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  1. Estimas are excellent tow-vehicles...the only suggestions I can make is when pulling uphill, turn off the overdrive and keep the revs up - it makes the waterpump spin faster and keeps the head cooler. Plus, if you haven't done so already, it's worth installing a new radiator before pulling with an Esti...the heads are prone to going, so best keep the cooling system in tip-top shape (and flushing the radiator on an Esti just doesn't work!) - some Esti owners also suggest installing an extra Gearbox Oil cooler too.

    This van weighs in at 1300kg fully laden...there is a Member of the www.estimaownersclub.com that pulls 1800kg with his Estima! :blink:


  2. Hi,

    Lost my Esti to a cracked head and so have started a project on a 1995 Previa GL.

    Attempting an Ice install.

    Firstly...the loom within the Previa doesn't make much sense when clipping on a ISO adaptor. What I would assume was live from the loom (red) doesn't correspond to the adapter - likewise with the constant (yellow)....neither of which give a reading on my meter. However, the only ignition live I can get a reading from doesn't have an accompanying constant live. It looks like the loom has been scotch-locked previously, so I'm guessing I must have the wrong ISO adapter and the previous owner also suffered the same fate, but got fed up and spliced his own way into the loom!!!

    So....is there an ISO for a Previa?...as the one I was supplied with looks to be wrong. Also, the loom red & yellow that I can't get a reading from - what are these?

    I guess, I'm asking for a wiring colour chart for the stereo loom!!! :rolleyes:

    Secondly, I've also come across a very poorly plugged-in Alarm self-install. Whilst testing lives for the ICE, I struggled to get a reliable reading (on and off)...and I've now also lost power to the c/locking, e/mirrors and wipers...all fuses are good. I'm assuming it's down to the alarm install and me having a rummage yesterday, perhaps a pinched wire or two! So, any ideas how I can remove the Fuse Box to gain access to the wiring feeds?

    Cheers! :thumbsup:

  3. Its a bit like extending the power band in the selected gears... good for overtaking....bad for mpg

    Good for towing too....believe Toyota took them off the later models, so not really that useful :unsure:

  4. It could just be the contacts which wouldnt work out that expensive and as far as I am aware is a fairly straight forward job.

    Try looking at www.estimaownersclub.com there are a few discussions on there regarding starters plus a few people who have done them before

    Yep...starter contacts on the solenoid wear out over time - this gives the dreaded clunk/click but no current to the starter. Starters very rarely fail on these buses - only know of one that has!!!

    Cheap and easy fix - part comes as a Contacts "kit" from Toyota. Don't know about the Previ, but Esti's can certainly be repaired with the starter and solenoid in situ (just pop the solenoid cap off - AFTER you've disconnected the battery)

    the link above is a good one if you're running an Esti, Previ or Aces :thumbsup:


    BRIGHTON 4/11/2006

    If you want to meet up with other Toyota MPV owners then get down to Brighton on 4th November. :meet:

    It's being organised via the Estima Owners site (T.E.O.C.) - check this link for info: T.E.O.C. Brighton Meet but all Toyota MPVs are most welcome.

    There's a group of Estima/Ace owners meeting at Pease Pottage services (J11/M23) between 9.30-10.00am to convoy down the A23 - you're more than welcome to tag along if you're coming down from that way. Otherwise, feel free to join the fun near Brighton Marina at 10.30am :)

    Add you name to this posting if you're interested so I can ascertain numbers, currently around 15 - 20 Estimas & their owners have confirmed via the TEOC site.

    Families/children are more than welcome. :gora:

    Meeting points:

    Coming from the M25/M23: 9.30am - 10.00am at Pease Pottage services (J11 M23)

    All other attendees: 10.30am at 47 Roedean Crescent, Brighton BN2 5RG (a very large drive overlooking Brighton Marina!)


    SussexSteve + 1 child - Toyota Estima

    <add your name here>

    Thanks Guys, hope to see some of you there! :yahoo:

  6. Wow! - That sounds like a great weekend! B)

    I guess that any Toyota MPV can come? - not just imports - like Picnics & Previas, etc.

    Also, I hear that you guys are planning to drive on the beach at Brean! - WOW! sounds like a must go for anyone in that neck of the woods... :thumbsup:

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