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  1. Happy Birthday Danger_GT4!

  2. Welcome aboard buddy! nice car....what's the retail on one of those...
  3. jus the question i was going t ask!! i was lukin for them in demontweeks i want t change the color of the light in my corollas dash. you can get blue ones in demontweeks but nt sure bout white?? i did my dash lights too - i used this guy http://shop.ebay.com.au/merchant/p0o0ohbea...QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ tell them the size you need, i used T10 and T5 wedge style sizes. pretty cheap too. just a straight swap for my original dash bulbs
  4. Fancy making me a set for much cheapness? :P sorry - taken me a while to get back! If you're still looking I'll ask my son. I think the leds are 3p each!! Hey, i am about to start a LED brake light project and have found a really good guide. i have sourced everything apart from one componant and was just wondering if you could help me. i believe the world of LEDs is made a whole lot easier with the use of Current Regulating Diodes (CRD) i am trying to get my hands on 15mA/30mA ones but cannot for the life of me find anywhere that does them! i just came across your post and thot it was worth asking. if i have to i will go down the resistor road but would rather not. Have you ever came across these before? cheers
  5. Afternoon troops, i have JDM wiper arms (the non hook type - flat ends with 2 screw holes at the end) and this proves to be a right pain when trying to get new wipers installed. i had bought retro style blades to replace the original ones on the car (rusted on and ready to be replaced) and i got an adapter to fit them on to the JDM arms. i forget the name of the company i used but i got these hideous adaptor (which doesnt fully fit either) to use and now the wipers stick out a good inch maybe more from the windscreen and dont give me full contact to clean the window. not a nice look. so ive been hunting around for options, i wanted to post this up to see if anyone has tried fitting other kinds of arms, ie UK 185/205 or know of any sites/companies that will sell adapters that dont look like 2 giant nipples on my windscreen! its too distracting! lol i am also hunting on ebay for spare UK arms and waiting to hear back. Google'd it as well but couldnt really find anything :( i have been in halfrauds too (honest it was a last resort :P) and they said nah we dont do anything for that style, u will have to speak to Mr T who will charge you and then some for them. anyone got any ideas?
  6. lol ive yet to see a gen 5 with a working arial! still got to investigate that one myself! the day just isnt long enough
  7. INTERIOR LIGHT Alrighty, if you open the car door and look at the inside of the frame (next to the lock), you should see a grommet one on each side of the car - these push in (opens the circuit turning off the interior light) when the door is closed and pop out when the door is open (closing the circuit turning the light on). i found on my gen5 i had to lube them up a bit as they werent always popping out as fully as they should thus my door / back interior lights wouldnt always come on. try wiggling them about a bit. if they remain off check voltages as mentioned in previous post hope this helps
  8. Ouch! sorry to hear that bud, we could always postpone the meet? :P well ive mentioned this meet to a couple of friends with st205's and they are game - i will try to confirm nearer the time as work may get in the way.
  9. alright folks, its been a wee while! if i aint workin ill drop by!
  10. alright 4bes! yeah i hear ya, but either way i need to find the space - ill be honest and you will all laugh but i never got the bumper off - decided that i could see enough by removing the under tray etc! it will fit i know it will, and ive had some good suggestions so im glad i posted up here! moving the oil cooler might be the way forward its one of the main obstructions - i was a bit hesitant bout moving it as it was slightly rusty! ill get another good look at it this weekend hopefully now ive had all these suggestions...tell you what its not half getting dark early now! wish i had a garage! i dont want to go down the CS bumper route as they are far and few between and cost a packet when you do find one, although the doo look the mutz! just out of interest, would it be a waste if i filled the CC up with toyota red coolant? i have 5L of the stuff bought for when i was loosing coolant last yr (ended up needing new engine as i was sold car with an engine with a crack in the block!) - or am i best using water and antifreeze once i got rid of any leaks etc? 6 and two 3's? Cheers troops
  11. Cheers for the input guys, i see that the RAV CC Rad is tightly packed in there indeed! surely being so close to the boiling radiator that would hinder performance a little and raise the intake temp a bit - in saying that once the air flow is getting thru them that would sort that out. As for the CC-TB connector i bought the CS one so will warm that up and squeeze it on, i know what you mean about the tubby lining up with the Tubby-CC Inlet as well, it was marginally out of line but should be able to push it on ok. Looking forward to gettin it all in and running - im not really power hungry (YET!), i do enjoy working on the four with little bits n bobs, this is the biggest mod i have done and have a couple of friends on standby to help :) just waiting for that all important dry weekend! (could be waiting a loooong time..!) another mate suggested cutting into the support bar by a few millimetres, at both ends by the amound i need and just fold down the cut bit to make the room, that sounds like a plan to me. the st205 CC Rad isnt the thinest Rad ive seen at 35mm if it was 30 then i dont think id have a prob! its all fun and games
  12. Hi, thanks for your reply - i did think about going down that road but i ended up going this way. either way i still need to make the space somehow at the front end for the Rad. Just wondering if anyone else attempted this and what the did to gain the bit of space needed.
  13. Hi all Just a post to see if anyone has tried to fit a st205 charge cooler setup on a st185 to see what issues you came across? I bought this setup and have test fit the CC in place of my ATA IC and dont think there will be any probs there, as for the pump i reckon i can get it mounted somewhere. My main issue i have at the moment is getting the CC Rad to fit in with all my existing bits (Radiator and AC Radiator etc) i have a 93 st185 so has the facelift grill with the 2 round foggers. To be honest now that i've came to fitting it there aint as much room as i 1st thought in the front to be installing this 3rd rad! i reckon it will fit but i think i may have to do a bit of cutting (EEEEK!). I forgot to take pictures when i was out this morning "test fitting" the new CC rad, but i see a long steel plate going across the front (the foggers use this for support if i remember right) i can assume this is the main support bar? could i cut into this say by a few MM maybe an inch max? this would alow the rad to sit infront of the other rads. I never managed to get the bumper removed but got the under tray and stuff off and popped her up and got underneath to see. Going down the new CS bumper route isnt an option for me at the moment unless anyones giving one away! ;) i honestly think it will fit with a bit of persuasion but i just wanted to check with you all for any advice and to see if anyone else has done this and if it was also a problem and what they did to get round it? thanks in advance troops Dave
  14. Danger_GT4


    Hi, i actually came across a decent range of mesh grille style material in B&Q last night! worth checking out i'd say although i didnt catch a price as i was looking for something else hope it helps
  15. thanks for the help guys, yeah i know about the manual winder for the lights, sounds a bit fidgity, the cars goin back into the garage 5th jan for further testing as to why im loosing coolant, so i will kindly ask them if they can sort out the light too. even under the lights its so tight for space toyota dont half like to fill in the gaps!