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  1. Anyways I think I've finally found out what the part number is for the E12 aka zze12# corolla 10-82-012-02-22 The USDM is 8271.14 which I believe may be completely different.
  2. I would've been interested with the springs only....but unfortunately I'm in Sydney, Australia. I'm happy with my Koni FSD's
  3. I believe the set that I had was a tein super wagon gt set. Suppose to be the more lee harsh type of coilies, but the roads in sydney are really bada$$. IMO though they performed the best, the car was literally on rails around corners, but if you hit a bump mid way it was really unsettling.
  4. Hi guys, Since most of the people over there speak highly of the eibach lowering springs, I was wondering would someone be able to help me with a part number?? I've been through approximately 3-4 sets of springs, my current set was great, but groaning and creaking noises absolutely drive me nuts at the moment. While it might sound expensive, I have also been through a set of Tein coilovers that were just way too stiff for the bad roads in great sydney. :( Cheers
  5. st205 (last of the GT4 Celicas), some minor mods are required to make it fit as well as the brake disc. IIRC, the disc that you use will need to be machined down to around 300mm. Or you can scour through the brake disc catalogue and you should be able to find one that fits no problem. Go to www.newcelica.org and do search for bigger brakes
  6. Of course you can change the lift activation point, but that requires an aftermarket standalone ECU. Popular by choice is the Apexi Power FC, but its gonna cost you a pretty penny. From other peoples experience, any lower then say 5600-5700rpm and your going backwards in terms of power and torque. If you want to stay in lift, then just do flat-shifting.
  7. Is there no bass or what?? Check your wiring, cause if you wire them the wrong way by mistake the speakers will cancel each other out...sounds really horrible. But then again sony xplod series is something you shouldn't expect too much from.
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