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  1. 2nd Challenge: UWML my inboard video action pic N3 podium there were two other starlets ep82 widebody starlet ep85 AWD 4efte Blitz K1 and here are some toyotas Corolla 3sgte AWD Corolla sprinter 3sgte AWD Corolla 3sgte FWD Corolla 4age Corolla 4age redtop
  2. First event of the year. Challenge REVO here is my inboard video :) here are some pics of the lil one
  3. Hello, I'll publish here some photo and video about Toyotas in 2013 Mauritius National Championship
  4. Hello all here are few toyotas in our 3rd national quarter mile event
  5. My lil Toyota glanza inboard view during Mauritius duel slalom
  6. Hello here is Mauritius Rally championship Best of video of my lil starlet glanza
  7. oh, for those who would like to know what is inside... TD04L 13G hybrid (from lancer 1.8 GSR), Equal length Stainless Mani & dual runner Downpipe, FMIC, BLITZ air filter, BLITZ dualdrive BOV, RRFPR, LSD gearbox, TRD sports facing clutch, TRD presure plate, TRD oil filter, TRD Wires, E-manage Ultimate, EBC boost controller, BLITZ boost gauge, APEXi Power Meter, APEXi Auto Timer, 15' TE37 Volks Rays, TRD shocks & springs, Brembo grooved discs, braided lines, Mintex pads. last update pics :
  8. that would be fun to do that with my buggy, unfortunately, driving on beach is forbiden. would love to drift it on it. I used to do it in the south 6 years ago, before they filled the place with hotels... otherwize, glanza practice road is chamarel to grand basin (plaine champagne). I guess you know that rally road riko ;)
  9. no track in mauritius mate... so no videos ;)
  10. hmmm, interesting, and what about fast driving vids on open roads ?
  11. Thanks, I have loads of shots in my blog. I have a nice video too, but don't really want to be flamed on my first thread lol I don't know what you are used to yet :P
  12. Thanks guys :) riko, don't you miss all that shiny weather ? B)
  13. Hello, I'm a fresh new member in this forum. Sounds funny as I have already reconize few names ! it feels like going to a new pub and finding most guys you know there... Anyway, as I'm new in this forum here is a quick resumé ! I'm from Mauritius Island (you know that island lost in middle of indian Ocean) I bought my glanza V in 2001, and started to work on it last year (yep kept it almost virgin the first 4 years) you can see loads of pics on Myspace blog here are few shots Cheers
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