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  1. Hi everyone, Is anyone on the forum breaking their Carina E? I need an accelerator cable - I was adjusting the cable with the nuts and I ended up threading the spindle somehow. Looks like I can't just replace the adjusting thread and nuts so need a new cable. Its all attached togther anyway. My car is a 1995 Carina E GS its the 1.6 4AFE manual and made in UK not Japan (not sure if this makes any difference anyway) I have used the breakeryard website but don't really trust giving my card details out to someone I don't know. Seems to be around £7 to £10 inc delivery which is good but I would rather buy off someone on here and pay with paypal if anyone is interested. And an incentive for anyone who can do this; I will probably be after quite a few more parts over the next few months so I will use you again! Cheers everyone.
  2. Thanks for the info, no it isn't slipping just high biting point. I was just worried that it might just fail but I guess it would start slipping badly before it was on its way out wouldn't it?
  3. Hi everyone, I have noticed that my Carina's clutch has quite a high biting point. Its done 126k miles and I am unsure if its ever had a new clutch. Is there a way to adjust the clutch or do I need to replace it? Is clutch replacement on the carina fairly straight forward to do if it needs replacing and anyone know what a garage would charge for labour and parts out of interest? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies, its not a belt for sure the noise is more like a ear piercingly loud whistle, I've checked over everywhere and can't seem to find the problem, although today, I though the sound was coming from the inlet manifold.... is it possible to make this sound? I can't see any hole it it or any leak etc... Could a dodgy inlet manifold gasket cause this sound??? and if so surely i'd see some evidence that this was the problem... Forgot to mention this sound only starts happening once the car is at normal operating temperature and seems to stop when the throttle is opened, I've cleaned the throttle body and checked the air intake hoses for leaks etc..
  5. Thanks for all replies, I have now sourced a link to a download kindly proived to me, thanks very much to both of you for replying with help.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know where I can download a Carina E Workshop manual for the 1.6 4AFE and its a 1995 car, Thanks Russ
  7. Hi, I've just bought a 1995 Carina 1.6 GS. It has not been driven since October and it has started squeeling at idle from the engine. Doesn't seem to be coming from any belt so what else could it be? Everything else seems ok on it, any advise on things to check on it before I go on a 250 mile run back home after buying it seeing its been standing for a while, thanks Russ
  8. I'm hoping that it is only condensation!! Thanks for the advice.
  9. Me and my girl spent 4 hours T cutting by hand. You really have to work hard when you are doing this by hand - tip is not to let it dry otherwise you'll be there all night trying to rub it in. You don't need to use much its the rubbing in thats important but brings up the paint work like new. I've used a buffering machine to do this before its a bit quicker, well worth doing though.
  10. Have a few issues with my new supra its a MK3 1992 K Reg N/A the drivers door lock barrel has been damaged. Looks like some wally has tried to break into my car and the lock is ruined. There was a bit of broken knife jammed in the lock which I removed. Any idea if I can get a new barrel lock that can be made to the same key as the other barrels and how much and where I can get this done??? I also have a remote full closure alarm but don't know how to re-set it as its not working - handset thing is ok and battery is new but it doesn't work. Does anyone have a guide for a toyota full closure alarm system as might need to re-install it to try and get it to work again. Also there is a bit of white smoke on start up which goes shortly after the car has warmed up. The car has had a new cylinder head and a skim and new gasket 20k miles ago. Was told could be water in exhaust as its rained loads the last few days. Any ideas? Has anyone tried the turtle wax with dye in it? Any good - just T cut car and colour has come back well and was told to use this special wax with black dye in it. Any help or advice would be really helpful, cheers
  11. Thanks guys especially Karma Supra! You've answered every one of my questions!! Thanks very much.
  12. Thats good going for a Turbo!! I 'm going to service it soon, I'll change the lambda too,cheers.
  13. This is the first supra I've owned and loving it so far! These cars are amazing for the price you can pick one up now!
  14. Sounds well worth it, thanks for the advice.
  15. Sounds like a good idea. How much would that cost roughly? Anyone know?
  16. Thats not too bad. I live in a rural location so most roads are 60mph so should be more economical for me I guess. Thinking of getting an ecotek valve as apparently it can save petrol costs up to 30%. Although I don't know anyone whos had one to reccomend them. I take it you like your supras then!!
  17. Does anyone own a MK3 Supra 3L N/A? Just wondering how many miles you get out of 20 quid of fuel. Had a Rolla G6 and you can get bout 200 miles on 20 quid! Just couldn't handle the lack of power any longer!
  18. I live very close to the sea and corrosion and rust is a big problem. I'm getting a supra mk3 and I really dont want it to rust. Apart from putting car in a garage is there anyway of preventing the rust?
  19. Does anyone know how much a Mk3 Supra 3.0l N/A would have cost when it was new (k reg) just interested as cant see anything on the net. Pointless question but I'm just nosey!
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