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  1. The forum is in Dutch and you'll have to register to be able to read it, but here it is: http://www.citybugclub.nl/index.php?topic=12250.msg261696#msg261696 (Hope this is allright with forum-rules)
  2. The tank is 35 liters and with the fillerneck full it can hold close to 37!
  3. My guess is that the cover is one with the Airbag-assembly. And that you remove the assy by unzipping the seatcover and unbolting them from the inside. Make sure to disconnect the battery and let the car rest for two minutes before unplugging anything Airbag-related!
  4. Using them dimmed as position-lights is only allowed if there's an E-approval on them for that function too. On top of that the positioning for these functions overlap, but the DRL may be positioned lower than positionlights. about a 4" difference and I'm not sure if the stock Aygo DRL are up high enough.
  5. I'm sorry, but that's not true at all! The Form factor might be the same, but the connections on the rear are ALL different. No ISO, but a Quadlock, something specifiec for USB, Fakra of the antenna instead of DIN. And there are no adapter-leads available. On the Dutch forum someone has made the swap, but it took him a LOT of work and figuring out...
  6. After fixing the EDIC on my brothers BJ45 we found out that after 30+ years the keyswitch has worn so much that the manual glow comes on when the key is on IGN. I've found the partnumber: 84510-60030 but can't find a good source for it in The Netherlands. Since the UK isn't that far away, maybe someone here can give me pointers towards an address that's willing to ship internationally? Maybe even by normal mail instead of an expensive package? All help is appreciated. In the years I drove an Aygo I've found this forum to be very helpfull, so I'm hoping the Cruuiser-people over here are helpfull too ;-)
  7. When the oil light lights as a result of too little oil there really is TOO little oil. Probably not even enough touy reach the dipstick!
  8. On a RHD car get a RHD cowling: it will make the revcounter "lean" towards the A-pillar, which looks more balanced. Before buying anything else: have you checked if the connector for the revcounter is under the cowling? On Newer Aygos without some options (like P/S) the connector might not even be there!
  9. AFAIK not possible: LEDs are driven bij de computer, feeding them directly can destroy them. And even if you can do this: it's illegal...
  10. I'm not from the UK, so I can't be sure, but I really doubt if this is realy so. Running sidelights with DRL (thus also running taillghts and such) defeats the purpose of DRL (more contrast in rear when braking, better visibility up front) and AFAIK the regulations are a European standard saying that DRL may NOT be accompanied by any other lights up front with exception of the indicators. Dimming DRL to a side-light intensity is allowed as long as the units are approved for BOTH uses...
  11. I'm not sure why you'd want this, as (at least in The Netherlands) this would be illegal... I can tell you that this is the stock way of switching things! The main lights on the Aygo have a permanent feed at the common contact ad are switched to ground! So whan the lights ar OFF the "downstream" wires also measure out at +12V through the filaments. As soon as the lights are turned on one of those is pulled to ground. Really weird in these cars is that in markets where dimmed dipped beams are mandatory the main lights ARE switched on the positive side and common is grounded... And another little annoyance can be that blowing one of the fuses for the headlights can cause the filaments to light dim and may illuminate BOTH telltales on the instrument panel... My advise would be to connect the DRL as required, so on the side lights. And not mess with the mains.
  12. The black panel you're referring to isn't a panel at all: it's actually a bracket that holds the bumper AND forms the acutual grille of the car. It's best to remove the entire bumper to remove the logo, but you MIGHT be able to get enough access to the logo pins by undoing the three screws AND the black plug next to the 4th bolt (looking at the car) on the 3rd position, next to the bonnet-latch. Here's a pic of the back of a removed bumper, the logo is held on by 4 pins in the middle (near the green sticker). This is from a 1st generation Aygo, but the construction hs remained the same for the latter two generations...
  13. Problem is definately the dashboard, both its shape and the pattern. It still amazes me that they designed it like this and have left it so since the first model in 2005...
  14. You can fit 4 ohm speakers without any problems. And when you're replacing the front speakers with coaxial ones, remember to snip one of the wires on each side going to the A-pillar tweeters. Failing to do so will give too much "high" and will not sound right... Ijn the first two photos it's the thicker, red wire. The smaller ones are the originals from the radio.
  15. You have to have power to the car to be able to disengage the clutch and select a gear. So a robotic gearbox cannot be push-started... Neither can most modern fuel injected cars as without power the fuelpump won't run, nor will the igniton fire due to the lack of mechanical points and a distriutor...
  16. The procedure is correct. It will only turn off the BUZZER, the light on the dashboard will keep illuminating.
  17. The beep has been there since 2005. It's the same buzzer as the light-reminder and the seatbelt-warning, only a different tone. The seatbelt-beep can be switched off through a sequence of switching and pushing, the other tones can't. So when the 2nd to last bar disappears the beep should go off and will keep doing so everytime you turn on the ignition untill you fill up. According to my manual you should be able to get about 30 mi on the flashing bar, but I woul'n't take that chance. I personally filled up every 300 to 350 mi.
  18. I'm not sure about the bonnet, but I do know that someone over here in The Netherlands did a swap from a 1st to 2nd generation front bumper and he had to replace some of the items behind the bumper like air deflectors too... I'd guess that the 3rd generation will be different then too...
  19. The standard radio in the Aygo is a Panasonic too. If you have a newer model (with BT, MP3 and USB, making a changer kind of useless), that's a Pioneer.
  20. They're fiddly. The technique in the AIM for the TTE-grille with foglights works, but I only used that once. All later effort was done by just pulling from the wheel well up. One thing to take into account: do NOT try this in cold temperatures, as you then risk fracturing the plastic!
  21. Put an eyelet crip-connector on it, the put that under the nut at the battery clamp.
  22. The TomTom unit also features BlueTooth, so you can also opt to take out the original set and use the one in the TomTom instead...
  23. Last things I bought for my Aygo (with the intention of putting them on, but never did): • Taillights for a VW Eos • Yaris Steeringwheel with steering wheel controls • Extra set of wingmirrors (to convert to electric)
  24. You can only remove these speakers from the BACK of the plastic trim AFAIK, so you need to remove the panel below the window. I seem to remember them being 4" one-way 6 ohm paper coned speakers, just lik ethe ones under the windshield...
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