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  1. I have a nearly new Powertec SL1 induction kit. Hardly used, £75 ono + p&p
  2. chrisio

    Compressor Tte

    I will be soon, it's a black '06 reg and the only known one on the planet with a full red and black leather interior from first registration B) I was going to part-ex it for a Freelander 2 but it seems a waste of a unique car. Message me your email and I can send more info. Cheers, Chris
  3. I have always replaced mine with Pirelli P-Zero Nero tyres as fitted from new. I figure that TTE and Toyota must have done a load of R&D in selecting the tyre that suited the new Eibach suspension setup so they know best. The only thing is that when I replaced one after a blowout a short time back one or two dealers said they had been discontinued so if that's the case I may have to change eventually
  4. Top bloke, I have had many dealings with him and he was more than helpful When I had an air leak on my intake, the ECU Light, the Traction control Light and the ESC light all came on for whatever reason
  5. My engine rattles under load (pinking) but MrT said it was normal :o Anyway, if it is a tinny rattle it will be the heat shield on the manifold - mine was replaced under warranty ;)
  6. I get a 'whooshing' sound when I turn off. It's quite normal
  7. Very good point Kingo, I certainly never thought of that before
  8. I think the maintenance light you refer to is actually an engine fault light. Best get a code reader on it and check it out. The European Corollas don't have 'service due' lights but not sure about the American versions ;)
  9. Most HID vendors recommend 6k in this country. It's bright but not too blue to draw the wrong attention
  10. If the engine is ticking over then the A/C will cycle on and off. Bring the revs up and it should stay on
  11. The strange thing is that I could detect slight lift when I first got my car but when they fitted the new ECU I couldn't feel it anymore. When I asked TTE about it they said that you shouldn't feel it as much The car is going in for warranty work and the lift question is on the list. The car has done 30k miles now so I am wondering about the lift bolts.
  12. It's the electro clutch on the A/C compressor, totally normal ;)
  13. The guy you saw sounds a bit of a t**t :o As mentioned before, the only time they can void a warranty claim is if an aftermarket part has contributed to the failure. It certainly does not void the whole car If they did try it then Trading Standards would be very interested ;)
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