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  1. White_celica

    2nd Car

    Hi all Well i have had my ST202 Celica for a few years now and i still ove it, but i feel its time for a bit of boost. Mate is selling a 1990/1 Mr2 Turbo and im thinking this will make a perfect second car. But what are the expensive jobs on these, and what should i be looking for lime common problems. Cheers
  2. Yeah nitrous is ok but im after a more costant upgrade. Has anyone seen one of these up against a TS would be interesting to watch i can imagine. To people who have had it done, what other modifaction are needed to run this properly as im almost tempted to put my car up for sale now.
  3. Its all good, dont worry bout going off the topic. Am just getting a bit fed up with such a huge car, may have 170 BHP but all that weight aint good. Will be going up to japfest at the weekend so i will have a look round to see if i can find any about. Any idea on econmy damage when the kit is installed Cheers
  4. Hi Just a quick one really, Any one ever seen this done or have it done? http://www.tdi-plc.com/toyota_yaris.html (the turbo kit for the 1.0 litre) Doesnt that equal the power of a standard t-sport Was thinking of maybe getting rid on my celica and starting a little project and thought you lot would be the best to ask before i start. Cheers
  5. Personal experiance tells me that you wont have any problems with a powerflow back box. Had one on my last car and it was amazing, i just bought one for my celica last weekend and am well chuffed again. But it was about half the price of the one your getting.
  6. I had my GT on the rollers after fitting my HKS filter and it ran 170 BHP so there is no major improvent in power. But who cares when you hear that noise :)
  7. Well im finally going to get round to lowering the celica, but before i do i need some help and opions on what springs to buy. At the moment im going towards the spax springs but have seen celicas lowered on many other makes. After my last car im not rushing in to buying any old set. My PI's where terrible and will never let a set near my celica Cheers
  8. Yeah i saw him stack it at castle coombe. B4 that tho he was totaly destroying everything else on the track. Rumors aswell saying he was only running low boast (500Bhp) :!Removed!:
  9. If this place dosent have the kit, you will never find it. Never seen so many different kits for the Gen6. http://www.toyotacelicaonline.com/bodykit6.htm
  10. Went down the garage today complaining of humming noise that could only have been the wheel bearing. Hour later and much tyre swaping, the noise was coming from one of my tyres that has been made lumpy somehow. The mechanic said that this is normaly caused by nakered shocks. Whats everybodys suggestion and what are must people using. At the moment its the ones at fensport that i am most likely to buy unless any one knows any better. Cheers
  11. To my knowledge i think that kit is a option when the car is bought, Have seen loads about with those skirts and lips. Not to sure but maybe you should go down your local toyota delear and ask.
  12. I will deffinatly be putting a bid in for that, do you have a rough price on what you are looking for. ££££ Also did you notice any power increase or is only the sound that changed
  13. Hi im new to the site and i was just wondering if any one could help me. Ive had my celica a little while now and want to buy an induction kit. Its between either a HKS one or a Blitz one. Any one running either of these on a 1995 shape 2.0 lt GT. Any help would be great.
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