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  1. I'm entering my gti in a classic car run next year, cars need to be registered prior to April 1988. Mine was registered in June of that year so before I fill in the entry form I'm just finding a way of proving when mine was made. I should be fine as despite being registered in June we know full well that the car could have been a few months old at the time.
  2. Is there a way of confirming the month of manufacture of my 1988 Corolla gti?
  3. Hello all, can anyone direct me to a site or help with the specs of Corolla Ae111's ? I'm looking at buying a Sprinter Truneo and need some advice on what to look for, I've heard about the black & silver top engines and how good an upgrade they are for my Corolla Gti. Can I get the engine spec from the chassis number ? Are they all silver or black tops ? Did some of them have the 4AFE engine as well ? any help or pointers would be appreciated, thanks Jerran
  4. Hello, soon to be taking the MR2 roadster abroad and just checking out the bulbs I require ? Any ideas how to replace headlamp ( dipped & main ) bulbs in case I need to ? the car is a 55 plate model
  5. Can anyone help ? I've got a black AE92 Gti and the nearside opening rear window is about to fall out, has anyone got a spare locally ( I'm in Enfield ) that still has both the fixings on it where it bolts to the B pillar ? I seem to remember that these fixings are a little delicate and I think mine are about to give up, thanks Jerran
  6. Found it without even opening the bonnet ( which is handy as my catch is a bit iffy ) any black Corolla Gti's are colour code 204, now just need the weather to warm up so I can attack the tailgate
  7. Can anyone help me with the colour code for my Corolla Gti ? It's black ! In the service book the colour code part was left blank by the dealer, any ideas what the code is or where it's located on the car please ?
  8. My guess would be the windscreen seal, as the car is getting on a bit and I believe the screen is bonded in this bond could be failing. The best way out of it is to have the screen removed and refitted by a pro, though no harm in going round the edge with some black bathroom seal and seeing it that does the trick, it might not look pretty but it might solve the problem, failing that the more expensive option is to move to Spain or maybe Cyprus where the rain isn't an issue !
  9. I'm after a spare key for my AE92 Gti, I know I can go to any key cutters and get one done though I'd like a proper Toyota blank and not one with 'silca' or something similar on it, has anyone any ideas where I can get a blank correct Toyota key from ? Obviously there is no chip in mine as it's that old !
  10. About time I showed mine, all standard apart from Fensport Springs & 185/55/14 tyres, has been round Brands Hatch a few times on trackdays
  11. Thanks for the reply, I'll be keeping my eye out for one
  12. Hello, as per title has anyone got a hardtop for an MR2 they don't need anymore ? Am thinking ahead as have just bought a 55 plate MR2 and the Mrs fancies a hardtop for when winter sets in
  13. Can anyone help ? I'm in the process of tidying up my black Gti. I'm trying to find the correct shade of silver so I can paint the wheels so they look like they did back in 1988. Steel wheel paint is far too dull or dark, have yet to try silver wheels in case it's too shiny. Has anyone painted their wheels before and how did you get the correct Toyota shade ? I'm not building a concours car, just fancy trying to get the factory colour. Or shall I just grab some silver from the paint shop that every car seems to be coated in these days ? Over to you !
  14. If your sure your getting fuel and a spark at the plug how about taking the plugs out and drying them on your gas hob, pop them back in and it might start, the cylinders might be flooded with fuel if you've been trying all day to start it.
  15. Am shortly buying some lowering springs for my AE92 GTI, choices I've got seem to be 30mm, 35mm or 40mm. Anyone got experience of what's too low etc ? Car is running standard alloys and 185/60 tyres and will be tracked soon. Performance centre in Essex are doing kits for around £100, just wondered if anyone out there has any advice ?
  16. Sounds fine... i'm in London, how much for P+P? Am sure have got one or a pair of these laying about, where in London are you ? I'm in Enfield, is thay any good to you ?
