last time i heard you and rico were always on the pull! B) p.s got a blitz access ecu for a jap manual tt soop in the loft.
  7. don't worry about it, it's their last stand to keep a failing policy alive. after last weeks case at the ECHR it looks promising that the whole NIP and section 172 request will be deemed illegal and tht speeding (cough) will be a civil offence instead of criminal...i.e no points. (probably have to wait til february for the verdict though). anyway whatever happens, i, and many others, will continue to fight them and win! its now davo - 3, CPS - 0
  8. yikes, i've been away too long! jim has a supra, and he had a gti-r? and he has a missus and a nipper?!.........(he always wanted an rx7 - no news there! ) i really have missed some serious gossip :D
  9. much like the a616 sheffield to manchester bypass. at one time it was considered one of the most dangerous roads in the country with considerable deaths. the problem always was, and still is the constant changing from dual to single carriageway on both sides. but instead of addressing the problem, perhaps making the road wider so that it could be a dual all the way instead they fit specs cameras along most of it. well done government, excellent planning. :censor:
  10. hmmm are spoiling and not voting effectively the same? bcos if the turnout rate falls below a certain level.. think its around 20% then its took as a national vote of 'no confidence' in the system and government is supposed to be dissolved, the politicians get fired and it all starts from scratch with fresh faces, all effected by the queen or some cak... this is why i dont vote, and if spoiling is considered as the same then theyre contributing to this. If you vote for a scummy party and they get in your just as responsible as anyone else who voted for them, and if you vote against a party you dont want in then your just as responsible for any situation effected as you 'played the game'. If you dont vote, your refusing to 'play the game as it sucks' and just as entitled as anyone else to complain; if not moreso, about any party you please as that would likely be the reason for not voting... theyre all scammers and thieves pretending to be good for the country when in reality theyre in it for themselves and their own agendas. i did vote, and do vote, however, can't argue with your comments at all - my sentiments nearly
  11. thats alright, then just take some clenbuterol to get rid of the gut and build some more muscle B)
  12. erm.... dunno its mainly lads i work with, girls dont tend to get excluded from school and get sent to us, although there have been a few over the years. from my other experience of club dj and observing the (often v underage girls) i would suggest its all because of the lipstick !Removed!, girls aloud generation. some of these girls seem to think its cool, great, sexy or summat to snog and grope their friends and generally behave like pornstars. i think they genuinely believe they are playboy bunnies when they wear the logo. so glad im not a parent of a teenage girl (id never let her leave the house!)
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