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  1. They are a custom retrofit using a set of Euro/Jap Suzuki Swift Projectors + one set of Yaris lamps + Custom Fabrication... Autoline Motorsports in Indonesia hand built them for me, and shipped them over...I saw their competition winning Yaris and hunted them down to build me a set ( 1 of 2 in world existence...) It took about 4 months from the fabrication start until I received them... Cheers Now that's what I call unique! Cheers for the pics :D
  2. Nice! As said, adding tints to your black yaris would make it perfect! Headlight Brows/ debadge are my recommendations to your next mod :)
  3. Nice Yaris! What donor projectors did you use for your Custom Projector Headlamp Retrofit? And did you use the original casing?
  4. BTW Benno, do you happens to know how to build the steering control for a JVC headunit too? There's a 3.5mm audio socket on the back of my JVC headunit and it's for steering control input. I wonder if I could wire these toyota bluetooth buttons to the JVC headunit. Don't worry if you don't know, as I am just being greedy for another wiring diagram :P Cheers!
  5. From my experience, removing the front lower bumper gives you enough access to the pump. Replacement for the pump maybe expensive... but I am sure there are plenty of these in scrapyards going for cheap!!! (Probably interchangable between many toyota models too!)
  6. Cool!! Will pop down to Maplin for parts tmr and do this as a weekend project :) All credits to you!
  7. Thanks so much in deed Benno!!! Is it ok to use 1/4W resistors?? Or are higher Wattage resistors required?
  8. That is exactly what I am after! Looks great to me, as that's what I wanted to do! Please show me the wiring diagram when you find it. I will keep refreshing this page every now and then hoping to see your post Thanks a million in advance!!!
  9. Would anyone be so kind to tell me how the 5 buttons on the toyota steering wheel controls are wired? The buttons of "Mode/vol+/vol-/Seek+/Seek-". http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=76657 I know that the five buttons are connected to the factory stereo via three wires. I have a feeling that the schematic may look like this: The resistor's value is what I am after. If you happens to have the steering wheel beside you, could you be so kind to measure the resistance of each button when they are pressed (and when they are not pressed, in case there is a particular resistance i
  10. This is the diagram I have in mind (pure guess), the values of the resistors is what I am after. Please could someone help me out on this? Many Thanks!
  11. Now I have found the wiring connection: http://www.castulucci.com/projects/carpc/o...tors/index.html The 20 pin plug contains 3 wires that comes from the steering wheel control buttons: Pin 6: GND (Ground from Steering wheel audio controls) - Neither Input nor Output - Connected Pin 7: SW1 (Seek+/-, Vol+/- Inputs from Steering wheel audio controls) - Input - Connected Pin 8: SW2 (Mode input from Steering wheel audio controls) - Input - Connected Now the question is... can someone with the steering wheel control buttons on their car be so kind to measure the resistance of each button when th
  12. Dear all, I have got a new gen yaris that comes with standard CD player, but no steering wheel audio controls. Now I got given a SWC Bluetooth Handsfree for the new Yaris, but I know that it requires the steering wheel audio buttons to function properly. Does anyone know the schematic of the steering wheel audio control buttons? And where they connects to? There are 5 buttons, Mode/vol+/vol-/Up/Down. I am hoping to build a small panel with 5 push buttons and mount it somewhere on the dash (or hidden) and hook it up just like the standard steering wheel controls. Many Thanks for helping!
  13. As title, best if in Silver already, but any colour will do. Please PM me, Thanks!
  14. I am after a set of 4 Yaris steel wheels with tyres... Need them quick! Prefer in the west yorkshire area, but still, let me know if you have a set to get rid of! Thanks!
  15. If your car is still under warranty, might as well pop into Toyota and let them check it out for you. Or if you feel like trying to see what happened, I would first check all the fuses in the car and make sure none have blown. Then take off the driver door card and see if it is a loose connection or a mechanical problem which caused the "crack".
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