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  1. I can land in the lift from 1-2 and from 2-3 Well atleast i think i can.
  2. Qube

    Panel Filter

    can u tell me the exact model u got and the size please so i can go look for one cheers
  3. Qube

    Panel Filter

    I am thinking about getting a panel filter for my Corolla Tsport. How easy are they to fit? Any other info i should know about them? Thanks
  4. I am going down to the Kent Show with my mate and some people he knows from his SEAT club. I Will look out for you down there.
  5. Not sure if you guys have seen this before, but it is rather funny http://www.barryboys.co.uk/
  6. Qube


    Next time I fill up it is going to be with Optimax :D
  7. At the moment I am using Autoglym, but my next purchase will be from the Meguiars range. My friend has used it on his car is it looks amazing. You can see the range here Meguiars
  8. Never been before myself, but it is only a £5 so worth a look. I am going iny my car, but coming down with some guys from the Seat Enthusiasts Website It will be good to see some Toyota people there.
  9. Qube


    That is just so annoying
  10. Qube


    Anyone want to own up to owning the yellow Yaris parked outside the cinema at Bluewater on Sunday 6/7/03 ? Not sure if it was a T-Sport becuase it was de-badged and I did not look that close at it. I just wish I had a camera to take a picture of it. Just wondering what you had done to it? Anything other than body kit ?
  11. Looks like I am going to be going to this with a few mates. Just wondered if anyone else was thinking of going? Kent Modified Car Show
  12. Qube


    Just wondering what petrol you guys use in your cars I have a 'rolla Tsport. Do you use normal unleaded or super (optimax). Does it make a difference to performance / milage ? Let me know
  13. I have driven my mates cupra and it has tons and tons of torque steer :o( Nearlly pulled my arm out of its socket :!Removed!:
  14. I have alreay made my mind up, got my CTS last Friday :P I think it is much better than then Seat, but my friend who owns the Seat disagrees lol Wonder what one does 0-60 quicker????
  15. Not sure if this one has been on the forums before. So what do you guys reckon? CTS Vs Seat Ibiza Cupra Both cars have NO mods done. My mate has posted the same question on his Seat forums.
  16. I am 26 from Kent / London border
  17. Qube


    At last! I am picking up my CTS on Friday Woo Hoo I can not wait.
  18. Qube


    So do you think just a panel filter would put my insurance up? Or would it just be noted?
  19. Qube


    Hiya I am picking up my CTS next Friday Woo Hoo, can not wait. :D Been reading the forums here for a few weeks now. What I wanted to know is If I was to fit a K&N Panel filter would I need to inform my insurance company about it? Cheers
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