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  1. I' ve just read this thread with interest as I currently have a Celica T Sport which I'm going to replace with a Focus ST2. The Celica has been a great fun car bar the attention it has brought me from the police (I blame my right foot) and the raft of problems it's had. The air conditioning failed, bolts kept coming out the bottom of the passenger front seat until the section you sit on came clean off, the gear box had twice had to be fixed and most incredible of all the engine failed (on the motorway ...thankfully in slow traffic). The short motor and all of the bottom end of the engine was replaced. I think the one thing that kills any credability for the Corolla is that 2 pipe look-a-like exhaust. I was crying out for Toyota to offer some worthy competition to the opposition but judging by reviews it hasn't managed it. It is a new company car I'm getting and even by constantly pestering my fleet company and the toyota garage they deal with, they weren't able to get me a test drive of the Corolla Compressor. Maybe at some point next year I was told. Other dealers I visited didn't have a clue when the car was arriving. They don't want my money so I'll go else where. A better marketed, higher volume production car with more effort could have sold bucket loads if Toyota had worked on the handling in comparison to the opposition. Hands up, I've driven neither but went to see the Focus at a garage yesterday. I hate the current Focus shape and had been badly dissappointed by the interior and exterior of a hire car I had, but the new ST is a completely different kettle of fish. The dark interior (and black roof lining) is fantastic and the exterior speaks understated agression (bar the orange paint). I can't wait for a test drive
  2. Dave, Thanks for going to the effort. I think I will give them a try as it's not that much of an expence if I prefer them or not to the ones I've got.
  3. davekilshaw, These look pretty good and I'd like to give them a try since they're fairly cheap. Do they require any conversion kit or can the bulbs simply be installed like normal. I'd appreciate any pictures of your car with the lights on if possible. Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, Myself and Oli were discussing by PM, 0-60 sprint times of the facelifted Celica T-Sport and it raised another question in my mind. What is the best technique for sprinting off the line, particularly in the 190bhp Celicas? I'm not condoning sprinting to 60 or racing on suburban 30 limit streets, but in my opinion there's nothing wrong with trying to get to 60 or 70 as fast as possible on a dual carriageway from the lights if that is the actual limit on the road. We didn't buy Celicas to dawdle along after all B) . It's very easy to wheelspin (which of course ruins any sprint), so what is generally recommended? What do you have on the rev counter if anything before you initially release the clutch? Also,when changing up to second do you A)keep the accelerator nailed to the floor as you change, B)come off the accelerator completely whilst the clutch is down, C)keep the accelerator at reduced revs and if so then at what level? After all, the skill of the driver can make a huge difference when doing this... Cheers, MOJO
  5. Hi Guys, I was looking for whatever advice you can give on replacing the main beam headlights I have on my Gen7 Celica. Although there is nothing particularly wrong with them I'd like some that are more impressive looking after seeing other Celicas on the motorways with lights of a more blueish tint. I'm quite fond of the look of TTs and more expensive Mercs with xenons :P . I've heard good reviews about Phillips Bluevision bulbs and was considering them. Alternatively I've seen people recommending PIAA bulbs, but a lot of them don't seem be legal in the UK. Legality is important because it is a company car (I have been cleared to change the bulbs however). Any ideas/prices/pictures of Celicas fitted with different bulbs would be appreciated.
  6. It turns out that the problem in my Celica T-Sport gear box was due to a broken spring in the gear box which allows reverse to work. This had had an impact on the ability to engage 1st. On a 3 week old car that's pretty poor. Thankfully all covered under warranty.
  7. I've got a Celica T-Sport that's only 3 weeks old and it's at the Toyota garage just now getting a gear problem sorted. It started the second day I had it when it wouldn't go into reverse. By the next day it had cured itself though. This weekend all of a sudden it wouldn't go into 1st. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't. Then reverse stopped working altogether. And on a couple of occations it would stall when in neutral if the clutch wasn't down . I love the car to bits but I'm well dissappointed with the problem. :censor:
  8. Hi, I just took delivery of my Chilli Red Celica T-Sport on Thursday. I was a bit doubtful about the colour after seeing some red fre-face lifted Celicas, but it looks fantastic. The noise is just incredible when you go above 5000 revs. Fantastic.
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