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  1. Hello all. After 2 Previa I am now the proud owner of a 2010 Hiace combi. I recon it's not the same breed yet having flirted in the past with the previous Hiace model it's a lot better. The 117hp engine is quite good and with a Chip it's an highway beast. Now for the tires question(s): 1- Why did they put 195/70r15 on a truck that size (I had that size on my Datsun 280Zx) fuel saving ???????? 2- I plan on up-scaling the tires to 235/60r16 and now for the second question. They used Van tires on the Hiace, may I use car tires with a very close loading factor of 101 instead of 102/104. After all I will use this van as a MPV and the actual Bridge.. are very noisy, with no comfort at all being inflated to a steel like 4.0 bar! So I will put bigger 16 wheels and larger cars tires I dont give a .... if they don't last as I'd rather enjoy a good driving than a dull saving. Anything really wrong that I might not see? 3- I use my GPS for most of my traveling and it's notorious that the speedo is always... conservative for the less. I may use a slightly bigger tire to first tame the beast (when driving with only 4 people and no load it's almost too peppy) and it will bring my speedo closer to a true reading. But as for the mileage? Are the milometers and speedo 5-6%false from the factory or are they vicious enough to provide us with false speedo and correct milometers??? I just want to know for science sake... Well thanks for you inputs, Boomer
  2. Hello all, I am a transfer from the Corolla t-Sport forum! I sold it for a 2004 hilux VX. I am glad I did, I am not scared by the speed trap anymore! Yet, even if the VX is the top of the range, I miss a few item from the rolla and I wonder if... I could dim the dome light when I close the door and even better, light it up with the remote control... I could use full auto down and up windows switch on all four windows... I don't know if it's all in the switch or if there is some extra bits on the window's motor? Any thought? Happy fred with the best of the best truck!
  3. I put E85 and it's driving fine, thank you...
  4. I am with you on this... same noise coming from the same place
  5. Aren't the lugs on the Rolla self centering? Are they also on the Mini? I have Watanabe wheels on my 240Z and a set of gunmetal spokes Cooper's wheels would blend the T-Sport in my stable ;)
  6. They are 4 lugs... 4x100 and 35 ET Rolla's are 4x100 and 45 ET ????? It's the ET that I am wondering about? Are they going to be inward our outward...
  7. Would it be OK to fit Mini Cooper 17' wheels on a T-Sport? Thanks, Fred
  8. :o I drive the same car as Alain Prost and O. Panis... And you do too http://images.google.fr/imgres?imgurl=http...GLJ:fr%26sa%3DN
  9. Good day to all! This morning I was watching the start of our local Rally event, the "Rallye d'automne" an event of the French rallying championship. Looking at the field I thought that my CTS could give a good part of the field a run for their money! Why is this car so shy on the racing stage? To bad Toyota didn't run a monotype race class in rallying or just a track challenge, just to boost the sales... I bought my car for 9000 euros for a 30 000 km car, wich leave me with plenty of cash to spend on after market parts if I wanted to... In fact I am spending the cash on my track day car, a Datsun 240Z... but what about you guys???????
  10. According to my tables 195/65r16 are 24,44" diameter for a tread of 7,52" if speedo is 65 mph 205/50r16 are 24,07" diameter for a tread of 8,00" then speedo read 64 mph 205/55r16 are 24,88" diameter for a tread of 8,00" then speedo read 66 mph 215/50r16 are 24,46" diameter for a tread of 8,45" then speedo read 65 mph But to find the later one
  11. Move to spain Or use the AirCon for 5 minutes...
  12. Do you lack torque? I don't, if I wanted raw torque I wouldn't drive a 1800cc car of 192 hp? Beside the max output number isn't that great but it's still one of (if not) the best of all 1800cc, no? And important, the rating low down on the curve are far from bad, and in fact better than most of 2000cc no VVTI. So why are they always picking the corolla on it's lack of torque... My glass is half way full and I like it this way, and f..k the press if they think it's half empty For the press, it's mostly the French one as I haven't read UK's one on the CTS... Here, plaiding for the CTS is a lost cause, they think the 206 RC is a Diva :!Removed!:
  13. I think I found it... it's a red/blue wire... Need to wire the reverse now and I am all set.
  14. Hello all, I am installing a Blaupunkt dx r52 that I had around for ages... Everything is set but I need to find the speed wire from the dash cluster, anyone know where I can splice it? And how to get to this cluster... be specific I am low IQ Its for a 1999 previa... last of the old odd egg shape, the best of them all Fred
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