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  1. Hi guys looking for a corolla ae86 rwd clutch, looking for any kind. Race/fast road/standered. also looking for the clutch fork and throwout bearing. If you can help with anything id be obliged. cheers
  2. Hi guys. Stripped down my old mr2 mk1 and have a bunch of parts for sale. the following: Seats, blue and cream velour good condition with runners. £70 Radiator, new in 2001(with reciept) the fans and fan cowls are older. Cost when new is £190. my sale is at £80 Front lights, £15 Rear lights, £20 Rear spoiler in silver, £20 Alloy wheels, 5off. £60 Original under seat subwoofer. £10 Photos of the above can be found at http://members.lycos.co.uk/findlay234/pics/ either call me (Fin) on 07941790293 or email to findlay234@lycos.co.uk
  3. Hi all, my MR2 came to the point when it wasnt worth the money to pass mot so im now gonna use the engine to power a kit car. the rest of the mr2 is thus available for parts to people who want it..... all parts that are available are in excellent condition. just email me at findlay234@hotmail.com if you are interested!! cheers Fin
  4. Anyone know what the model name is for the RWD gearbox in the 1986 2.0ltr 16v GTi. i was just wondering if it was the T50 gearbox. cheers Fin
  5. I want a T50 Gearbox, the RWD box present on the AE86 (corolla), TE72 and the TA22 (celica). needed to finish off my project............. pleeeaaaase help. cheers fin oh BTW i have tried fensport to no joy, they havent broken one of the above in 18 months.
  6. im looking for a corolla 1.6 16v from '83-'87. any condition. email me findlay234@hotmail.com
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