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  1. I'm sure you've sorted this by now though have you looked on the Uk version of Ebay ? There is always someone breaking an early MR2. There is very little demand for the headlamps second hand as they are protected most of the time when the lights are off hence I left mine in when I scrappped one. Not sure if another Toyota model at the time shared lamps, maybe a KP60 starlet though I think they were round ones.
  2. hmm I may be do you know how many miles it has done, and is it the same as a corolla engine? Afraid I don't know the miles of it, just that it came out of a very nice looking MR2. Being the MR2 lump it's the TVIS engine ( you haven't said which one yours is ) only difference could be the gearbox though I can split that from the engine for you if you wish and you refit with your box ? Some MR2 box's fit the Corolla, just depends if you can move the linkage rod to the opposite end of the box from the MR2. I managed this on my last Gti ( fitting an MR2 box ) over to you...
  3. Get in touch if you want a complete engine and box with all the bits attached, came out of a very nice MR2. It's even on a pallet if you have a means of collecting. Worst part is I'm in North London, £200 and it's all yours.
  4. I was gonna go for it on Friday, even agreed £££ on it. So imsure you paid him a good price too But need £££ for something else .. Nice find.... He said its been off the road for 2 years, so must be very solid. Needs 2 front wings he mentioned too.... Have you got the details of the one you mention in Brighton ? I'm in North London so it's pretty close to me, thanks
  5. From having a few Corolla's I don't think the Gti rad is unique to the car, you could well get away with a rad from just the 1.3 model in the same shape, worth having a look if there is some way you can look at them next to each other ( or stop one in the street if you can find one and ask to have a look ) You know how some places like to add a few £££ signs to the performance end of the range for the sake of it
  6. If you weren't so far away I'd give you my old Gti clutch parts from when i swapped the box on my Gti to put an MR2 box in, I kept all the parts as I'm tight and hate throwing bits away ! The clutch was fine though as it was apart I put a new one in. No idea if the 1.3GL clutch will fit that you've got. Posting a clutch and pressure plate won't be cheap will it ?!
  7. What bits you need Fahran ? I'm in Enfield too, easily got the wiper arm. Got whole car + spare engines so write out a list if you like. Jerran
  8. Similar thing happened to one of mine, driving it and all of a sudden the pedal wouldn't disengage the clutch although the pedal hadn't dropped. Once the box was out it was more bearing/pressure plate trouble, it didn't actually need a new friction plate. So you might just get away with a pressure plate and release bearing. Though if it's all aprt may was well stcik all the right bits in, as for alternatives, I'm not sure though both Tvis and Hi Torq clutches are the same.
  9. Andy, where in Enfield are you ? Can I come and see the car your breaking as I could use a few parts ? thanks Jerran Or failing that I could take the whole car as I've two spare engines at home in Enfield.
  10. Does anyone else have the issue I do with the handbrake mechanisms on the AE92 Gti 16 ? Mine seem to seize up come Mot time and/or hardly work at all. The footbrake side is always fine. I've have a couple of spare calipers and am looking at poss rebuilding some so I've a spare set. Has anyone rebuilt their rear calipers before ? Where did you get the kits from ? ( main dealer or independant specialist ? ) How much ? How easy was it ? Have seen rebuilt calipers for around £140 and wouldn't mind spending less than that, any ideas would be appreciated
  11. Another of my collection, this is my road car and used daily. Ok arches slightly crusty and tailgate too though got a spare to go on soon. Anyone got a nice white sunroof panel they want to sell ? Need one as mine is a horror !
  12. I can take a picture of the engine, what do you need to see ?
  13. The bottom snap is to be Mot'd and sold in the new year when time allows, all standard just need some minor Mot work. Sills are fine ! The other snaps are of one soon to be scrapped, engine box still there though not had car running. Mostly stripped of anything else worth removing, doors/tailgate to come off prior to scrapping. Beware of what goes on behind that bodykit !
  14. You can have the remains of one of mine if you like though you'll need a trailer as lots of bits ( and I mean lots ) are missing. I'm in North London though. Engine box still complete though, only rad is missing from engine bay.
  15. Got five. One high torque ( daily smoker + track day tool ) Four TVIS, two rusty breakers in white, plus a white one going back on road once front damage fixed and a blue one needing some work for an Mot. The latter two will be on ebay in the new year once the weather allows me to work on them, must get some snaps of them all for you to see. Prob bought/sold at least 8 in the last 18 months. I'm always on the look out for more as I've got plenty of spares.
  16. I've got a few of these though a friend of mine has just bought an MR2 that will fail it's next Mot, the engine out of that will do won't it ? Car is still running and driving at the moment so can be driven away. Let me know if thats any good ? Listen im also after any condition AE82 Corolla's GT .. Redbull let me know what you may have plzzzzzz.. I need some bits for a project.. No AE82 parts at all, just two AE92 Gti's I'm breaking plus a blue one and a white to go back on the road soon once they're been prepared for sale. White breakers are rotten though almost complete ( inc engine/box )
  17. I've got a few of these though a friend of mine has just bought an MR2 that will fail it's next Mot, the engine out of that will do won't it ? Car is still running and driving at the moment so can be driven away. Let me know if thats any good ?
  18. I can get these out to your for £15 posted first class, how quick do you need them ? Will be digging into my lock up next week for other bits too
  19. Not one to gice away secrets though have you seen how much the Gti's are advertised for on autotrader.ie ? I know the AE86's make a mint though these can command strong money over there too, some of mine have ended up in Ireland, inc my RWD Starlet.
  20. I can provide either though won't be getting to the car until after Xmas if you don't mind waiting ? Engine is staying in car though don't mind taking stuff off it. Wanna attach a snap of the exact part then we can talk £££
  21. Where did you get the addition to the front spoiler from ? ( the black rubber strip at the bottom ) Is it custom made or removed from another car ? I've heard of one from a Volvo fitting the Gti's though not sure which model.
  22. i may have i'll have a look at my other two and get back to you. no all i need is the bonnet, is there anything else that you need?? Gringo : A nice rust free shell ! ( only joking ) I don't think there is, I've got two spares cars so think I'm ok for bits. By the way I'll be stripping one tomorrow, in your opinion is there anything I must remove before I scrap the car, any obscure bits ? So far seats/kit/bumpers/rad/ignition lock/tailgate/wheels are ready to come off or have been removed. I won't be able to remove the whole engine though may take head off and box if I can roll the car over. If you have a sunroof panel that would be superb.
  23. Do you still need a bonnet ? I've got a few white ones though will need one for a bent Gti I'm soon to rebuild. Is there anything else you need ? You haven't got a decent sunroof panel have you ?!
  24. Wait until you see my other one, you'll be shocked all over again. The one in the snaps had been sitting around for a few years though this finished it off as we all know leaving a car laying around is the worst thing you can do. My road going one will be getting a jet wash soon in all the rot spots to help it over the winter ( and some rust proofing after that )
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