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  1. If its a Mk2 MR2 then a baby seat fits just fine. The general rule i believe is that if a car has a passenger side airbag then its illegal to have a baby seat in there. I used to have one in the MR2 all the time when taking my little one about. :) Ive attached a pic accordingly... ohh... the Celica has loads of space so easy to fit one in there as well.
  2. One of my least favourite parts of the car cleaning process is washing! yep, that's right, I hate it, loathe it with a passion bordering on the psychotic. Why I hear you ask? OK, the wash process is when you risk causing most damage to any paint finish as there is constant friction between the washing tool and paint and any dirt on the surface can act as a scourer, leaving more damage, more swirls and more work ultimately. With this in mind, I figured that other people might be having the same issues so I've compiled a 'how to' guide. This is by no means a definitive (you can only wash your
  3. Hello, I had a question.. I wanted to know where did you get the 5.5" back box that you had for sale in 2004??? because I am looking for a back box / muffler like that one...

  4. So these LLR tyres are a must on these cars then? The car my bro has just picked up has a budget tyre on the rear drivers side but the rest are bridgestone jobbies. Would having just 1 rear non branded tyre affect the mpg much? Also what psi do you guys get the best mpg return on? Thanks in advance. :)
  5. Just found out on another forum from a chap who owns a taxi rank that they have 10 in their fleet and some have reached 250k before the batteries have totally died. :) Said in reality they are as economical as a decent TDi but they are great on wear and tear and road tax and utter rliability. :)
  6. Cheers for the reply. :) nahh got it from a private seller. first 2 stamps are from Toyota and the last one is from a specialist. Will be sure to make my brother take it to Toyota. With these cars that have done 240k+, did they have their batteries replaced?
  7. So then... I aint new to the forum but am new to the Prius. Bro was looking for something like a VW passat etc as a taxi but then a fellow cabbie mentioned the Prius and that a few are now being used as taxis due to the local mpg. this was on Fri night. Found one for him within an hour of looking on Sat morning and it turned out it was miles away in Brighton but as we have family there i got a cousin to go and check it out for us. Report back was the car is very nice condition etc and drove perfect so went down yesterday from Bradford taking 4 hours... spent only 1 hour there to do the deal
  8. Just to reiterate what i posted over in ROC. Awesome Venue Awesome Hosts Awesome Organisation Awesome People One of the best weekends ive had in a long while connected to a car club. :) If im still here for the next years one im deffo coming! Les/Anne - As ever a pleasure and we shouldnt leave it so long for the next time we meet. Hou - Cheers for the games... we need to get a wiff waff table! (also for the taxi service) Gaz - Funny times with funny people about us.. lol Mo - Cheers for letting me take your beloved custard MR2 tubby for the weekend Dawsey - *****... still grinning from the d
  9. Hou/Gaz, since im t-total im more than happy to drive you 2 to blythe where i will then jump in with Mo... hold on a sec.. ive not even asked Mo yet! haha! Earlier the better for me as id like to make the most of my day off work. :)
  10. Right im all set too. Will be good to catch up with the old toccers and meet the next gen too. :)
  11. If it aint too late please can i put myself down for an item from the Indian menu? Tandoori Mixed Grill with Naan please - £10.25
  12. We aint one for big family holidays so im a bit stuck in choosing one. People going: Me/Wife/Child (3 years old) Criteria.. June 5* All inclusive Family friendly Sandy beach 10 days £550pp Some where like Turkey maybe.. ? Any suggestions for websites or destinations would be greatly appreciated! :)
  13. If you think about it, how many Carina E drivers do you know under the age of 50? Wont be many on here that have launched a Carina E thats for sure. With regards to what revs you need to be just on the inside of the wheel spin mark so its all about trial and error. Then you have to think about feathering the throttle if it does start to slip a bit just to try and gain some momentum and grip before fully letting go of the clutch.
  14. There is a top place in Bradford who do full wraps as well. Always see expensive German motors there and people rate them. It's near Mumtaz resturant on great horton road.
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