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  1. cel_94

    Temp Gauge

    I'm sure someone will have a better idea than me, but it sounds like there is a problem with the guage itself, the sender unit for the guage, or a connection problem (which could just be dirt). Unfortunately if its an intermittant problem, it could be hard to trace, but I would start with checking and cleaning the connections to the sender (sorry don't know where that is exactly).
  2. www.fensport.co.uk have pictures of (and sell) the problem parts on their website. Go to the ST205 chassis tuning section. I was lucky, I've just replaced the cheaper part £110 and that fixed it for me, but now the otherside needs doing
  3. Interested to know if you fing any in US, I have replaced lower control arm on N/S and now O/S is going as well :( .....not good at £110 just for the part.
  4. cel_94


    ..and for number plate lights: Number plate lamps All original lamps must be fitted and working. http://www.ukmot.com/checklist/motcheck/mo...tm#information7 ...however, that said, a friend with a westfield failed for not having a rear number plate light and had to fit one. Surprised the import doesn't have one, you would imagine they're all the same so womeone on here is bound to be able to advise...
  5. cel_94


    Found this on ukmot.com: SEAT BELTS Most vehicles after 1965 must have seat belts, irrespective of that requirement, all seat belts fitted to any vehicle must be inspected for: • Security of seat belt mountings and locking stalks • Security and operation of the locking/release mechanism • Condition of webbing • Retraction of the belt (it is permissable to manually feed it in). Notes: 1 For technical reasons the inertia locking mechanism is not checked. 2 On some vehicles the belt is attached to the seat, in which case the security of the seat to the vehicle would also constitute part of the seat belt check. URL: http://www.ukmot.com/checklist/motcheck/mo...m#information10
  6. I use Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D2's in a 225/45/16 on my ST205. Frankly you get what you pay for with tyres, after all they're the only thing in contact with the road! SIRIUS - what size tyre do you have, the size I bought were not available in GS-D3's
  7. Have you tried bleeding the system and checked for any leaks around the rubber hoses at the caliper end, also check for seapage at the bleed nipple?
  8. Without wishing to open the power debate again (but I will anyway), I understand that the UK and Jap spec cars have the same engine and the only difference is ecu which as already stated in this thread is more aggresive due to the difference in octane ratings. I accept that the difference in ecu would make more power in the Uk on a lower octane fuel, but then this would be closer to detonation at the lower fuel rating (as already stated above). Not necessarily a problem as I am not aware of any issue caused by this (for the record, I have heard of many import imprezas having problems due to not remapping fuel, confirmed by my subaru dealer). Am I right in thinking the only difference is the ecu, I can't find anything else that contradicts this but am interested to learn? BTW, my UK spec ST205 (1994) has the indicator on the right (it is one of the 5000 homoglomation models)
  9. Go to Fensport, they have a couple of cat replacement pipes on their site with prices. The guys there are pretty clued up as well so give them a call.
  10. Easy, 1. Goodyear Eagle F1s (note that GS-D3 are better than the older GS-D2, but some sizes still only come in GS-D2's) 2. SO3s and Proxes equal. Don't know about PZeros but I've got P6000's on an impreza (car came with them) and they are squealy and crap. I had them on a cavalier sri and they were OK, but a friend also had them on a golf gti turbo (mk4) and also had the same squealling and lack of grip.
  11. I reckon best tyres out there by far are Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3's. Note that some sizes offered by Goodyear are the older GS-D2 design which are pretty good (I have these myself) but not as good as the GS-D3's. Bridgestone SO3's are second choice for me, equal with Toyo Proxes T1S (Toyo's are also good value). Best tyre ever was the Bridgestone SO2's, I'll never understand why they stopped making them.... comedy tyre has got to be Avon ZZ1's, had these on a car on a track day and could not get them warm no matter what we did with pressures or throwing the car around, they were like plastic rather than rubber...
  12. cel_94

    Tire Size

    Depends exactly what it looked like, oil is bad, but are you sure it was oil? the following link may help: http://www.spark-plugs.co.uk/pages/technic...l/diagnosis.htm Regards
  13. Hi all. Just an opinion but from what I have seen and heard of PI is that they are aiming for the looks end of the market so if you want to go really low and go to cruises etc, then they are probably OK. However for handling and ride, I would never go for PI, TTE/HKS/Eibach are all good makes, probably TTE the best in this case - the comment about paying for quality already on this thread is very true. Lowering the car too much can (but not always) really upset the handling, but if you don't drive hard or do track days, the lower springs may look better (if you're into that sort of thing).....
  14. cel_94

    Mk2 Buying Guide

    Dan H - like the email address :D IMHO, I would try and avoid red as a colour (I know I'll get slated for that), but the 94 one I had was fading and it was taking alot of polish to keep it at bay! I have a 94 GT4 now and it's going the same way. When checking tyres, note that the fronts wear on the inside alot faster than the outside. ...I ended up getting rid of mine as it had an erratic idle which sometimes stalled, spent £1500 trying to fix it (all the normal bits, and at a main dealer) before I got fed up with it. A bit disappointing as I'd probably still have it now otherwise...
  15. cel_94

    St205 Wrc

    ...just found out my car is one of the 2500 WRC homoglomation run which means it has anti lag and intercooler spray present but not connected. Anyone know of anything useful that was also present in this version (perhaps a secret button that gives maximum boost from 500rpm... :)
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