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  1. DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get a standard flywheel lightened! The lightenes flywheels you buy off the shelf are made of much stronger material and have been designed and optimised using FEA to ensure that they will not break. I know of someone with a Mini hill climb car that had his fly wheel lightened. Something hit the sump of his car whilst he was hill climbing which caused the flywheel to crack under the enormous forces which it sees at high RPM. The flywheel tore through the car like a knife through butter. The main problem on a mini is that the flywheel is in line with the driver. I beli
  2. smilybrad

    New Engine

    You could prob just get your engine reconditioned, then you wouldn't have to worry about anything! Brad =)
  3. No haynes but there must be coppies of the workshop manuals around somewhere.... DOES ANYONE WORK FOR TOYOTA???? can you please borrow one and then scan in and post it in here? Cheers Brad =)
  4. oppening another familiar can of worms i see.... basically if you want more power you have to spend lots of money. you could go for throttle bodies and a very good exhaust system starting with the most important part, the manifold! from this you could get arround 150BHP with a piggy back fuel system or a complicated remap if possible. Or you can go for a compressor which will cost more but will give you as much power as you want, just change the pully over. HOWEVER! the more power you want the more parts you will need to start replacing. 150BHP is very safe and easy as you won't even need an i
  5. now i'm intrigued...... why are the 2sz-fe rods so much better then the 1nz-fe? are they the same as the forged rods from the high compression 1nz-fxe (prius engine) as they would appear to make approximatly the correct compression ratio with the shorter stroke of the 1.3 engine??? I'm very interested to talk to you about this if at all possible as i'm building a 1.5 turbo from a 1nz-fxe (prius) engine and if the rods can really handle that much boost then i may just look for some different pistons to reduce the compression ratio as these can be bought as standard item much cheaper then the cu
  6. I run 32 front and 30 rear normally as this is good for some nice lift off over steer and is good for long motorway journeys. 30:28 seams best for out right handling tho. Just make sure you check the pressures regulally with this changing weather as the change in temperature can cause some huge changes in tyre pressures. i set my tyres when it was cold and wet at 32:30 but then during one of the really hot days they were up to 36:35 ish so try keep an eye on them during the weird temp changes. Brad =)
  7. Dear mr/mrs anoying person who obviously doesn't know anything about cars, or engines or engineering in general.... If the piston is the same diameter with the same gudgeon bore and a similar enough piston deck height etc... then the pistons will fit!!! It doesn't matter who made it, where it was made or what it is made out of, if the dimensions are similar enough they will fit! Just talk to anyone who has a vintage car! they find some interesting combinations of engine parts from more modern cars to replace bits that can not be replace with origional parts. As for melting pistons..... OH DEAR
  8. If your going for a turbo conversion then you only need to change the pistons to lower the compression ratio if you are going to run big boost. The most important thing to change is the conrods as they are VERY thin and a bit suspect as to how much power they can handle. If anyone ever mentions CAST materials STAY WELL AWAY! casting are basically rubish especially compared to forged alternatives, always go for the forged option if you can as they will be much stronger and last longer. Hope that helps. Brad =)
  9. How bad are the scratches? if its only in the resin you should be fine, could probably sand and polish it out. if its really deep then paint it. Brad =)
  10. anyone thought of the KW coilovers? Brad =)
  11. How to get more power out of your car.... one simple answer SPEND LOTS OF MONEY ON IT! lol, no cheap way of doing it i'm affraid. 150BHP is about the max you'll get N/A with Throttle bodies and nice exhaust. Compressor of turbo is the only way to get more power and there expensive! VERY EXPENSIVE! Brad =)
  12. Sure it can be done in less then 9 seconds, i've timed it with a friend in the car and that was about 8.5 but thats so inaccurate, you really need a decent SATNAV or something to have a chance on getting an acurate time. Brad =)
  13. Number 4 i'd say, llooks different, like the idea of following the arch line down to the front. Brad =)
  14. Hey all, does anyone know the torque for the 1NZ-FE conrod bottom end bolts? its really difficult to get any information on this engine as there doesn't appear to be a haynes manual or anything for the T-sport or the engine. Cheers Brad =) p.s. anyone know the torque over the whole engine?
  15. Fitted the tte filter with no problems althought i did manage to half clip the back in once which could be what you've done, just make sure you really wedge the back in. if thats not the problem, it could be that the plastic bits on the back are bent abit which could be fixed by removing the box and covering the catches with epoxy resin or such, just to give them some more strength as plastic does fatigue very quickly once they have been over stressed. Hope this helps, would be glad to show you how to do it or even do it for you if you were ever near bicester, or it could be done at a meet in
  16. Your car is looking pretty sweet now mate, nice one! Brad =)
  17. damn you i've wanted one of those for ages! lol very vice car mate, welcome to the club. Brad =)
  18. Glad you managed to repair it, looking good now. Brad =)
  19. yeah i've had this quite alot. think its just when the oil thins out so the load on the engine decreases to the engine managment tried to lower the revs below the stall speed of the engine. has anyone ever managed to stall the engine so that the rev counter goes to zero then have the engine spurt back into life when you have instantly put the clutch down? very strange but very cool lol. also has anyone ever turned the ignition off to realise your windows are down so you turn the ignition back on which causes the engine to carry on running lol got to love the yaris Brad =)
  20. THAT SUCKS! sorry to hear mate, is it fixable? Brad =)
  21. yup indeed MR T have screwed up again and possibly killed a great car. think we should petition toyota to make a uk spec t-sport that could actually rival othe hot hatches and not just be another warm hatch. what have toyota been thinking?? its a shame to put a 1.8 in a yaris and not even give it the power it can and should produce! dissapointed VERY DISSAPOINTED!. Brad =)
  22. Toyota do a doubledin face plate and you can get a rav4 single din adaptor. think they cost around £50 from toyota. have a search for facia plates on here and you should be able to find all the info you need. Brad =)
  23. VERY VERY VERY CLEAN! lol good work mate, i prefer to use autogylm products my self as they tend to give a smoother finish and better shine. Brad =)
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