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  1. Ford Puma! They do look ok but I need reliability. After having a Jap car I need another one! I'll keep looking one for the right price though.
  2. Hello all. I am selling my Civic Type R and getting myself a nice T Sport. The cost of owning a Type R is unbelievable, especially when you get a place with the Mrs! I love the look of them and i'm looking at spending about 4.5k on one. Test drove one today and i'm really suprised with how nippy they are. Good little car and I have my heart set on one now. Off to look at one tomorrow. 4k, 45k on clock, service history, 52 plate. Hopefully it'll be the one! Any advice on dodgy things to look for on them? Jap car so expecting it to be as reliable as the R. This is my car for sale by the way. http://search.autotrader.co.uk/es-uk/www/c...cleRegLetter=53 Cheers. Rob
  3. What does the vvti do? Like a honda vtec?
  4. Got a Corsa 1.2 sxi atm. Was looking at getting a 1.8 SRI but i'm swaying towards the Yaris now. Wanna go Jap. Wont be getting til Jan when I have a pay review. Really impressed with the insurance too. Also how the hell does a 1.5 get to 60 so quick. I've seen 1.6 sporty numbers like the zetec s which doesn't get upto there until 10 secs. I'm very impressed. Can't find any pics of the speedometer though. Wanna see a close up of one. Anyone got any pics? Ta. Rob
  5. Hi all. I'm looking at getting a T sport but just wanted to ask a few questions on them. What's the phase 1 and phase 2 all about? Think I know difference but when did the phase 2 come out? Also what sort of standard extras do you get? Do they redline at 6500 or they go further like the celica?
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