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  1. Thanks for the update, do you still have the car and where in Berkshire are you, send me a PM maybe we can meet up, some people are telling me the top mounts tend to bulge after a while as an indicator to failure. Failing that mine pulls both ways depending on road surface which is why i suspect the figure of 8s and lower banana arms (albeit last time I had it on a ramp all I could see were the crush tubes were not looking great as the tapered end was looking as if they had been damaged /crushed)
  2. Hi Dom Did you get this resolved in the end, im in a similar predicament and don't want to start buying parts that are not necessary. mine pulls depending on the road surface both ways which could be the figure of 8 or lower banana arms and get the low speed knock as you mentioned. I read somewhere it might be the crush tubes that need replacing.
  3. Can't wait, this wil be my first attendance, will something be posted on the mian page, how do I keep infomred?
  4. GT4 Booster, Do you think the bushes will suffice? If I recall from the last time the wishbone was removed, it only has the front and rear bushing, third link is without bushing used to hold the ball joint? TIA Adam
  5. Hi, Just had a quote for £280 for the pair from Mr Steal himself As I intend to keep the baby for a bit longer ive decided to order these and have a good friend take of existing arms and have them replaced using a press/vice. Ebay Link These should cover all bushes in the arms? Friend will also be swapping out the ball joints and new link rods were changed around 8K ago.....
  6. UPDATE: Had this inspected at an independent garage again...... Turns out that the slight knocking sound and issues are due to drivers side wishbone bushing on its way out. loads of play apprantly. Any advise on where best to source them and if I can just get the bushing replaced? TIA
  7. Could this be the front sway(anti roll) bar, the outer bushing does look kind of nackered and cracking but not split from what I can see. TIA
  8. Hi Thanks for the reply, it is the bog standard GT with McPherson setup and the alignment was all 4 starting with rear adjustment, have had experience with the various set-ups in the past...MR2's , corolla GT's etc. I believe most if not all of your suggestions are covered off as this issue has plagued me fro 6+ months. Tyre treads are all good with the rears not having covered more than 5K, im tempted to give it to a Toyota dealership but know what they'll say. I might just swing it around to a local MOT station to see if they can detect any play, the thing im having difficulty in describing is the feel I get from the steering wheel "you can noticeable feel the left (passenger) side wheel wander at times and feels heavier on a straight line which again points to suspension... Im down in the SE nears Windsor if that helps. Thanks Adam
  9. Hi All, PLEASE HELP!!! :o I'm pretty sure Ive posted regarding this a while back but here goes...... Gen 6 UK GT face lift with 52K, FSH etc dare I say mint. The car pulls slightly to the left under normal driving conditions and whilst holding the steering lightly you can feel a constant pull to the left this dosn't occur whilst braking. Ah and at times depending on road surface unevenness, it feels as if the wheel is wondering independently to the drivers front wheel. What Ive had done so far: *Tyres swapped from back to front -crossed over. *Balanced from several independent garages. * Professional 4 wheel laser alignment * prior to this front drop links changed. * Have had it checked for play and no one seems to think so. * Calipers checked for any binding/sticking - nothing................... Q: Is there a known perishable bush causing this, is it a know issue as ive heard all celica's pull slightly to one side, could it potentially be a problem in the shocker/spring or even the top mount?
  10. Hi GT Driver, Did you manage to get any pics/shots, I think Ive set it correctly now but pics would go along way............. closer the better as it will give clear indication of the threads and positioning. Worst case I might take it down to a tunning depot to have it looked at. TIA
  11. Hi, desperate, feels that way... UK spec ST202 is exactly what im after. Many thanks for checking. TIA
  12. Bump! All I need is a couple of pics taken from the passenger side of engine bay. please help..........
  13. Bump, anyone Im not asking for much just 2 varying pics will give me an idea of default position. TIA
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