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  1. i've contacted a few of the sellers regarding the blanks they sell, they are 4.5 cm long n 0.7 cm in width...where as myne is 5 cm and 1 cm wide...can anyone tell me what it says on that sticker thingy on your keys? all the ones on ebay are CE0123..
  2. I've got one of these, it's not as wide as my key blade, its slightly shorter too. Did you get this denso replacment key working for you?
  3. Thank you guys, i've just ran the part number from that tokai rika key through my epc, it comes under a gen 7 celica key. perhaps same key interms of blade length and width?
  4. Hello all, My key has just snapped clean out of the plastic housing, i think i've found an alternative route instead of going down to the dealers and forking out £120 http://www.3dgroupuk.com/index.php?categoryID=33 I'm not too sure which key is right out of the three two button ones, so can anyone tell me if the TS key is manufactured by Denso or Tokai Rika. I know the info should be on the back of the key but the sticker wore off a long time ago, anyone still got the sticker thing on their key?? Can anyone shed any light on this...
  5. Hi, i had a similar problem previously when i had a new transponder cut at the dealers, i got it working using the instructions found at http://www.automotivehelper.com/topic177789.htm hope this helps.
  6. http://www.automotivehelper.com/topic177789.htm
  7. Found this on the net a while ago, saved myself some money... http://www.automotivehelper.com/topic177789.htm
  8. i always use www.cheaptoyotaparts.co.uk
  9. try posting in the corolla section, you're more likely to get a response regarding your questions.
  10. i had a transponder key cut very recently, its £120
  11. erm actually they aren't the only ones...summit racing do them as well...go to www.invoauto.co.uk
  12. www.lostcarkeys.co.uk - they can sort your problem..check da webby
  13. try the link i posted first http://www.lostcarkeys.co.uk/ ..they can help you with your situation or www.cheaptoyotaparts.co.uk,
  14. DJNS

    Tyre Help

  15. Aiite keep your cool! http://www.automotivehelper.com/topic177789.htm
  16. You can do the coding yourself, i found the instructions how to do it on another toyota forum. it takes no more than 5 minz to do it!
  17. Interesting they quoted you £200, i had my key replaced it cost me £125 although i had the little plate that comes along...although the guy who served me said,if you didn't have that we charge a small fee..think it was a tenner..otherwise holla the guys at www.cheaptoyotaparts.co.uk..they should be able to sort something out.
  18. How much did you pay for yours i paid £239 inc delivery
  19. ive got my old out of my car..can take a pic and send it to them....but they are claiming toyota gb only has one colour listed.. a light grey interior carpet, but i have seen x amounts of yaris t-sports with the same carpet as myne..a black one!
  20. okay help people, i got my cabin carpet from toyota lexus specialists...but when opening the parcel..ive ended up with a grey carpet and im told that this is only carpet that was fitted to the yaris t-sport, now i think someones messed up coz all the pics ive seen of T-sports have black cabin carpets! Are they pulling my leg or what?
  21. im getting the carpet from knightrider for a good price so im happy!
  22. Thanks for that..ill give some dealerships a call in the morning.
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