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  1. Does anyone know where I can get some clear front indicators and repeaters from? They are for a 95 st202 import. All they people I contacted said don't make them for this model. Is this true? The ginger ones are a bit naff
  2. Hi, How on earth do you change the bulb then? This was the first time they have ever been of by the look. the nuts where unmarked and the bulbs japanese writing toyota ones. Look original. I wondered about cutting through the nut with a dremel and trying to get it off. But worried Might cut the pin. Its a lot of faffing about for a 60p lightbulb
  3. Hi, For some reason both my brake lights decided to go at the same time?! So I changed the drivers side no prob at all. When I got to the other side I cannot loosen the nuts to realease the light cluster. the whole threaded pin just turns and turns, on both pins. I have tried pliers, bigger pliers, huge mole grips etc etc and the pins are pretty mangled now. but they still turn and the nuts stay put. I went to local garage, they tried and then told me. No joy. The only way was to smash off the old cluster and refit a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Someone, help me.
  4. Hi, I have just about had enough of my car now. Every time I go to get parts I am told it is hard, if not impossible to get spares because the model is rare in the UK. Is this true? I mean, I know it's an import but come on. I am sure some parts must be compatible with other cars. The wheel bearings and drive shaft ordered did not fit. CV joint is proving impossible to get also. Now I have discovered yet another inner CV boot split as well as the outer on the other side. Mechanic told me will not replace only boot but has to do entire joint!! Well thats all well and good, but he can't get the parts and neither can I. Have spent over a week trying to track parts down. No -one will look at my aircon either and its broken. Has anyone, anywhere got a parts manual for the ST202 3SFE 2L JDM? It would certainly save me alot of time and effort as well as all the money I have wasted. I love my car, but if I can't get parts I will have to sell it for what I can get and buy a different model. My hubby is totally pi55ed with the thing it is costing several hundred quid every couple of months. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
  5. I had all the brakes renewed because i thought the same thing. Initially, when it only came from one wheel and was very quiet i thought it was the screech indicators denoting brake wear. Then it came from both wheels and is very loud. I had all the brakes done, thinking it would stop. But no, if anything it's worse than before. When I move the vehicle in neutral, in gear, or with the engine off it is still there, which makes me think it is running gear related and not engine. The noise is related to speed of wheels turning, gets faster the faster the wheels go round. It almost sounds like someone tapping on bicycle spokes with a spanner. 1 revolution of the wheel makes 1 'ting'. I tapped my key on the disc and it sounds suspiciously similar. I have checked the splash guards in case they where bent and touching the discs but they are fine. I am so peed off with the noise now I hate to drive the car. It is embarrassing. Even if I turn my stereo up to LOUD, I can still hear the noise, and I feel like a fool driving around with a mega-loud stereo. I have been to 5 mechanics and none can trace the noise. On a similar note. My back pads have a thin metal shim stuck to the outside which located onto some pins at either end. My front pads do not have these and there is no provision on the pad for any shim to be fitted. Are my front pads supposed to have the shims? I asked a question about this months ago but no-one replied. I suspected the brakes back then. This has been rattling for a year now.
  6. Thanks for replying. I don't seem to get many replies for anything I post. The noise is coming from the engine bay. It sounds like a stuck belt or something but also rumbling like a broken bearing. I don't even know where the motor for the thing is. Last summer it worked ok. cold air etc that is why i thought something might be seized. Haven't used since september last year.
  7. Hi, My aircon has stopped working. It worked ok but now when i switch it on all i get is a horrible loud squealing grinding noise. What has happened? Motor seized or something? how can i find out? I don't even know where to look in engine bay for the blooming thing. Any ideas? Some of you men out there must know.
  8. Hi, Can anyone help? I have metallic ring coming from my front wheels. When I am driving or rolling car in neutral I hear: ting - ting - ting - ting. As the wheels turn. It was slight, got louder, now very loud. Sounds like someone hitting the disks with a spanner. The faster I go, the faster the ting - ting. So at 30 mph it is an incessant metallic rattling noise. So loud it is now embarrassing to drive the car. I have had everything checked at garages and no-one can find anything loose, missing etc. This has been going on for months, getting louder and louder. I am almost at the stage of selling the car it is so damn annoying. If anyone can provide any suggestions, please, please, do so. thanks
  9. I think I have this noise!!!!!! I have described it as 'bunch of keys rattling on disc' How do I check if I have anti-rattle shims?
  10. Is it possible to get to these bolts without removing wheels and lining. If so how would I access them with tiny little hands. Can I get to them from the engine bay or underneath?
  11. Finally got my car back after 10 days at the garage. Turns out, apparently, that the bearing was moving in the hub flange until it wore it away. New hub flange and bearing- 100 smackeroos. Labour £200. AAAAAARRRGGHHH. Got it back from the garge with the drivers side carpet, mats, door and seat smeared with rust and oil from the mechanics, they did not use any seat or carpet protector and strangely my battery clamp was undone and clock reset. Also the electric windows are now playing up and my fog lights have stopped working???!! The front bumper unit bolts on the passenger side are now loose so the bumper has dropped away from the wing.I am totally peed off with the whole affair. I will certainly NEVER go there again. What have they been doing?????? BUT Although the grinding knocking and squeeling have gone the jingle bells noise is STILL there. Where on earth is it coming from? Sounds like a bunch of keys jingling against a brake disc. Does anyone know how to access those nose cone bolts. There seem to be 3 running up the inside of the wing panel. I don't have a ramp or anything. Do I need to take off the plastic covers underneath?
  12. When I switch on my aircon the pump/motor/whatever makes an awful loud sound like a washing machine with a pile of rocks inside! The aircon pumps out cold air though. Has anyone had a similar problem or know what it is?
  13. Who knows, The mechanic said there is play in the drive that side. He hasn't specifically checked the CV (God knows why? time I suppose) but he says it's more than likely. He said he took it for a drive and he could hear the knocking but it doesn't sound typical of CV. What he suggested is replace the drive shaft, quicker to swop out, so its gets a couple of potentials out the way. We are doing the wheel bearing at the same time. I am hoping I have the right one! I am buying in parts blind, no part numbers.If that don't work we will look further. I can't see it as a suspension/wishbone etc problem, like a bush or something. Someone did mention gearbox/engine mountings but I am not convinced that would make a cyclical grinding/squeeling sound with wheel rotation. If you get the car on the ramps and drive the wheels nothing is noticeable, but that isn't with the suspension under load, which I understand will affect any knackered joint noise. Despite the perculiar symptoms, I have had a gut feeling for 2 months about it being a shaft problem. I am not a mechanic by any stretch but I seem a lot better at getting to a diagnosis than a lot of the garages I've been to. It's so hard getting a mechanic to even listen to my suggestions, most of them think I should be at home cooking the dinner. I just hope this driveshaft swop works out. I might even send the old one off to be reconditioned and get it fitted back on. Who knows how long the joints on the scrapper one will last.
  14. I just managed to get one of a scrapper for £65 and I just got a new wheel bearing for a tenner. Hope it's in good nick when it arrives. The CV is knackered on mine and it's easier to do a straight swap. I will keep the old one as a spare to recon at my leisure. I have no car at the mo and live out in the sticks with no public transport. I am considering borrowing my friends pony to get to the shops. (not joking, nearest supermarket 7 miles away).
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