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  1. Ok mate nice one like the sound of the replacement board and im based in luton. What sort of price do they averagely go for do you know? Ps done a santa pod run today and strangely doesnt overboost on the quarter mile lol but as soon as im back on normal roads is back? Now im getting confusef!
  2. Any companies out there you can recommend or that are known for good managements systems/re-maps?
  3. ok guys thanks for the advice im going to buy restrictor gasket and look at electronic boost control me thinks, ive tried relief and bleed valves and could never get relief valve to work properly just used to boost like a !Removed!. Am getting worried it is actuator as it does look like a pig to change but hey ho gives me something to do the next few evening if it is lol. Also guys completely seperate question but Im in need of advice on what you might consider would be the next step in tuning, my friend has recently got his hands on a mazda 3mps (2.3 turbo) and although the four is quicker im fearing its not going to be enough once he goes for a remap...this cant be the case lol age old story of needing to be the fastest haha. At the moment my current list of mods stands at obviously full 3" de-cat system, walbro 255l p/hr fuel pump, blitz induction kit, high capacity leads, iridium plugs, millers fully synthetic oil, stage 1 paddle clutch, and apprx 17psi boost on the bleed valve (hopefully can be more accurate soon ;) ) Any ideas where I should be going next, i seem to have shed loads of low to mid range power but not as much as what I would like higher end, 152mph is max I can get on track of course and I do hear stories of other fours doing 160mph+ so really where should I be looking to go for better high end power...?
  4. The exhaust restrictor is one option I was considering...only thing with it is would it still explain why the bleed valve seems to just be able to hold a higher boost pressure rather than actually adjust it... ie ive turnt it right down and its still hitting easily over 1 bar (16 spiking 17.5psi)
  5. hello mate think you prob is the 3 inch de cat they are prone for boost spike with a 3 inch de cat, what controller do you have? Is just a brass bleed valve. Tried relief valves and they dont work with it for some reason, boost went mad when i tried relief valve...
  6. Nope was first thing i checked, all hoses look good, checked bungs for the vsv valve as thats disconnected and they look fine, if the actuator had failed would it do this, could the wastegate be sticking?
  7. http://www.japspeed.co.uk/Toyota-Celica/Exhausts-and-Manifolds/c-1-25-72/ This is link to what i have, is 3" all the way through. I feel to cry sometimes with the boost issues im getting just dont know whats going wrong anymore
  8. Right just turnt boost controller alllll the way down, doing exactly the same is spiking at 17 psi, im starting to think its one of 2 things, 1 has the actuator failed...? 2 full de-cat system turbo back has the exhaust system become too efficient and now i need one of them restrictor gasket things?
  9. ok well will see how i get on with turning it down, its running about 1.2 bar if im honest so ill try under a bar to start with. Mate its not about how it looks its how it goes! Im guessing shes fairly nippy looking at her ;) lol thanks for your help again mate
  10. Tell you what then mate ill try turning boost down a bit more again and see how i get on... ps i want your engine bay please lol looks fantastic mate good work!
  11. The only time she ever smokes is a small puff if youve been driving nicely for a period of time then suddenly put your foot down, but ive always thought this was quite normal on turbocharged cars...? Never smokes on idle. Mate can i ask you a favour if you have any pictures of your engine bay mainly the setup of all your boost/vacuum hoses associated with the turbo, ive never seemed to have much luck with the boost on mine and really want to make sure how ive got things is right...
  12. Hi there mate long time no speak hope your good. Turbo oil seals you reckon for the oily deposits, am i looking at a new turbo then or can you replace them?
  13. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any ideas what this may be, when on full boost 1st through to 3rd all fine (averaging around 15psi) 4th & 5th gear in high rpm (apprx 6000rpm+) she keeps hitting fuel cut, have tried turning boost down but just cuts down overall in all gears but still hitting fuel cut in 4th & 5th. Any ideas, im hoping is not actuator as looks like a pig to change, could it possibly be a boost leak somewhere, did notice on the inlet pipe into chargecooler that after a drive im seeing a small deposit of oil being left on it? could there be a leak on the chargecooler would that cause this to happen, any ideas would be great. Thanks all...
  14. Hi again all, just wondering if anyone can help me with this, have had a stage 1 cerrametallic clutch fitted for about 1 year now, ever since this was fitted i have been finding changing gear extremely difficult, was assured by guy who fitted to allow it time to "bed" in and is no better, cut a long story short hes not interested now and I just wanna resolve it. The only gear I have trouble with is 2nd into 3rd, if im under load is shockingly hard to get to change, leisurely driving conditions not too bad, any ideas would be appreciated, was thinking gearbox mounts myself but like i say has only ever done since new clutch fitted. Thanks guys!
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