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  1. well i've got a hyper rev catalog for the Levin/trueno. Its full of stuff for the AE86. Also, on auctions.yahoo.co.jp there is so much stuff there for the AE86. If only i could bid for it! I think im gonna get the car mechanically spot on before doin any power mods and body repairs. i'm gonna have to save up to make sure i get the car exactly as i want it to be. And i know im gonna end up spending £££'s I just love the car, i'm so happy with my purchase. I dont think i could get a better car for £3500. in the 4 weeks i've owned the car, ive had at least one person every week knocking on my door asking if im willing to sell her. :D
  2. hi. after a long search of 3 years for an AE86 and having owned TA40's, EP82 turbos, an AE92 i finally found a 1987 AE86 that was for sale and bought it the very next day. The car is generally good condition and has had 1 owner for 17 years, but its needs a bit of TLC now. The exhaust front pipe needs replacing and the car needs a new clutch. i was wondering where to get my front pipe from. i called fensport and they said its a main dealer item only(despite the website saying its £89.95) and the dealer wants £200. what are my alternatives? I was thinking of a HKS Silent HiPower muffler (£400) and was wondering if that is a complete system from the manifold? or i was also thinkin of a complete TODA Racing manifold and exhaust for about £1100. One other thing, I am lookin to replace the rear 1/4 panels and boot lid. i have noticed that the fensport prices are exactly the same as dealer prices. why is this? also, as for the tailgate i was lookin at the j-blood tailgate since it will accept normal locks and struts. does anybody have any recommendations as to where to get body panels such as wings, sills, 1/4 panels, tailgates from? i hope you guys can help me. i'll be posting some pics here soon.
  3. hey check this out: JDM Corolla GT Corolla GT Saloon the price is only 215,000 Yen FOB...so abot £2300 on the road all taxes and duties paid....i'm tempted...
  4. also wat do u think if this Trueno on ebay: Ebay Trueno
  5. Hi. I've seen an AE86 for sale and it is a Levin GTV model. What is the difference between this model and the UK GT Coupe? As far as I am aware the GTV is lower in spec to the GT Apex model so has lower spec so does this mean rear drum brakes and no LSD? Also the guy says a GT Apex 2-door will arrive in 4 weeks with an asking price of £4300. Should i bother waiting for the 2-door to arrive or go for the 3 door priced at £4400? So whould i do? I prefer the looks of the 2-door personally but will i be able to sell it on just as easily as a 3 door and is it worth paying aroung £4k for it?
  6. hi . i'm selling my Celica Coupe on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...gory=18290&rd=1
  7. could i use the axle on my TA40 Celica ? im hoping to put an Altezza 3SGE or a 1GGTE in it at some point and need a few bits for the conversion...
  8. hi. i need a clutch for my 1970 TA40 Celica Coupe. where can i get one from ?
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