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  1. This is too far gone so will donate to the rest of the Gti's left, I've got a worse Corolla than this ! Will get some snaps of that one next week, rear sills are dust !
  2. This is one of my Gti's thats a little bit cosmetically challenged, the drivers front wing must be one of the worst in history, sills are ok though tailgate knackered and then there's the rear seat belt mounts. Of course engine/box are sound and the car drives like new. I'll be using bits from this for my own taxed & tested Gti and to rebuild one thats had a front end whack.
  3. I've got the 1.3 version of this car that I'm soon to scrap, I'm in Enfield N London, is that any good to you ?
  4. Got four ! all white, 3 Tvis, 1 Non. Must get some pics on here too, meaning to do it for a while now.
  5. Is yours an early spec model or a high torque ? If you've got the ones with the flat window switches in the doors I can help
  6. I'm in Enfield too, N9. Just collected another Gti the other night needing some frontal repairs though with the two breakers I've got I'm sure it can be sorted ( thats 4 Gti's I've got ) If only it was still summer I could be out there now fixing it !
  7. Have you got a trailer ? You're more than welcome to come and take away the remains after I've removed the body panels I'll be saving. I don't fancy removing the engine as I've just done that on an MR2 and it wasn't fun. If nothing else I'll take the head off the car. Will try and get some pics tomorrow
  8. I'm afraid it's on just Toyota 13inch steels ( hence it looks awful ) I'll post some pics over the weekend to shock you all, normally I'd save the Gti's though this one has had its day. Jerran
  9. I'm breaking whats left of one of my Gti's, body is rotten as a pear. So far, radiator, bodykit, front & rear seats have gone. Wings/doors/bonnet & tailgate coming off along with door cards. Is there any odd parts that I should remove before it goes ? I certainly won't be letting anything of value go for sure, car will be gone in a few weeks I guess. I would post a picture though I think it will scare most people
  10. I could be wrong, but don't think you can use the MR2 diff; unless you plan to go backwards a lot and have only one forwards gear. Now you've got me thinking, what makes you think the car will do this ? The engine/box is located the same way just further back in the MR2
  11. Think may have asked this before though can't find reply. I've got a gearbox from an MR2 Mk1 ( TVIS engine ) will the gearbox fit onto my Corolla Gti engine ( later spec high torque model ) My diff is knackered and the MR2 box is sweet. Your help is appreciated chaps. Will be fitting a new clutch at the same time as mine suffered from my last track day
  12. Thanks for the speedy reply, much appreciated. Looks like I'll be rolling my MR2 over shortly to get the box to part company with a rather rusty MR2. The engine is sweet so thats def mine too !
  13. Basically my AE92 Gti has got a noisy gearbox and the clutch is on its way out too. Question is, will the box from my MK1 MR2 fit the Gti ? I'm thinking they should. My Gti is the later high torque model, obv the MR2 is the TVIS. Your help is appreciated !
  14. I've got a whole AE92 Gti I'm breaking in white, tailgate is very good, have also got a red tailgate as well and plenty of spares, mail me with what you need and I may be able to help. I'm in Enfield N London. If I had your e-mail address I could send you a snap today of my tailgate, thanks, Jerran
  15. Hello, Have you got any pictures of the car after the damage ? I've got a few of these at the moment and plenty of spare panels ( wings/doors/tailgates etc ) so depending on damage I could poss take the car on and get it back on the road. Would definately be a shame to break it for sure,look forward to hearing from you. Jerran
  16. If you have a disaster with the glass give me a shout, I've got plenty of other AE92 Gti parts as well ( like a whole car )
  17. Got one of these, tailgate is totally rotten and way beyond repair though it does have the Gti 16 glass in tact if this is what you need ? I may have the spoiler too. Jerran
  18. Interested in wheels for sure, air box to replace the aftermarket filter on one of mine, parcel shelf. There must be more though mind a blank at mo, and cheapest way of getting stuff to London.
  19. Have got some pics now of the wheels I'm after, not having any luck on ebay at all, I either need one of these, they are Fox wheels wearing 205 45 16's or three of these for my
  20. Hello, Just bought myself a high torque Corolla Gti, lovely car as we all know, problem being is it's got a set of 16 inch Fox alloys and one is missing. I've got one of the standard Gti alloys on the front, this isn't ideal ! Has anyone got a set of standard Gti alloys for not much money ? Not fussed about tyres. Or I need a replacement for the missing Fox one ( I can get a snap of on here tomorrow ) Your help would be appreciated chaps, what you got stashed in the garage ?!!
  21. This same thing has happened in ost Corolla Gti's I've bought and sold, for some reason it's only the nearside that's suffered and it has always been cured by replacing the nearside rear shock. About £45 for the part and about an hours labour. They even passed Mots with the clonky shock, now when I buy one, if it clonks the shock gets replaced, simple ! Hope that is of some use
  22. Thanks very much ! The red one is very solid, arches are like new, locally owned, just serviced, runs and drives very well with Mot & Tax and all standard apart from a performance air filter. New rear strut fitted. A very nice car all round. The white one has had the rear arches repaired though bodywork is very good, car is totally standard down to the Toyota radio cassette, nice history, two lady owners from new and 12 months Mot. Drives very well with no faults I can find. Sensible offers over £700 would buy either.
  23. Apologies, I thought the last one I bought was a high torque, it was very dark when I bought it and I was in a hurry to pay the bloke, when I collected it I realised it was a normal low torque. Drove a high torque the other day and couldn't really tell much difference. Will say one thing though, the one with a performance air filter isn't as lively as the other two. The white G plate I've got drives so well and the engine is very revvy, more than the others. Will try and get a snap of them all lined up ! All for sale as got my eyes on more and need the space for those ones.
  24. You can never have too many Gti 16's can you ?! One red F reg, low torque, very nice ! One white E reg low torque, needs some TLC hence the ad plus an H reg white High Torque model ( just passed Mot ) plenty to keep me busy. I've got my eyes on a few more as well B)
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