  17. Hello all, my latest Gti has a hesitation until about 4500 rpm, it's not a flat spot as there is power all the way to the red line though I can feel the car holding back slightly until I hit 4500, then it seems to fly to the red line ( and up the road too ) I've had plenty of these Gti's and this is the only one to do this. I changed the plugs/dizzy/rotor anyway when I collected the car as they were awful though the fault is still there. I'll be tracking it in Jan with any luck so would be nice if I can solve this before then. Any ideas on things to look at/clean/lubricate/replace ?
  18. In my experience the one from a MK1 MR2 should do the job, any chance of a picture in case I've got one laying about ? Don't whatever you do go to the main dealer, someone out there must have the bit you need
  19. Anyone with a Gti will know the rear brakes can be a little rubbish with seizing handbrake mechanisms etc. Question is, will the calipers of the last of the MR2's fit the rear ? I've found an on line guide and they look very similar in the picture, has anyone fitted the calipers from the ZZW30 MR2 to their corolla gti ? I can't find and on line guide to compare the two, have I got to pop to the dealer and borrow their brains ?! The local dealer is pretty close to me so that could be my solution
  20. lol no sorry not for sale Hello mate, Jerran here ( you've had a few bits off me in the past ) I remember your ae92 was lowered, have you got the lowering springs from it ? Or what shocks and springs were you running ? Need to lower my latest find before it's first track day hi Jerran I had coilovers on it which I have sold I dont have any lowering springs but i do have some brand new front knoi shock forsale Let me know if your interested i'll sort you out with a nice price to (ps I thought you had enough of gti's :D lol ) Thnaks for the reply, no, I'm after a set of lowering springs to drop it down a little, I think my shocks are fine. I'd thought I'd had enough too, had an Audi A3 turbo for a while and got bored of it, not as fast and no way near as much fun to drive. Found a nice standard black Gti locally at a very good price and now it's mine so I'm back basically. Mine is all standard apart from the stereo, needs lowering for sure though !
  21. lol no sorry not for sale Hello mate, Jerran here ( you've had a few bits off me in the past ) I remember your ae92 was lowered, have you got the lowering springs from it ? Or what shocks and springs were you running ? Need to lower my latest find before it's first track day
  22. I'm in the same boat as you, mine will need to be lowered soon before it starts the track day season next year and I don't want to spend fortunes doing it, what sort of condition is your Gti in and where did you find it ? Mine's due it's Mot this weekend and I just need to sort out a sticking rear caliper ( common problem )
  23. Anyone got a set of lowering springs for a Gti ? Just bought another one which I'll be keeping for a while though one of the first jobs is to get the suspension sorted before I take it on a trackday, anyone help ? Or point me in the right direction ? I don't want to be spending fortunes if I can help it !
  24. Ebay would be a reasonable place to start, I think looking at the condition of the car I think you'll get a lot of interest, for the age it's in pretty good nick. Being ebay you'll get plenty of idiots though there is enough people out there who know how reliable these cars are, good luck with the sale and don't take less than £500. If I was selling it that what I'd want
  25. Hello, just read your post about your 'new' Corolla Gti, I've got a few parts laying about still from I had mine. I've got about 7 standard alloys that could do with a refurb ( most without tyres ) couple of doors/wings etc. I sold a fair few bits on ebay though by all means list anything you need and I may be able to help, I'm in Enfield N London, regards Jerran Hey I can vouch for Jerran, hes had more GTis (AE92's) than hot dinners...lol.... Good luck !!! :) Thanks for your confident vote MR KE70 ! The record I had at one time about 18 months ago was owning 8 Corolla Gti's at the same time, can anyone beat that ?! I reckon I've had about 15 in the last four years though sadly they're starting to become hard to find. A very under-rated car and can take some serious work and still come back for more, the track days I did in mine were immense fun, you could spend a whole day at a track bouncing off the rev limiter and the most knackered part at the end of the day was the driver ( me ) MRKE70 you seem to be a legend at uncovering old Toyota's that have seen daylight for years, good work !
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