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  1. Hi all, thank you for all replies. Interesting read. I decided the Stop/Start was something that concerned me with regards to reliability. I decided to go for a 2011, Mazda 2. 1.3 tamara. Hope I have made the right choice.
  2. Thank you for all your comments. Look forward to hearing some more. Not yet decided on Toyota Yaris or Mazda 2
  3. I have found the following issues reading on the internet, for the 1.33 TR with STOP/START. Can someone confirm these Gear issues, selecting 1st/2nd in the cold Water Pump leaking Grabbing brakes, or noisey brakes Jerky Acceleration, maybe due to fly by wire electronic accelerator pedel The starter motor is not as we have known it to be, it is something different. Although not been trouble some Thanks
  4. Hi Frostyballs Thank for the reply. I did have a look on HJ. I was hoping to get feedback from owners of the car. Any problems they had experienced. The engine in you car is that the same as the one in the Yaris? You had any issues. Thanks
  5. Hi all First post although a member for long time. Thinking getting a 2010 1.33 TR with Stop/Start or a Mazda 2 1.3 Can't really decide which to get. Just wondering if someone could give me details on common faults/problems for the 1.33 TR. I have been to the Honestjohn website but there does not appear to be much there. So hoping for some information from people to already own the 1.33 TR on a 2010 plate. I have read about the stiff gearbox problems, solved by using different washer etc, but I believe this only applies to the old shape Yaris. I would appreicated any advice/info thank you
  6. Found this while looking for common faults on D4D Yaris http://techdoc.toyota-europe.com/pdfs_TSB/EG5001_0_1.pdf Thought people might be interested.
  7. Madasafish, thats for your reply.
  8. Hi I to am new to this forum. I have just purchased a Yaris GLS for my wife. I am looking to service this car and I am also looking to purchase a D4D for myself. I was just wondering if someone could tell me what to look for on the D4D common faults/problems. And also can someone tell me where the oil filter is hiding in the D4D engine bay. :( Thanks
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