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  1. Just thought I would let you the problem seems to have been the bonnet switch / sensor. After driving the car around in valet mode all week a chap from an independent toyota specialist disconnected the bonnet switch and problem solved. Apparantly this is a common problem....
  2. I've done a search on the forum for my alarm problem and not seen anything the same, any suggestions appreciated, here goes: Its a Gen 7 1999 model, I can remote unlock the doors (indicators flash, interior light comes on etc) but the alarm is staying armed and go's off when door is opened. Both buttons work on the keys i.e I can lock the car as well. Other post's talk about leaving metallic things in the central console, wireless router interfearence, wind etc but mines not related to any of these. Did read something about the bonnet catch though, could be a red herring... Thinking about disc
  3. Thanks for the link bod - there's some good stuff on there! I think one of your last posts said you were still having problems with the oxygen sensor, I've done a quick search on the forums and there seems to be a fairly significant problem with Previas with a very similar problem. Try this link: Previa Posts Very interestingly there are several posts from a toyota mechanic "Ray99", including this explanation (I don't know how similar the Previa's catalytic converter and oxygen sensors system is to our celica's): Hi you Previa owners. I'm a Toyota technician and I can give you all some help wi
  4. Having done the diagnostic check the garage say it's a problem with an O2 sensor (apparently there is a front and a rear sensor) near the exhaust manifold / catalytic converter (sorry not sure which). Apparently they go wrong after about 40-50k miles. They say it's not having an adverse effect on the running of the engine (according to the fault code?) so it's worth just waiting a couple of months to see if the light goes out by itself. Have to wait and see..... Cheers!
  5. Thanks for the advice, i've booked it in for a diagnostics check (will check the oil first just in case - it was ok last week...) I will post the garage's findings. Cheers!
  6. Hi, The "malfunction indicator light" has just come on whilst driving my celica, has this happened to anyone and can they give advice on what to do? I'm particularly interested in the following: 1. I suppose I should take it to the garage so they can say what they think is wrong, but I'm worried that they will suggest changing something and it won't actually make any difference (the car seems to drive ok). 2. Can I try and reset it by disconnecting the battery for 10 secs or whatever? (and is there a code on my stereo that will stop it from working if I disconnect the battery, its a 99 car wit
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